Best Crochet Hooks & Hook Sets – My Tips On Where To Buy Them

By Jodie Morgan

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Without a crochet hook, there’d be sad, unused yarn! What a waste! I help you choose the best crochet hook and the best crochet set.

Best Crochet Hooks for your crochet needs

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Here’s a list of top-rated crochet hooks to buy.

Once you’ve found something you like, consider buying a complete set.

Here are the best crochet hook sets.

Note: The above links take you to further information, current prices, and customer reviews on Amazon, We Crochet, and Furls Crochet.

Where Can I Buy Crochet Hooks Online?

When venturing into crochet, try before you buy. Have a local yarn store? Ask the lovely store people for help. Go to department stores or large craft stores. Not an option? Buy online at WeCrochet, LoveCrafts, or Etsy. Hobbies need the best tools, they make everything easier.

I reviewed and updated this post on January 16, 2022.

Table Of Contents

18 Best Crochet Hooks To Buy

Here are my picks for the18 top-rated crochet hooks and where to buy them.

Furls Streamline

Furls Streamline

This is a longer Crochet Hook – 7″. The teak wood is lightweight and comfortable. Has a signature teardrop body shape designed to fit into the MCP joint of the human hand. Distributes tension through the hook.


  • This crochet hook weighs 1oz
  • Super lightweight
  • The larger handle and longer length feels comfortable to work with
  • Some crocheters found they crochet faster using this hook
  • Many customer reviews are five stars
  • Variety of sizes, so you work with any yarn size
  • Create simple and complicated crochet stitches easily. Even the bullion stitch
  • Suitable for almost any of the ways you hold a hook
  • This item is praised for its sturdiness
  • Suitable for anyone, from the beginner to the expert


  • Although one of the more affordable Furls hooks, it’s still pricey

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Majestic Crochet Hook


This hook’s blue and purple colorway is appealing whenever you’re in the mood to crochet.

Making these colorful tools perfect for tackling any crochet project.

An affordable starting point for beginners.


  • Comfortable wood hook
  • Variety of sizes
  • Warm to the touch
  • Smooth surface
  • Pretty color


  • Sizes aren’t marked; remember to put them back in the packaging.

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Furls Odyssey Crochet Hook

Furls Odyssey

This hook features a nickel-plated pewter tip and an ergonomic hook designed handle. It glides through the project. A smooth finish and feel.

You will be content to crochet for hours with ease.


  • Many crocheters adore working with this stylish hook
  • Ergonomic crochet hooks available in 11 sizes
  • Great for many crochet projects
  • Looks beautiful
  • Easy to use
  • Many rate this as 5 stars


  • More expensive than other hooks
  • Considerable investment
  • Ergonomic hooks are heavier because of the weight balance.
  • If you have nickel allergies, these are not for you

Want information on crochet gadgets? See here.

Addi Comfort Grip Crochet Hook


Addi® Comfort Grip hook, featuring color-coded plastic handles for ease of organization. Perfect for those seeking a comfortable grip.

The head has

  • Shiny finish
  • Rounded lip
  • Rounded groove


  • Good for stitches requiring loading as the shaft is long enough to hold them
  • A soft grip


  • No flattened portion/thumb rests
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Pony Aluminum Crochet Hooks

Pony hooks are sturdy. These aluminium hooks (aluminum) come in a range of sizes from 2mm-5mm.

  • 6″ (15cm) in length.


  • Good quality aluminum
  • Affordable
  • Excellent option for beginners and kids
  • Smooth surface
  • Size marked on the shaft
  • Comfortable thumb rest
  • Cheap price


  • Feels cold
  • The anodized surface may wear off

Addi Swing


It grips but slides through the stitches. No snagging or splitting the fiber. Each hook is color-coded by size. Printed metric measurement on the handle.

They have a version suitable for lace crochet.


  • Lightweight
  • Fits comfortably in hand.
  • Silicone handle grip is comfortable
  • Great for those with arthritis
  • No matter your grip style, this tool suits all crocheters
  • Excellent star rating
  • Soft grip
  • Addi products come with a lifetime guarantee


  • Only metric, not US measurements
  • Short shaft makes loading stitches more difficult
  • Good value for money
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Prym Ergonomic Crochet Hook


Prym hooks have no defined thumb rests, but this doesn’t affect comfort. Great for a crochet pattern that take a lot of time.

They created the first design years ago. They’ve only gotten better. The ergonomic handle becomes narrower at the end. It’s shorter than other hooks.

Colored handles are different for each size.


  • Comfortable feel, suitable for people with hand cramps
  • Lightweight rubber grip handles
  • Smooth
  • Great for the knife grip crocheter
  • Good for almost all weight yarns
  • Great customer service (Via their contact form, not their email address)
  • Excellent size hooks for most
  • Affordable price
  • Seller ships to many countries including the United Kingdom


  • Some don’t like the plastic feel
  • Point and lip are blunt. Annoying if you have a tight tension

The Best Crochet Hook Sets

Here are my top recommendations and choices for the best crochet hooks sets. Shopping and browsing through the different styles and tools are annoying! So I’ve searched so you get back to crocheting faster.

Boye Crochet Master Steel & Aluminum Crochet Hooks Set


The Boye Crochet Master hook set is perfect for the beginner crocheter.

This set includes

  • 24 crochet hooks
  • Zippered case to keep them neat and organized.

With this many options, complete any crochet project you want.

  • Smaller crochet hooks – Steel, great for thread
  • Larger crochet hooks in this crochet hook set – Aluminum


  • Crochet hook set comes in a compact case
  • Different colors denote different sizes
  • Tapered head for easy crocheting.
  • No splitting of the fiber because of the rounded head
  • To suit almost any crochet style


  • Some people get wrist aches when using these hooks for extended periods. (You could try the Boye Ergonomic Crochet Hook)
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Clover Soft Touch Crochet Hook


Hold your hook in a pencil grip? This soft touch hooks set is for you. The heads have a tapered shape, so the hook glides.

Many crocheters love them and the results of using these in their projects.

The ergonomic handles have a flatter shape than most. This set includes 8 lightweight crochet hooks and a Velcro pouch to keep them organized.

The hook heads of this clover crochet hook set have a

  • Tapered shape
  • Smooth finish


  • Great for people who have problems with their hands or wrist
  • Many readers recommended these
  • Soft rubber grip
  • The thumb rest is in the perfect position.
  • Gives a great crocheting result
  • The label for size is clear


  • Does not come in a pouch
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Mosaic Crochet Hooks Set


The Mosaic set combines the radiant, Caspian, and majestic for lots of colors. They’re high quality because of their sleek design and smooth finish.


  • A pleasing array of shades
  • The wood feels pleasant and warm
  • Lightweight


  • The crochet hook sizes aren’t marked on the shaft
  • It could be hard to use for someone with smaller hands

WooCrafts Crochet Hook Set


The 9-piece Woocrafts crochet hooks set includes 2.0mm – 6.0mm.

Each has a nonslip rubber handle. Be comfortable crocheting for hours. The ergonomic design puts little stress on joints.

WooCrafts offer a lifetime replacement guarantee on their crochet hook sets.


  • Includes extras – 9 large-eye Blunt steel sewing needles for sewing in ends, stitch markers, and a bonus pouch (storage box)
  • The crochet hook handle has colors to denote the sizes. With time, you’ll recognize which color is which size.


  • Some users reported the dark brown handled hook has the size in black, making it hard to read.
  • It’s cheap, but you get the quality you pay for.
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Susan Bates Silvalume Crochet Hook Set

Susan Bates Hook Set

These inline hooks are made of anodized aluminum to remove imperfections. Heat-treated and polished metal hooks provide a smooth finish.

Metal hooks come in different colors to help you pick out the right one.

Susan Bates has great crochet hook sets, and this is no exception.

Each set contains 6 hooks: 3.75mm – 6.5mm.


  • Perfect for budget-conscious individuals
  • Light to hold
  • Materials of high quality
  • Knife hold crocheters will find this useful
  • Comfortable thumb rest
  • A great inline hook
  • Great for beginners
  • Readers recommend this pack for beginners
  • Available in many major craft retailers


  • Not suitable for crocheters who find aluminum cold
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BCMRUN Multicolor Aluminum Crochet Hooks


Each hook is colored for a different size. Made of aluminum, they’re light in your hand, and they’re comfortable to use.

This set includes 14 6″ long hooks – 2.0mm – 10mm.


  • Rounded, tapered hooks like a Boye hook
  • Good value for money
  • Excellent for beginners
  • Suits many yarn weights


  • No US letter sizing

(A crocheter thought of marking the letter or number size with a Sharpie marker on the hook. Then wrap clear tape over to preserve it. Clever!)

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Giant Bamboo Hooks

Giant Bamboo Hooks

For those who enjoy crocheting with wood. These wood hooks are worth a look. These craft and art supplies are made from ashwood.

Three hooks in the set – 15-20-25mm


  • Sanded finish slips through the working thread
  • Grooves hold the yarn loops as you work.
  • Great for beginners
  • Feels warm and comfortable in the hand


  • Not suitable for thinner yarns
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Clover Amour Crochet Hook

Clover Amour

Add some color to your toolkit. Each colored Clover amour crochet hooks soft handle denotes a particular size. The size is engraved, not printed on.

A hook for all occasions and crochet patterns!


  • Yarn moves smoothly over the shafts and doesn’t split as you stitch
  • Head and tip of the plastic and aluminum hook are slightly pointed
  • Thumb rest gives great comfort
  • Colorful handles
  • Has the inline hook style
  • Will suit you regardless of how you grip the hook
  • A different material for the two parts – a plastic handle and metal shaft
  • Made of plastic
  • Comfortable to hold, even when crocheting for long periods
  • The perfect hook for beginner crocheters


  • The aluminum shaft isn’t the entire handle length, so the handle’s end part is flexible. (This isn’t a problem for most.)

Tulip Etimo Crochet Hooks

Tulip Etimo

Those who love pink appreciate Tulip Etimo Rose hooks! The hook is slightly pointed, and the groove is straight. The throat of the hook narrows towards the head.

Set pieces count includes ten hooks: 2.0mm – 6.0mm.

A wonderful addition to your collection of hooks.


  • Tulip Etimo Rose brand is the favorites of many crocheters.
  • Tulip hooks glide through stitches
  • Handles are comfortable
  • Reduces wrist motion, reducing wrist pain.
  • Feels good in the hands
  • Handles in varying shades of pink
  • As you create stitches, the yarn glides smoothly
  • The kit includes a stitch holder and a stitch marker
  • Suits any grip style


  • Stickers are used as labels for sizing
  • Can squeak with some yarns
  • High price but you can find them on sale
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Looking for a few more options? Here’s a selection of good bets.

What Makes The Best Crochet Hooks

Accessories? Are They Worth It?

Sometimes a set of the best crochet hooks includes a few other items, thus upping the price. Like

  • Stitch markers
  • Yarn needles
  • Thread hook
  • Row counter
  • Measuring tape
  • Embroidery scissors

Decide if you need them, or buy the cheaper set.

Note: Some brands have special offers/deals of free patterns with your purchase.

Did you know that crochet hooks are handy in knitting? They help pick up stitches and can be used for finishing techniques.

Carry Case Or Pack?

If it’s a set, this is important! Most carry cases and are plastic, like a vinyl case. Another sort of material, like fabric, is much rarer and more expensive.

You need a simple storage solution on account of keeping everything in neat order.

What Colors?

Buying a set of over one hook? Have a color-coded set because it’s easier to select the right size you need.

Most brands offer these. A company would be mad not to!

The best crochet hooks come in many colors, a great way to bring a smile to your face when you crochet.

Different hook sizes can be chosen for different purposes. Larger hooks create a more open fabric and a denser texture is made with smaller sizes.

The Handle?

Let’s discuss grips. Popular types are the knife grip and the pencil grip.

  • Pencil Grip – Hold the hook over the crotch of the thumb
  • Knife Hold – Hold the hook underneath the palm

Neither is better than the other, and it’s different for everyone. You may switch between a knife hold and a pencil hold, or you have a hybrid grip.

The handle is where you’ll have your hand, which must be comfortable and suited to the way you hold a hook.

Is The Head The Right Shape?

Examine the head of the product, and have a look at the three parts, the groove, the lip, and the point. The tip is pointed or rounded. The best one is semi-blunt. It’s the easiest of all the shapes to use.

The groove is straight or rounded. Rounded is best as it holds yarn easily.

Hooks fall into two different categories – Inline or tapered.


The length depends on what kind of stitch work and crochet you do and how comfortable they are. The right size is essential.

Shafts do differ in length and for stitches that require more loops to be held, a longer shaft is helpful.

Made From?

Steel, plastic, aluminum, bamboo hooks, wood, and even glass! Different materials suit different yarns. Check the yarn for recommendations.

Non-Slip Handle?

This is important because you don’t want to slip and lose your stitches! All the best crochet hooks have this feature.

Fair Return Policy?

Returning a hook seems a silly idea, but it could happen. Ensure the return policy is fair, and read the fine print!

Shipping Prices?

Live in the US? Shipping shouldn’t be a problem, but check if shipping rates are reasonable. Live outside the US? Product availability may be limited.


What Kind Of Crochet Hooks Are Best For Beginners?

Aluminum. There’s a range of sizes, plus they’re affordable. Perfect for your first crochet project!

What Are The Most Comfortable Crochet Hooks?

The best ergonomic crochet hooks relieve wrist pain. Also, conditions like tendonitis, arthritis, and carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms. Crochet for longer!

What Type Should You Use?

It depends on the project, the yarn, and the pattern. Most yarns have a recommended hook size.

Does Walmart Have Crochet Hooks?

Yes, they sell crochet hooks. Check your local shop stocks them.

I hope you find the best crochet hook.

If you’re a beginner, which looks good? If you’ve crocheted for a while, what’s your favorite hook to use in your crocheting experience, and why? I’d love to hear about your top choice.

Have any questions? Please get in touch in the comments below.

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