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The magic circle is a useful crochet technique. A magic loop is like a slip knot, as it’s adjustable and disappears if you pull the tail.

After reading this, you’ll know all about the magic ring method.

Magic Circle Crochet

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Crocheters use it for crocheting in the round.

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What Is The Magic Circle In Crochet?

A magic circle is helpful in crochet. It creates a loop that you can crochet into. After you’ve done crocheting, you can pull the tail, and the circle closes! Amazing, right?

There are two ways you can start a round crocheted object. There’s the magic circle, and then there’s a chained loop.

If you make a chain and then join it, there is no way of making that loop smaller at that moment. You can make it disappear at the end by using the tail end to close up the hole.

A magic loop, however, allows you to close the loop by pulling the tail. But you still have to weave in the end when you’re done.

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How Do You Crochet A Magic Circle Step By Step?

How Do You Start A Magic Circle?

Here is how to crochet a magic ring.

Step 1 – Make A Loop At The End Of The Yarn

Take the end of the yarn and lie it across your palm. Pinch the end with your thumb and 4th finger.

Make sure the end connected to the ball is going upwards. Wrap the yarn connected to the ball over your 2nd finger, then bring it under your third finger, then back over your first finger across the first strand.

The two strands should look like an x.

Hold the leftover yarn between your fourth finger and pinky, or wedge it into the space where your thumb and third finger hold the other end.

Keeping everything in place, flip your hand over so that the top of your hand is facing you.

Step 2 – Insert Your Crochet Hook Into The Circle

Put your hook under the first strand, then over the second. Bring the second strand under the first strand by hooking it with your crochet hook. Then, twist the hook towards you.

Step 3 – Complete Chain Stitch

Next, you need to yarn over with the yarn going away from you and pull the yarn through the loop on your hook.

Step 4 – Insert the Hook and Start a Single Crochet

Insert your hook into the circle, and draw up a loop. Yarn over and pull through both loops. 

You can do whatever stitch you want; it doesn’t have to be single crochet. Just make sure you are chaining before you start stitching so that you can join at the end of the round.

Step 5 – Add Some More Single Crochet Stitches to the Circle

To add more stitches, go into the magic circle again and start making more stitches.

Step 6 – Join the Ring of Stitches

After you have finished, you’ll need to join the round with a slip stitch or however your pattern tells you to do it.

If you’d prefer a video tutorial of the magic circle technique, here is a lovely photo tutorial from Olivia at Hopeful Honey. 

Here are some more video tutorials. Note: People have different techniques for the crochet magic ring, so these videos’ directions may differ slightly from the instructions above.

A Magic Circle Tutorial By Crochet Guru

The Magic Circle Technique By Lexie Loves Stitching

How To Make A Magic Ring By Crochet and Knitting with Tuula Maaria

Benefits Of Using Magic Ring Technique

Here are some of the advantages of using the magic ring.

  • Easy loop closure
  • Neat, invisible center

Your Questions Answered

What Can I Use Instead Of A Magic Ring?

You can use a joined chain instead of a magic loop. You’ll have to use a yarn needle with the tail end inside and use it to go through the stitches around the loop, then pull tight.

How Do You Make A Simple Magic Circle?

Here is how to make a simple magic circle.

How Do You Crochet A Magic Ring In Double Crochet?

Here is how you make double crochets into a magic ring.

What Is A Magic Circle In Crochet Terms?

A magic circle is a way of beginning to crochet in the round.

How Do You Increase Magic Circle In Crochet?

Here is how to increase a magic circle in crochet

I hope you found this guide to the crochet magic ring helpful. The magic ring method is a unique but useful technique for all sorts of crochet projects.

It’ll be tricky at first, but you’ll improve with practice and a bit of effort! Enjoy the crocheting experience.

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Don't Know What To Crochet Next?

Banish your crochet dilemmas: discover your next masterpiece in just 7 mins. Get 12 hand-curated designs, 6 invaluable tips, and 6 pieces of inspiring crochet art delivered to you every Thursday.

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