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The Susan Bates Crochet Hooks Set includes six hooks in popular sizes for your crocheting projects. Want a review? Read through the content of my guide.

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Having set of hooks that you prefer to crochet with is always a good idea. You know your crochet tension will remain the same using the same inline style of hook. The lightweight, anodized aluminum is durable and sturdy. The sizes are recognizable because each hook is colored differently. 

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Susan Bates Crochet Hook Set

Susan Bates Crochet Hook Set

The hook undergoes a special anodizing process, etching away all surface issues. The hook is heat-treated for strength and durability, then polished for smoothness. The inline head on the Susan Bates Silvalume crochet hook maintains a consistent stitch gauge. This hook reduces wrist motion for comfortable crocheting. So it’s a favorite of many crocheters.

Many crocheters prefer inline hooks. The head of an inline hook has the same size, shape, and alignment as the shank (where your working stitch sits on the hook). This product line has the widest range in the Susan Bates collection.

Susan Bates is credited with inventing the inline head design. Other brands don’t often have this kind of feature. For many, this hook shape makes a difference for comfort!

When crocheting with Susan Bates hooks, draw the hook back through each stitch in one straight line. The design makes it more comfortable to use and creates more uniform stitches. The Silvalume crochet hook set includes six hooks in sizes: 

  • Grey – F-5 (3.75mm)
  • Lavender – G-6 (4.0mm)
  • Turquoise Blue – H-8 (5.0-mm)
  • Red I-9 – (5.5-mm)
  • Gold – J-10 (6.0mm) 
  • Green – K- 10.5 (6.5mm)


  • Each size is colored coded
  • Great starter pack
  • Keep the hooks stored in the clear plastic pouch
  • Glide easily with your yarn, as nothing catches
  • It’s made of lightweight aluminum
  • These fiber art supplies are affordable
  • No surface impurities
  • Inexpensive shipping to the United States and other countries
  • Points make it easy to get into the yarn without being too sharp


  • The handle is narrow. Not ideal if you crochet with a knife grip
  • Your hands may cramp after a prolonged time
  • Some had trouble returning it
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Other Susan Bates Silavume Crochet Hook Sizes

Like these crochet hooks? Buy other sizes individually.

The Susan Bates Silavume Crochet hooks are the company’s most popular hooks, and crocheters love them. The customer reviews are positive and highly recommended.

Crystallites Crochet Hook Set

Crystallites Hook Set

Made of smooth, lightweight acrylic, these are a great alternative to plastic hooks in the Susan Bates family. These affordable hooks are a great option for a beginner. The larger sizes work with bulky fibers. Crochet projects will fly off the hook!

How Does It Compare?

  • Sizes Included – US L-11, M-13, N-15, & P-16
  • Are They Comfortable? – Durable and warm-to-touch
  • Do The Stitches Stay On? – They’re slippery, but not annoyingly so
  • Durability – Made of a plastic like glass, but stronger


  • They have the famous in-line head
  • Smooth
  • Polished for a velvety smooth finish
  • This brand is hard-wearing
  • Has good customer ratings of 5 stars
  • Each hook is color-coded so you can find the size you need
  • Has a vinyl case for easy storage
  • Affordable
  • Sutiable for many crochet patterns, from blankets to socks
  • Reduces wrist motion for fatigue free crocheting
  • Sizes are marked on each hook
  • Affordable shipping to almost any delivery address


  • Some found a harsh seam along the hook that snagged the yarn, but smooth it with sandpaper
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Steelite Hook Set

Steelite Hook Set

These are the steel hooks in the Susan Bates range. Looking for affordable hooks for a doily or other intricate design? Try these!

How Does It Compare?

  • Sizes Included – 1.15mm, 1.25mm, 1.4mm, 1.5mm, 2.35mm & 2.55mm
  • Are They Comfortable? – As they’re small, they might be hard for some people to use for long periods
  • Do The Stitches Stay On? – Yes!
  • Durability – Strong, tough steel


  • Has a vinyl case
  • Smooth
  • Affordable
  • Ships to the United Kingdom


  • The steel is nickel plated – not sutiable for people with allergies
  • Unfortunatley they’re not inline – rather tapered, because inline heads make crocheting with thread difficult
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Interested in what other hooks are part of the range? Read my full review of Susan Bates Crochet Hooks. I’d love to hear about your experience with these hooks. Tell me in the comment section below using your email address, or connect with me on Facebook or Twitter.

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