My Guide To Basic Crochet Stitches & Popular Crochet Stitches

By Jodie Morgan

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I’ve got all crochet stitches here! There are many gorgeous stitches in crochet. You’ll never be at a loss for what stitch patterns to try. Start with the basic crochet stitch patterns and move on to more advanced techniques to build your crocheting skills.

Basic Crochet Stitches

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I reviewed, fact checked and updated this post on April 12, 2023

Table Of Contents

Basic Crochet Stitches

Chain Stitch

The most basic stitch in crocheting, the one you should learn before everything else. This is the first step on your journey of learning.

Single Crochet Stitch

This crochet pattern is used to create solid pieces durable and useful. It’s a great crochet stitch for scarves, hats, bags, and home accessories.

Here are some variations of single crochet.

  • Extended Single Crochet
  • Herringbone Single Crochet
  • Picot Single Crochet
  • Reverse Single Crochet
  • Single Crochet Chevron

Double Crochet Stitch

The crochet stitch makes up most of the crochet patterns you see on crochet afghan and home décor. The fabric it creates is flexible and robust, perfect for blankets and other crochet projects.

Here are some variations of double crochet.

  • Back Post Double Stitch
  • Crossed Double Crochet
  • Double Crochet Cluster Stitch
  • Front Post Double Crochet
  • Herringbone Double Crochet
  • Long Double Crochet

Half Double Crochet Stitch

The crochet stitch that’s between double crochet and single crochet. Create anything from bracelets to afghans with this crochet pattern. Here are some variants of this stitch pattern.

  • Braided Half Double Crochet
  • Crossed Half Double Crochet
  • Ribbed Half Double Crochet
  • Herringbone Half Double Crochet

Treble Crochet Stitch

Slightly more complicated than other basic stitches, but still essential to learn! It creates a thicker fabric, perfect for blankets or shawls.

Magic Circle Stitch

This is a nifty techniques used to start any circular crochet project, and crocheting in the round.

Easy Stitches

Cluster Stitch

With this easy crochet technique, create shawls and scarves with a modern texture that stands out. It’s perfect for colder weather.

Variations: Mixed Cluster Stitch

Find out how to do it in this free crochet pattern.

Post Stitch

These move the stitch to the front with a front post stitch and back post stitches towards the back. A staple in design work, you can make some appealing patterns!


  • Front Post Crochet
  • Front Post Treble Crochet
  • Overlapping Post Stitch

Try this crochet stitch pattern.

Single Rib Stitch

This looks like a knitted row, and the result is lovely! Use it for trim, horizontal borders, or edges on garments. It’s crocheted using single crochets. (Aka ribbed stitch.)

Variations: Faux Mistake Rib Stitch

Basketweave Stitch

This unique and interestingly textured crochet stitch creates a dense fabric with an impressive finish. Perfect for many crochet projects. Try this crochet stitch tutorial.

Grit Stitch

A suitable stitch for beginners as it’s all single crochet. Double crochet in the mixed grit stitch is just as easy. Perfect when you’re learning.

Lemon Peel Stitch

It combines single crochet and double crochet (dc). Row by row, the stitches alternate. The stitch created looks like a lemon rind.

Linen Stitch

It’s lovely and adaptable. You can crochet this if you know single crochet and chain!  (Aka Moss Stitch & Granite Stitch.)

Moss Stitch

An Easy Crochet to create a lovely dense texture. Thanks to clear and easy to understand information from Daisy Farm Crafts.

V Stitch

A beautiful design that works up quickly. It’s excellent for crocheting large projects such as afghans. But it’s suitable for many other projects.

Variations: Cluster V Stitch, Offset V Stitch, V Double Stitch

Try these crochet stitch tutorials.

Pretty Crochet Stitches

Arc Stitch

(Aka Arch Stitch or Arcade Stitch.) This might appear complicated, but you can learn it quickly. Eyelets and fans forms small arches.

Blueberry Stitch

This is gorgeous! Create a charming project using puff stitches and double crochet. Perfect for scarves, blankets, and more. Here’s a tutorial by Rachel at Desert Blossom Crafts.

Cable Stitch

Cable stitches aren’t just for knitting! Although it’s a complicated process, you can also create gorgeous ones with crocheting.

Variations: Interweave Cable Stitch & Braided Cable Stitch

Crocodile Stitch

A unique textured stitch requiring some previous crocheting knowledge. It looks a little like crocodile skin, hence the name.

Loop Stitch

Create a lovely ruffled effect for edging on a scarf or blanket.

Pineapple Stitch

Create something tropical with this fruit-inspired design.

Fun Crochet Stitches

Almond Ridges Stitch

With this, you create a beautiful ornate pattern using four rows. You may not think it’s easy, but if you can slip stitch and half treble, you’ll be fine! Ideal for a blanket, washcloths, or a scarf.

Bean Stitch

This unique design has puff stitches worked against puff stitches in the row below to push them off to one side. The fabric appears zig-zagged and scattered like little beans.

Jacob’s Ladder Stitch

Combines what looks like knitting without it or Tunisian crochet! An excellent stitch to try for a mosaic project.

Plaid Stitch 

Ever wanted to make plaid without buying the fabric? Now’s your chance!

Rice Stitch

A textured, dense design perfect for washcloths and placemats.

Seed Stitch

This is the crocheted version of the knitted one. It’s incredible how similar it looks!

Fancy Crochet Stitches

Angel Stitch

There are two rows of stitching within this beautiful stitch. It’s a loose, open stitch, so you can see the shapes of the “angels”! It takes little time to learn this pattern.

Bavarian Stitch

This technique creates a beautiful, textured design in the shape of a diamond. It’s worked in the round, but you can apply the same process to rows!

Chevron Stitch – Gorgeous Crochet Pattern

This stitch seems complicated, but you’ll be fine if you learn how to increase and decrease single crochet using single crochet stitches.

Crunch Stitch

This stitch creates a thick and textured fabric. Perfect for blankets and handbags. This is for intermediate crocheters.

Eyelet Stitch Crochet

It combines texture and open stitches by crossing double crochets to shape eyelets around. It’s great for clothes and shawls. Follow this tutorial by Lenysea.

Floret Stitch

This stitch design has a subtle texture and makes a beautiful solid fabric. The stitch is a simple pattern, as it’s a simple two-row repeat.

Honeycomb Stitch

Take inspiration from the clever, busy bees to make a beautiful hexagonal pattern.

Primrose Stitch

A lovely patterned crochet stitch that looks more complicated than it is.

Ripple Stitch

This does what it says – it creates lovely fabric ripples.

Sedge Stitch

The grasses of meadows inspire it. Crochet a wonderful, unique piece.

Side Saddle Stitch 

Use this to make soft, tactile fabric with a lovely texture.

Loose Crochet Stitches

Basket Stitch

An open-weave style stitch. This is difficult to crochet. It’s looser than most crochet stitches, making it great for scarves, baskets, and lace!

Celtic Stitch

In basket weaving, this uses front and back treble crochets. It’s easy to remember once you get the hang of it, even though it’s advanced. (Aka Celtic weave stitch.)

Drop Stitch

The stitch makes a beautiful lacy fabric. To add texture to an openwork piece, add several rows of drop stitches. 

Glover Stitch

This looks gorgeous from every angle. Cluster stitch meets crunch stitch.

Lace Stitch

Create this stunning, delicate design perfect for loose, lacy projects.

Variations: Broomstick Lace Stitch, Lacy Arrow Stitch, Lacy Crown Stitch, Lacy Trees Stitch

Mayberry Stitch

Something lovely and vibrant to make in springtime! Pops of texture intersperse between rows of half double crochet. 

Offset Stitch

The stitch looks different with each material, so crochet it in cotton and wool to see how it looks. If you like double crochet, you’ll love this!

Variations: Offset Filet Net Stitch

Solomon’s Knot Stitch

Using simple stitches creates a unique design rarely seen in crochet. An openwork stitch ranges from lacey to lose, depending on the stitch height. AKA Lovers Knot, Crochet Love Knot, Knot Stitch, True Lovers Knot, and Hail Stone.

Variations: Extended Solomon’s Knot Stitch, Double Solomon’s Knot Stitch

Triangle Stitch

It’s a simple crochet stitch with a lovely geometric repeating design.

Cute Crochet Stitches

Bead Stitch

You might think this bumpy stitch is complicated, but it’s not difficult. Although it’s not a beginner stitch, beginners may find it easy. Make this if you can single and double crochet.

Bear Claw Stitch

The stitch is easy to do and creates a unique pattern suitable for a lovely blanket. Front post triple crochet isn’t challenging to learn. There are only four repeating rows.

Bobble Stitch

Bobble stitches are fun and easy and make any crochet piece pop. It’s easier than you think to get started, despite how complicated they look. (Aka Puff Stitch.)

Variations: Boxed Puff Stitch, Harvest Stitch, Zig Zag Puff Stitch, Leaf Stitch

Cat Stitch

Love cats? Make many with this pattern involving double crochet and chain stitches. It works up quickly for blankets and scarves. (Aka Kittens In A Row Stitch.)

Griddle Stitch

It uses single crochet and double crochet, giving the project a fantastic bumpy texture. Isn’t that easy? 

Parquet Stitch

This lacy mesh stitch uses fundamental stitches. Crochet this if you know chain, single crochet, and double crochet!

Silt Stitch

It’s easy to crochet this, though it looks complicated. There are only two rows, and each is a simple set of stitches.

Star Stitch

It creates a starburst-like design by working multiple loops together. Half double stitches between each row of stars complete it. Perfect for stunning washcloths and winter blankets. It’s also called the daisy stitch and the marguerite stitch.

Variations: Ninja Stars Stitch

Strawberry Stitch

It’s deceptively easy, but it gives crochet projects a new dimension. Maybe you could create an afghan inspired by a fruit salad with this!

Large Crochet Stitches

Alpine Stitch

Despite being so easy, it creates a unique texture. Do this if you know double and single crochet. A blanket, an accessory, or a pillow are wonderful project ideas.

Granny Stitch

The classic crochet technique, nearly everyone knows what this is! A classic, timeless look that may remind you of your grandmother and her crafty skills.

Variations: Granny Ripple Stitch, Granny Stripe Stitch, Granny Spike Stitch

Jasmine Stitch

Do a lovely project inspired by the beautiful flower that smells lovely!

Peacock Feather Stitch

This is majestic, like the bird it’s named after. It’s a stitch with lots of texture that would make a warm article of clothing!

Popcorn Stitch

Add this to your crochet projects for an extra dimension and interest. It’s one of the easiest textured stitches to learn. 

Variations: Reverse Popcorn Stitch

Shell Stitch

A decorative stitch for advanced beginners. It makes an excellent border. Crochet it in one color for a simple design or change colors.

Variations: Clamshell Stitch, Crazy Shell Stitch (Brick Stitch), Open Shell Stitch, Quadruple Shell Stitch, Marshmallow Stitch, Shells And Ladders Stitch

Starburst Stitch

A beautiful stitch resembling a multiple-sided star. This is suitable for all kinds of crocheted creations! Aka, the Catherine wheel stitch and the Harlequin stitch.

Crochet Stitches For Blankets

Aligned Cobble Stitch

The raised pebble look is appealing to those who enjoy clean lines. It looks amazing and is also easy to crochet. If you’re a crochet newbie, choose this for an adventurous texture. As long as you know with single and treble crochet, get making!

Apache Tears Stitch

An absolutely stunning and beautifully textured work! This popular mosaic technique is a gorgeous crochet pattern. Luckily, it’s not too difficult to follow.

Back Loop Chevron Stitch

This classic technique creates an elegant, straightforward ripple. There’s a puffy texture, and it works with many blankets, throws, and afghans.

Blanket Stitch

Perfect for blankets! Because of its dense nature, this works for scarves, hats, or washcloths. It uses single crochet and double crochet.

Crochet Box Stitch

A warm, dense texture. Whether in a solid color or a color combination, it’s beautiful, unique, and works well for almost any project.

Dot Border Stitch

Used for borders, this is a sweet finish to a blanket project.

Feather Stitch

A beautiful, textured crochet stitch. It’s easier than it looks, and it’s squishy! The stitch definition is fantastic, especially with multiple colors.

Variations: Feather And Fan Stitch

Houndstooth Stitch

A unique pattern that works best in two alternating contrasting colors.

Spider Stitch

With chunky crochet stitches, this is an excellent texture for crochet hats. Don’t worry. There’s nothing scary about this design!

Trinity Stitch

A beautiful stitch, and it works up so quickly! It would look lovely with variegated or self-striping yarn.

Crochet Stitches For Chunky Yarn

Block Stitch

This is truly an eye-catching and bold design. It’s hard not to love the modern look and its versatility, depending on what colors you use. 

Cabbage Patch Stitch

A gorgeous lace-like texture with the most amazing drape and feel. Simple stitches create a lovely pattern! 

Pebble Stitch

Reminiscent of a pebbled beach or a garden path made of rocks, hence the name. Suited to a hat a sweater or blanket!

Variations: Pretty Pebbles Stitch

Crochet Stitches For Scarves

Arrow Stitch

As you expand your crocheting skill set, add this to your repertoire. Textures give a project so much life.

Blended Arrows Stitch

A unique vintage-looking stitch combining long stitches and multiple colors. This would be perfect for any multi-colored creation. For a tutorial, see here.

Front Cross Stitch

Use simple double crochet stitches to create something new!

Icicle Stitch

The details are compact but striking. Any crochet project made with this stitch will reward! A winter-themed blanket, anyone? (Aka Larksfoot Stitch.)

Crochet Stitches For Jumpers

Bullion Stitch

A one-of-a-kind technique! It’s produced by repeatedly wrapping yarn around a crochet hook and pulling it through.

Diamond Stitch

This lovely repeating design uses treble crochet stitches with a double and single crochet base. A simple pattern with a four-row repeat. (Aka diamond waffle stitch.) Variations: Diamond Lace Stitch, Diamond Lattice Stitch, Quilted Lattice Stitch, Diamond Trellis Stitch

Hugs Stitch

A cute name for a lovely stitch! Make a cozy warm jumper.

Tri-squares Stitch

This is well-loved because it’s so versatile! You can use it in crochet clothing or accessories, blankets, and even home decor items.

Crochet Stitches That Look Like Flowers

Balanced Shell Stitch

This is because the shells are layered instead of nestled between two clusters. It has pretty lace details, and the fabric has a nice drape.

Berry Stitch

(Aka, Even Berry Stitch.) It has a smooth texture like a berry. The bumps create an appealing pattern perfect for blankets and accessories.

Elizabeth Stitch

The stitch is soft, elegant, and crisscrossed. It’s also slightly bumpy. You’ll work it up like a dream once you master it!

Iris Stitch

It’s only a one-row repeat, and all your stitches are placed in spaces rather than stitches. Memorize it quickly for easy crocheting!

Suzette Stitch

This beautiful yet sturdy crochet fabric combines single and double crochet. Plus, it’s reversible, making it an ideal blanket or washcloth. 

Tulip Stitch

It’s a fun crochet stitch where the stitches lean to one side. It has a beautiful drape for crochet scarves or shawls!

FAQs About Crocheting Stitches

Can You Mix Crochet Stitches?

Absolutely! Experiment and try different styles together! Who knows, you might invent a never-seen-before combination.

Why Are My Crochet Stitches So Loose?

Maybe your crochet hook is too big for the yarn. Try a smaller hook.

Or, you could’ve forgotten to tighten the slip knot or cast on too loose.

Why Are My Crochet Stitches Uneven?

Either it’s not the right place to start or end the row, you’re skipping stitches, or by crocheting two stitches in one space, somewhere, you’ve added a stitch. Unfortunately, the best thing is to undo a row and try again!

How Many Crochet Stitches Are There?

No one knows for sure, but most estimates are over 200! Lots to learn.

Why Do My Crochet Stitches Lean?

Crochet stitches naturally lean left if you’re right-handed and right if you’re left-handed. Wrapping the yarn around the hook causes this.

You can’t prevent it. Block your work when finished to make the stitches straight.

Why Are My Crochet Stitches Tight?

Your tension is too tight, or your hook size is too small. Fix it by determine your pattern’s gauge and do a swatch. You may need to adjust your hook size if your gauge is off the pattern. Try going up a size. Experiment with how you hold the yarn and hook and take a lighter grasp.


Hope you found my complete guide to stitches in crochet helpful. There are all kinds of crochet stitches. It’s incredible how many there are! Lots of crochet stitches to learn. Enjoy! If I’ve missed any crochet stitches and abbreviations in this crochet stitch guide, please let me know.

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