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My Electric Yarn Ball Winder Guide – Best Available & Which To Avoid

A yarn baller machine is usually hand operated. What if you don’t enjoy winding yarn by hand or it makes your hands sore?

Try something electric.

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My Quick Recommendations

Having an electric yarn ball winder is attractive. It solves all the problems mentioned above, and it’s convenient!

An electric yarn winder and swift revolutionizes your crocheting life. Here are the best ones on the market and the ones to avoid.

I reviewed and updated this post on June 5, 2022.

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What Is The Best Electric Yarn Winder?

By far the Ashford Electric Ball Winder is the best electric yarn ball winder for sale. It’s smooth, made of quality materials, and sturdy.

To make your life easier, here are some great yarn winders.

Read on for more information, and the rest of my reviews of the best brands.

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Standard Electronic Maple Yarn Ball Winder

Standard Electronic Maple Yarn Ball Winder by The KnitStore Etsy Store
The Knit Store has 5-star reviews from their happy customers

These ball winders have a simple plug & play operation and run off of 100-240v wall power.

This winder can handle most commercially available skeins.

Speed is adjustable. The direction is not. The small, brushed DC motor on these ball winders gives great results.

Unfortunately, it’s not always available.

What’s Included?

  • Comes mostly assembled
  • Power bank
  • Extension cord

The power supply/speed control is a separate unit containing a speed control knob.

Also LED readout with a number correlated with the winder’s speed.

The speed control is a separate unit allowing the user to position the speed control anywhere comfortable.

Replacement parts like a spool are available for these ball winders. The pieces are easy to set up.

Once you’ve wound your small or jumbo yarn into (centre) center pull cakes, they’re effortless to put in a yarn bowl and start knitting!

Is there a best place to order yarn? Find out.

Ashford Electric Ball Winder

Ashford Electric Yarn Winder The Spinnery Etsy Store
The Spinnery has pleased customers sharing 5-star reviews.

These are lovely ball winders! Makes a great choice for any craft room.

Wind those pesky skeins and hanks into neat cakes. (A way yarn is stored, it’s a cylinder with flat sides on the bottom and top.)

Here are more details.


  • Easy set up on any work surface
  • Wind up to (17½ozs) 500gm of yarn
  • Wind balls both clockwise and anti-clockwise
  • Soft start allows you to control the yarn as it winds onto the cone
  • Instant stop when you need it
  • Includes a foot switch for better control of your yarn
  • Mounted on rubber feet, one clamp included
  • 12v mains power cord included
  • Manufactured from beautiful native New Zealand Silver Beech hardwood with a lacquered finish
  • Sturdy yarn guide and other components
  • Great customer ratings
  • Some great crocheting technologies
  • Sturdy table clamp fixes to any table edge
  • Reasonable shipping to the United States


  • Expensive
  • Sometimes unavailable or out of stock
  • Can’t take it outside if there’s no electricity

Overall, it’s a worthwhile purchase if you do serious winding

Want to see an unboxing? Skip to the 8.30 timestamp of this great video.

The Simplicity Boye Electric Yarn Winder

Simplicity Boye Electric Yarn Ball Winder

If you’ve done any searching, you would’ve come across a model made by Boye – The Simplicity Boye Electric Yarn Winder.

Boye is a well-known knitting and crochet tools and notions company.

It winded any yarn hank into neat center pull cakes.

What’s Included?

  • 85% Plastic / 15% Steel
  • Uses 120v a/c power

Buying a new one of these models is highly unlikely, as it doesn’t seem readily available. You’re more likely to find a second-hand model.

However, I don’t think you should bother. 

Although it sped up winding yarn cakes by hand, it needed to be constantly monitored.

Many customers found the motor wasn’t powerful enough and sometimes stopped working altogether.

Suits nearly any work surface.

The Boye electric yarn ball winder price varies depending on where you buy.

How To Use The Boye Electric Yarn Ball Winder

Here’s a great review and demonstration by Good Knit Kisses.

Boye Electric Yarn Ball Winder How Do You Make Tension Tighter?

Here’s a great tutorial by The Crochet Zombie.

Add luxurious functionality to your life with handmade yarn bowls.

Hague PDB 250G Electric Yarn Winder

Hague Knitting Accessories Hague PDB3

The PDB 250g Electric Yarn Winder will wind up to 250 gm/about 9 oz of yarn cakes, depending on the type of yarn used.

No more sore arm muscles!

This automatic yarn winding machine works with nearly any weight yarn. These yarn winders are perfect for speedily organizing scrap yarn.

A great feature is a spare bobbin is also supplied to wind yarn. There’s no auto switch off on this motorized yarn winder.

Switch the yarn winder off once the bobbin is full.

These types of yarn winders have an even flow when winding a yarn cake.

A UK-based company but this electric skein winder ships internationally. The winder will be the correct voltage for the country it’s being sent to.

However, you may have to fit a suitable plug for these items in some countries.

If you have trouble using the product, contact their customer service with your email address. Certainly makes your shopping experience easier!


How Do You Make An Electric Ball Winder?

With lots of tools, patience, and a good tutorial! Here are some great instructions on how to make a DIY electric yarn winder.

For a more complicated, efficient setup, try this one by Mr. Innovative.

For a simpler approach, have a go at this one by Boston Woolworks.

Where To Buy An Electric Yarn Ball Winder?

Your best bet is Etsy or Amazon. Some people sell them secondhand, and you sometimes find them in craft stores.

They’re difficult to track, as a business or brand that makes them is rare.

I’m yet to find an electric yarn winder to suit someone on a budget. That was why the Boye Electric Yarn Winder was popular.

I’ll update my post if I find something economical but works well. Have an electric yarn ball winder you recommend?

Get in touch here or tell me in the comments.

(Note: I’ve never come across an electric yarn swift. Nor does Knit Picks sell electric yarn winders, only hand-operated ones.)

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Hi. I’m Jodie Morgan, creator of Crochet Penguin. I started this site to show 1,000,000 people the joys of crochet & highlight alternatives to fast fashion. Please say hello!

Jodie Morgan Profile Pic

About Jodie Morgan

Hi. I’m Jodie Morgan, creator of Crochet Penguin. I started this site to show 1,000,000 people the joys of crochet & highlight alternatives to fast fashion. Please say hello!

4 thoughts on “My Electric Yarn Ball Winder Guide – Best Available & Which To Avoid”

  1. I bought the Hague 125. Instructions are very minimal. The winder makes a wobby sort of sound for about the first 20% of a ball and is fiddly to get it started without the yarn slipping off the cone. It is a work-horse and does wind fast. It is easy to switch off when full, but you have to be watching carefully and switch off fast.
    Getting service or help is a pain since I am in the US and have to email. I don’t know why this came with an out of balance winder or if I did something to it when trying to figure out how to use it. Like I said, instructions were porrly done, in my opinion.
    FYI, you must have a table ledge that is LESS than 1 1/2″ as this is the widest the clip holds.
    Once you get it going, it works and works fast. But it is not making me happy all together so far.

    • Hi Cathy. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your knowledge on your experience of the Hague Electric Winder. Thanks for the tips about the table width is works best with and also the tips of using it. Much appreciated. Were you able to get an answer from the company regarding why it would be out of balance? Have you found their customer service helpful? Cheers Jodie

  2. Sorry to read some have problems the Hague. I have used them for years and had no problems, certainly not as described. I was wondering if the bobbin was on right. One does have to tension the yarn with your hand as it winds. I use to wind very fine yarns(2/28 eg) and I can then knit straight from the bobbin using my knitting machines. It’s the only reason I have one. never found a need to wind my hand knitting yarns.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your experience and advice to using the Hague winder. Much appreciated. Cheers Jodie


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