Refund Policy Terms And Conditions


Crochet Penguin stands behind all our CRO branded crochet and yarn products. 

We offer a full refund for any CRO brand product within one year of the purchase date if the product doesn’t perform as it should during normal crocheting use. 

The products we resell (not the Crochet Penguin brand) are in some instances covered by warranties of the original manufacturers. 

Crochet Penguin accepts returns of items in accordance with our Return Policy.

To Be Eligible For A Refund 

  • Please first email our sales department – [email protected].
  • Explain the problem you’re experiencing.
  • Include your purchase details.
  • Include your order number.
  • Include any other details and photos that may help our support team.
  • Then our friendly support staff will respond within 3 business days, and even sooner if possible.

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