28 Easy Tips – How To Keep Your Crochet Hooks Organized

By Jodie Morgan

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No matter how long you’ve been a crocheter, you may have noticed crocheting tools tend to pile up over time.

Crochet Hook Storage

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Of course, finding your crochet hook to start a project is fine if you have one… But what if you have several of different sizes? That’s when it becomes a problem.

Solve the problem with a simple solution! May your crocheting experience become calmer with these beneficial tips.

1 – A Crochet Hook Case

EcoHipCustomDesigns Fabric Crochet Hook Roll with a cartoon fox and autumn leaves design.

There is a range of styles for cases to organize your crochet hooks. Some crochet hook sets come in a case already.

There are fabric options that roll up like these gorgeous ones from Natalie at Eco Hip Designs.

A wonderful way to organize your complete set of crochet hooks.

Gold WeCrochet Case

A more sturdy case with a vinyl exterior makes it easy to clean. Great for hooks that are 6 inches or shorter in length. This case has an insert with 9 slits on two sides and two internal zippered pockets.

2 – Use A Pencil Case

Pencil Case

Pencil cases often have large straps to hold multiple brushes at once, which are perfect for large ergonomic hooks, like furls crochet hooks.

This pencil case has multiple sections and comes in attractive colors.

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3 – An Ottoman


Something like this is extra functional because it’s a storage box but a comfortable seat for your crafting room too.

Or, you can store your crochet hooks and current work in progress in it and position the ottoman near your couch. So if you feel like crocheting while watching TV, it’s within arms reach!

This one comes in three smart-looking colors and is sturdy enough to sit on.

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4 – A Crochet Hook Stand

Furls Crochet Hook Stand
Furls 5 Hook Wooden Standing Display

Get your beautiful hooks out on display, and you will always stay inspired to crochet. I’ve featured a range of delightful stands in my post here.

5 – Use A Small Pouch For Crocheting On The Go

MatildaCraftStore on Etsy Zipper Pouch in a range of beautiful cotton fabrics

Repurpose an old makeup bag, zipper pouch, or small purse for your crochet notions when you’re out and about.

If you’re looking for something gorgeous, MatildaCraftStore on Etsy has a good selection.

6 – A Crochet Bag

A crochet bag makes it easy to keep everything you need for your crocheting projects organized. Check out the options in my post here.

7 – A Yarn Bag Organizer

One of these is designed as an all-in-one bag or storage tote for all your crocheting tools, not just your crochet hooks. For my complete reviews of the best, read my post here.

How To Organize Crochet Hooks

8 – An Acrylic Brush Holder

For a cheap alternative to a crochet hook stand, you can usually find these at discount stores or thrift stores. The only disadvantage is the holes tend to be on the thinner side, so thicker ergonomic hooks may not fit.

9 – A Binder And Plastic Sleeves

No products found.

Use a three-ring binder with clear plastic binder pockets. Use a pocket for each crochet hook size.

No products found.

10 – A Set Of Stackable Desk Drawers

Set of Stackable Drawers

Usually used for filing and organizing papers, but who says you can’t use them to organize crochet notions?

Here’s a good quality stackable desk draw set.

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11 – A Sewing Box

PennieKays Hobby Sewing Accordian Box

Sewing boxes are something you might find in a charity shop that often has been lovingly handmade. Vintage options are available too.

Wooden sewing boxes like this one have fold-out compartments with plenty of storage for notions as well.

12 – A Crochet Basket

HayCreekRoadBoutique Crocheted Basket

Why not keep your crochet hooks in a handmade crocheted basket? Functional, easy to carry, and very lovely decor too. These from HayCreekRoadBoutique are available in 30 different colors.

Or, you can make your own with this smart and stylish pattern by AllAboutAmi, called the Waistcoat Basket Crochet Pattern.

13 – Make A Crochet Hook Organizer

Why not use your crocheting skills to make your own crochet hook organizer case? This tutorial from Naztazia on Youtube shows you how.

14 – Crochet Project Bag

A crochet project bag makes crocheting on the go so much easier. Keep your current crochet project together with your favorite hooks. So simple. Plenty of different-sized bags are available. Find out more in my post here.

Some Bonus Tips

  • Clean out old cans and decorate them, use them to put crochet hooks in, one for each crochet hook size.
  • If you sew too, use up your fabric scraps by making a long roll with pouches for your hooks which you can roll up and tie with a ribbon when not in use.
  • Labeled ziplock bags are a great choice.
  • If you have interchangeable hooks or Tunisian hooks in a set, you could always keep them in their original case.
  • Recycled jars or sturdy containers work well. Decorate them to make them look nicer
  • A wine bottle holder you can get for gifting wine makes a great holder for longer hooks.
  • Place a hanging pocket on the back of a door.
  • Use a mason jar
  • Repurpose an old flower pot
  • Old glasses cases are great for smaller crochet hooks. If you have multiple, you could create labels and organize them by size.
  • Make a wall hanging of recycled, decorated coffee cans.
  • A vintage cutlery holder works well too.
  • Repurposed tins
  • If all else fails, you can keep them in their original boxes!

I hope this guide to some helpful tips for crochet hook storage ideas helped you. Keeping your tools organized is an essential step in making any hobby more enjoyable.

If you have any tips to share with other crocheters on how you organize your stash, feel free to comment below.

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Crochet Hook Storage

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Don't Know What To Crochet Next?

Banish your crochet dilemmas: discover your next masterpiece in just 7 mins. Get 12 hand-curated designs, 6 invaluable tips, and 6 pieces of inspiring crochet art delivered to you every Thursday.

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