A Little Yarn On How This Crochet Site Came To Be

Hi, Jodie here.

I created Crochet Penguin to help show 1,000,000 people the benefits of crochet & highlight alternatives to fast fashion.

The inspirational crochet designs and techniques I see online are amazing. So many different crochet patterns to try and discover!

There’s more to me than loving crochet. Here’s my story.

I’m originally from Melbourne, Australia.

I attended the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, where I met my husband.

Later I graduated from La Trobe University with a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education.

I taught Food Technology, previously known as Home Economics, in a High School for many years.

Thanks to my passion for growing organic vegetables and cooking, I got involved with the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program.

Teaching primary school kids to grow organic vegetables and preparing delicious meals was great fun.

My first attempt at a Granny Square Blanket. My daughter is standing behind it holding it up.

In my spare time, I enjoy crocheting, knitting, quilting, and sewing my own clothes.

I love chatting with my readers. Please get in touch here.

Please join me and let’s get crocheting!