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My Electric Yarn Ball Winder Guide – All the Best currently available in 2020 And Which To Avoid

Most of the yarn ball winders you find are hand operated and they do a good job if you have the time. But what happens if you don’t?

For some, winding yarn by hand is not a task they enjoy or it’s not possible as they are suffering from pain in their wrists or hands. It can also be very tiring if you suffer from fatigue or straining in your arms and shoulders.

Having an electric yarn ball winder is an attractive option. It solves all the problems mentioned above, and it’s a very convenient instrument.

Here are the best ones available on the market, and the ones to avoid.

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Standard Electronic Maple Yarn Ball Winder

Standard Electronic Maple Yarn Ball Winder by The KnitStore Etsy Store

This version by Fiber Arts Supply Co is a simple plug & play operation and runs off of 100-240v wall power. This winder can handle most commercially available skeins.

Speed is adjustable, direction is not. The small brushed DC motor we selected performs very well. 

The power supply/speed control is a separate unit containing a speed control knob and LED readout that produces a number that is correlated with the speed of the winder. The speed control being a separate unit allows the user to position the speed control anywhere that feels comfortable.

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Nancy’s Knit Knack Heavy Duty Yarn Ball Winder With Motorized Drive Option

Nancy's Knit Knack Heavy Duty Yarn Ball Winder with Motorized Base

Nancy’s Knit Knacks offer a heavy duty yarn ball winder which can wind up to 16 oz of yarn. It’s a well respected product. Often found in yarn stores for helping to wind their customers’ yarn.

It has very good reviews and is a considerable investment on its own.

Nancy’s Knit Knacks also produces a motorized drive option that converts their manual crank handle Heavy Duty Ball Winder into a Motorized Electric Ball Winder. 

This unit has 10 speeds forward and 3 reverse. Has a Save function so the user can automatically return to a speed they like. Unit can also be controlled by a foot pedal (On-Off-function only – not speed).

100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz can be used anywhere worldwide. Includes 3 drive belts (orange) which should last up to 6 months each (before stretching).

The Nancy’s Knit Knacks motorised version is a serious investment. If you’re winding a serious amount of yarn, the time you’d save is definitely worth it. It’s a workhorse and built to last.

The Simplicity Boye Electric Yarn Winder

Simplicity Boye Electric Yarn Ball Winder

If you’ve done any kind of searching you would have come across a model made by Boye – The Simplicity Boye Electric Yarn Winder. Boye is a well known knitting and crochet tools and notions company.

Buying a new one of these models is highly unlikely as it doesn’t seem to be readily available. You’re more likely to find a second hand model. To be honest I don’t think you should bother. 

Although it sped up the process of winding yarn by hand, it needed to be constantly monitored. Many customers found the motor wasn’t powerful enough and sometimes stopped working all together.

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Weaver Electric Yarn Winder

Weaver Electric Yarn Winder

A Hong Kong based company created this model. It originated as a Kickstarter Project and after being suitably funded it went into production.

This automatic yarn winder has a number of speeds, normal, fast and jogging. The last one allows you to press the button and the machine will spin for however long you hold it down.

The moment you take your finger off the button, it automatically stops. It also has an electronic rotation counter.

I’ve read the reviews and they are very poor. Most people felt this product was not worth the money as it didn’t work as they expected.

Customers found the unit jumped all over the place when operating, and it didn’t make a neat and tidy yarn cake.

Hague PDB 250G Electric Yarn Winder

Hague Knitting Accessories Hague PDB3

The PDB 250g Electric Yarn Winder will wind up to 250 gm/about 9 oz of yarn, depending on the type of yarn used.

A spare bobbin is also supplied. There’s no auto switch off on this motorized yarn winder. You have to switch the yarn winder off once the bobbin is full.

A UK based company but it ship internationally. The winder will be the correct voltage for the country it’s being sent to. Though you may have to fit a suitable plug in some countries.

I am yet to find an electric yarn winder that would suit someone on a budget. I dare say that was why the Boye Electric Yarn Winder was popular in the past. It was cheaper than the options above.

I’lll be sure to update my post if I find something economical but works well.

If you know an electric yarn ball winder you recommend, please get in touch here or send me a message on Twitter.

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