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Susan Bates makes affordable, quality crochet hooks. Susan Bates Crochet Hooks are highly recommended for beginners due to their inline shape. It makes it easier to create stitches. Here is a complete guide to everything in their selection.

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I reviewed, fact checked and updated this post on April 11, 2023.

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When Did Susan Bates Start Making Crochet Hooks And Who Manufactures Them Now?

The company, then Called C.J. Bates & Son, started in 1861! Coats & Clark, the parent company that owns Susan Bates has made these crochet hooks since the 1960s. They manufacture tools and accessories for other hobbies too.

When the company started in 1861, it was called C.J Bates & Son. It changed hands through the decades before settling on the name Susan Bates. Then it was bought by Coats & Clark.

Susan Bates is referred to as “Inline hooks.”

This style of hook features:

  • The diameter of the shaft is constant throughout
  • The hook is created by a notch in the shaft and the throat is the same thickness as the shaft
  • Creating a notch creates a deep hook
  • Grips are closer to the hook

Many people talk about how “Bates” hooks are no longer manufactured in the USA and the quality of these tools isn’t as good as the previous versions with the stamp USA.
Complaints centred around the hook head changed shape the point was rounder at the top, the anondized surface wasn’t as smooth and the color wears off quicker.

The affordablity of these tools is not disputed and although some long time users were not happy about the changes, they still recommended this brand as a suitable choice for beginners.

In my experience, the shape of the newer version is not significantly different and I’ve not found any problems. I agree with others that these are a good choice to begin with.

Susan Bates Silvalume Crochet Hooks

Susan Bates Silvalume Crochet Hooks at Debs Devine Designs Etsy store
Debs Devine Designs has excellent customer reviews and fast shipping of orders.

Their leading brand and product line are known widely for being colored anodized aluminum hooks. Each size is a different color. Smooth and comfortable to use, they are quintessential in-line head crochet hooks.

They are polished to have a smooth finish. They’re slightly slippery, durable, and inflexible. Guaranteed to last a long time. Works with many yarns. They receive excellent customer ratings, and crocheters are content with these hooks.

The hook head is what is commonly known as “inline”. The point of the head is aligned with the rest of the hook. They also tend to have a more pointed tip and a deeper neck.

They are wonderful for beginners and kids wanting to try out crochet. Many kits often include this crochet hook.

Susan Bates Tunisian Crochet Hooks

Susan Bates Afghan Hooks

Most Susan Bates afghan crochet hooks are extra long hooks and double-ended, meaning they have a hook on both ends of the shaft. Sometimes they have a stopper on the end. The length makes it easier to do the stitches.

Suitable for Tunisian crochet. Perfect for crochet patterns with Tunisian stitches. Storage options for these hooks need to accommodate the 10″ length. Available in the Silvalume and quicksilver lines, although the former is more widely common.

Susan Bates Ergonomic Crochet Hooks

Susan Bates Ergonomic Crochet Hooks at Debs Devine Designs Etsy Store
Debs Devine Designs has excellent reviews for fast dispatch

These crochet hooks are part of their broader Silvalume range. Featuring a soft plastic handle and a hook made of smooth aluminum, ergonomic hooks with a cheaper price tag than others on the market, but without compromising quality.

The tips are rounded with a slight point and a joy to crochet with.The anodizing process means the hook is free from surface impurities. Also giving durability and strength.

Designed to create more uniform stitches and reduce hand strain. The head is inline to reduce unnecessary wrist motion, making it more comfortable to use. The handles are also color-coded by size, and the sizes are printed on the handle.

The repetitive action required to crochet can tire your hands, but with these hooks, you’ll crochet for longer with comfort.The hook size is marked on the handle. Be sure to check the size required before placing an order.

Susan Bates Bamboo Crochet Hooks

Susan Bates Bamboo Crochet Hooks Check Price On Amazon

An important note, the bamboo hooks available from Susan Bates have handles made of bamboo, and the heads are aluminum. The whole thing isn’t made of bamboo.

It makes for a comfortable, strain-preventing handle and a smooth head that makes it easy to get into the stitches without splitting them. These tools are available in a variety of sizes and are lightweight.

The hook is inline to make it easier to use, and fiber artists appreciate the wider handle. It also helps you maintain a more consistent gauge.

The inspiration for these hooks was to cater to fans of Susan Bates hooks but wanted an ergonomic handle. Wider handles make a difference.

Susan Bates Crochet Hook Set

Susan Bates Crochet Hook Set Check Price On Amazon

The sets available from this company come in a wide selection of materials and sizes included. The usual number of hooks in one pack range from 3 to 6.

You’ll get value from your purchase with these. Hook sets from this company are available in the crystallite (acrylic), Luxite (plastic), and Silvalume (aluminum) brands. Sometimes you may find these on sale.

Susan Bates Steel Crochet Hook Set

Susan Bates Steel Crochet Hook Set Check Price On Amazon

Steel crochet hooks are designed for the finest, most intricate designs, making sense they need to be sturdy and durable to prevent breakage. Think of home decor items such as lace doilies and fabric for table cloths.

Steel hooks from Susan Bates are made of nickel-plated steel and are inflexible, durable, and long-lasting.They’re 5 inches long, and the brand is called Steelite.

This seller delivers to the United States, Canada, United Kingdom. Spain and France. Enter your delivery address to check for other countries and the extra cost for shipping if you live outside the United States. Enjoy free shipping if you are a Prime subscriber.

Susan Bates Quicksilver Crochet Hooks

Made of grey aluminum, these have a less slippery smooth finish and are easier for beginners to manage than Silvalume.

Lightweight and durable aluminum crochet hook, they’re excellent for any crocheter looking for an affordable, no-frills hook, regardless of skill level.

What Sizes Do The Susan Bates Crochet Hooks Come In?

This company uses the US Sizing system, so some options may not be available or different from the one you require if you use the metric system. It’s important to check you have the right one before starting a project.

Susan Bates Crochet Hooks Size Chart

Susan Bates crochet hooks are available in a variety of sizes. However, they’re only listed in US sizing, so you need a conversion chart to determine metric sizing.

Read my post with a helpful complete guide and conversion and size chart for easy reference.

History Of Susan Bates

Bates was the largest needlework tool manufacturer in the United States by 1971 and the oldest manufacturer of crochet hooks. Carlton Joseph Bates founded it. Bates started working for Tyler and Post by stoking the stove and sweeping the floors before school. They made items from ivory discarded by piano key manufacturers.

Mr. Post bought another business, Griswolds, which made whalebone (baleen) and cow shin bone crochet hooks. Post sold the business to Bates in 1873. He made crochet hooks and other implements from bone and ivory. Hamilton, Carlton’s son, took over the business when his father was seriously ill. In 1993, J. Bates and Son merged with Coats & Clark.

Plastic and aluminum crochet hooks were added in the mid-1930s. During WWII, plastic hook production reduced, but steel and aluminum production stopped. The factories produced airplane fuel gauges and glider frames.

In 1944, Bates patented the in-line hook. Bates won awards for packaging and displays in the 1960s, including one for color-coded crochet hooks.

Shipping & Refund Policy

As they distribute to businesses and don’t sell their products, check each store for the terms and conditions. Each shop has a different policy. Read it carefully the information about shipping. Add this to the total price.

Are They Right For You?

  • Silvalume aluminum – Perfect for beginners and experts alike
  • Tunisian – Make some novel projects with this great hook
  • Ergonomic – Use your favorite inline hook for longer
  • Bamboo – Combines the best of two great materials!
  • Steel – Perfect for delicate projects
  • Quicksilver – A great budget hook

FAQS About Susan Bates Hooks

Where To Buy Susan Bates Crochet Hooks?

Susan Bates Hooks are easy to find. They’re available in most craft stores, whether online or physical. You can also purchase them on e-commerce sites like Amazon and Etsy.

What Are The Names Of The Colors Of Susan Bates Crochet Hooks?

The Susan Bates hook colors don’t have a name. But here are each of the colors according to the sizes for each brand.

Color coding helps to find the correct size at a glance.


  • Light Gold – US B-1 – Metric – 2.25mm
  • Light Pink – US C-2 – Metric – 2.75mm
  • Light Blue – US D-3 – Metric – 3.25mm
  • Light Peach – US E-4 – Metric – 3.50mm
  • Grey Pink – US F-5 – Metric – 3.75mm
  • Pink – US G-6 – Metric – 4.00mm
  • Blue – US H-8 – Metric – 5.00mm
  • Red – US I-9 – Metric – 5.50mm
  • Gold – US J-10 – Metric – 6.00mm
  • Green – US K-10.5 – Metric – 6.50mm
  • Silver – US L-11 – Metric – 8.00mm
  • Grey Light Blue – US M-13 – Metric – 9.00mm
  • Pink Bronze – US N-15 – Metric – 10.00mm


  • Navy Blue – US G-6 – Metric – 4.00mm
  • Red – US H-8 – Metric – 5.00mm
  • Orange – US I-9 – Metric – 5.50mm
  • Yellow – US J-10 – Metric – 6.00mm
  • Green – US K-10.5 – Metric – 6.50mm
  • Bright Blue – US L-11 – Metric – 8.00mm
  • Purple Blue – US M-13 – Metric – 9.00mm
  • Light Blue – US N-15 – Metric – 10.00mm
  • Pink – US P-16 – Metric – 11.50mm

Where Are Susan Bates Silvalume Crochet Hooks Made?

They used to be made in the USA but haven’t been made there for quite some time now. Some users say the quality has changed since they are no longer made in the USA.

What Crochet Hooks Are Similar To Susan Bates?

There are not hooks with exactly the same design. Boye, a direct competitor, is similar to this company regarding quality and affordability, except their head is tapered, not inline.

How To Tell How Old Susan Bates Crochet Hooks Are?

If the name “Susan Bates” isn’t stamped on them, it’s from the 1940s or earlier. Silvalume wasn’t introduced until the 1960s.

Hopefully, this post helped you discover something about Susan Bates, this old, experienced company that has been making crochet hooks for many years. Affordable, quality hooks to suit any crocheter regardless of skill level. If they’re vintage, they carry history with them too!

Older crocheters in your family might have used these very hooks to learn to crochet. Who knows?

I’d love to hear about your thoughts on these crochet hooks. Leave a note below or get in touch with me here. I never publish your email address.

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  1. I have used Susan Bates crochet hooks since I started crocheting in the 60’s. I recently lost my collection of hooks when we moved and so I went to Joanne and was very disappointed with them. The hook on the end is not big enough to accommodate the thread. I am use the size hook that the thread recommends to be use.

    I hope I able to find my old hooks because these are not working for me!

  2. I went into Joann Fabrics this week. All of the individual Susan Bates aluminum hooks were clearance/red tagged. This makes me sad. I don’t like crocheting with the Boye-style hooks.

    • It’s a shame, Jannie. Tell us what you love about Susan Bates aluminum hooks, why you prefer them, and what you dislike about Boye-style hooks. Cheers Jodie

      • I don’t like the boye hooks as the loop gets smaller when trying to pull the hook thru and the bates hook don’t do that. I have exclusively used the bates hook since 1970.

  3. I love my old Susan bates hooks but am really disappointed in the newer ones made in Mexico. The curve at the end of the hook is sharp instead of smooth and it catches on the yarn. I slooooows me down and it is very frustrating. The quality of these hooks is not what it once was

    • Hi Marge. It’s fortunate you still have the Susan Bates hooks you love. It’s a shame to hear the newer ones aren’t as good. Cheers Jodie

    • I agree. I had all the sizes of the older crochet hooks but lost the size F. I was excited to be able to find Susan Bates brand but so disappointed when I got it and used it. Just not made like they used to be. The hook catches on the yarn and separates it.

      • Hi Rebecca. I’m sorry to hear you also have experienced this with the current Susan Bates Hooks. Are there any other hooks you like to crochet with that you’d recommend to crochets looking for a quality inline hook? Cheers Jodie

  4. I have a few made in USA and one without the Susan Bates name vintage 40’s. I recently started collecting more sizes to complete my collection. The ones stamped Mexico are too sharp on the top and there is a definite change in the “feel” there. The ones I have marked USA are so rare right now you can’t even find them on Ebay and if you do, they are charging a lot of money for them. I love Susan Bates they are the only hooks I love and will use. I wish they would go back to manufacturing in the USA but this is the new norm now. Basically everything made outside of the USA. Sad.

    • Hi Nena. That’s great to hear you are adding to your collection and thanks for sharing your experience of trying to find the vintage hooks made in the USA. There have been many people comment, on how the Susan Bates Hooks have changed since they are no longer manufactured in the USA. Cheers Jodie

  5. Hi Jodie, I just purchased and am in love the the susan bates interchangable hooks. I have arthritis in my hands, and the handle works so well for me. I love to work with thread yarn, and was hoping Susan Bates will be coming out with the smaller hooks for the interchangeable line. I am hoping you could let me know if this will happen.

    thank you

    Sharon Jones

    • Hi Sharon. That’s wonderful to hear that you love your Susan Bates Interchangeable hooks. I’ll do some research re the smaller hooks for thread and get back to you. Cheers Jodie


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