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Tiny hooks for small, intricate designs and making crocheted lace. They’re steel because they need to be tough and durable.

Susan Bates has a range of steel crochet hooks in their family of brands called Susan Bates Steelite. Read my review.

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Susan Bates Steel Crochet Hook Set

Susan Bates Steel Crochet Hook Set

A well-priced, affordable pack of six different crochet hook sizes for many projects. These serve as a great crotat hook.


  • Sizes Included – 1.15mm, 1.25mm, 1.4mm, 1.5mm, 2.35mm, & 2.55mm


  • Has a clear vinyl case for easy storage
  • The customer ratings for the Susan Bates Steelite crochet hook are good (many are 5 stars)
  • Doesn’t snag the crochet thread
  • Made of the finest nickel-plated steel
  • The package is long-lasting
  • Each size is marked for easy access
  • This product is durable
  • Great for patterns like home decor, doilies, tablecloths and edgings
  • Cheap shipping to your delivery address in almost any country for easy shopping
  • This brand is well crafted and long-lasting
  • A great starter set for beginners to crocheting with crochet lace


  • The steel is nickel-plated, so this isn’t a good choice for those who have nickel sensitivities.
  • Unfortunately, this is the only collection of sizes of steel hooks available. Need other options? Buy them separately.
  • These aren’t inline crochet hooks, as they can’t make smaller hooks with that head design.
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Susan Bates Steel Crochet Hook

Susan Bates Steel Crochet Hook US0 Needles Pin Sew On Etsy store

Prefer to buy each size separately? They’re available from a wide variety of sources. They might be in your favorite craft store.

Some sizes aren’t available in sets and have to be bought individually.


  • Sizes Available – Only US Size 0 (2.55 mm), however, more sizing options are available in the different listings in the same shop. Look at their shop for more information.


  • These Susan Bates Steelite crochet hooks are an affordable price
  • All sorts of sizes available to make things of beauty
  • Great for making crochet lace doilies for your home or someone’s wedding!
  • Excellent customer service if you have problems with your order
  • Fast shipping to the United States & the United Kingdom
  • These crafts and art supplies are durable and long-lasting, so they’re great for you prolific craft machines!
  • This store has excellent customer reviews for its items
  • They’re good if you want to add beads to your crochet or sewing project


  • Sizes are subject to availability, and are sometimes in limited quantities
  • An item may not always be in stock at this company

Susan Bates Steel Crochet Hook Sizes

Steel crochet hooks have a different sizing system to regular hooks.

Susan Bates Steel Crochet Hook Size Chart

In my post, Susan Bates Crochet Hook Sizes Chart has a chart of all the steel crochet hook sizes available from Susan Bates. Click here for more information and valuable content.

Susan Bates Covers For Steel Crochet Hook

Susan Bates Comfort Cushions

Susan Bates has a cushioning cover over the hook when you crochet. Great for arthritic hands, hand pain/strain, or carpal tunnel syndrome.

The Susan Bates Comfort Cushion is made of rubber. It’s excellent if you have trouble crocheting for long periods.


  • Affordable prices
  • These supplies fit smallers sizes of steel crochet hooks
  • The sellers are super helpful and quick to ship orders
  • They would make great gifts


  • Hard to find
  • Slightly awkward to use at first, but it gets easier

Steelite from Susan Bates is high quality and durable. Happy crocheting! What do you crochet when you use steel hooks?

Show me any crochet thread lace projects you’re making or the next project plans. Leave a comment using your email address.

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  1. In am confused. I see charts saying that the US size 1 hook is 2.75.
    I see SB steel hook is 2.35.
    I tried the SB size 1 and crocheted as tight as I could and still the gauge does not meet the “10 sc, 10 sc rows = 1″” that the pattern calls for.

    • Hi Jackie. It is confusing as some brands have different mm sizes for the number size as you have found. Meeting gauge of the pattern can be a trial and error experience. If you are still not getting the correct gauge with the hook you tried, opt for an even smaller mm size. I always recommend doing a swatch which it sounds like you are doing to see what hook size and your tension will meet the correct gauge. Cheers Jodie


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