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Front post double crochet, a handy stitch used for a project like the brims of hats, cables, and sleeve cuffs. This article will teach you how to do the front post double crochet, and I’ll answer your questions about front post stitches.

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What Is A Front Post In Crochet?

Front post double crochet is part of a way that mimics knitted ribbing. To crochet a rib that looks similar to a knitted rib, you do a series of front post double crochet and back post double crochet. The ‘post’ area of a front post double crochet is the part below the little ‘v.’

How to Work Front Post Double Crochet Stitches

Usually, when you crochet, you insert the hook into the top of the stitch. But when doing post stitches, you place the hook in the ‘post’ area. For a visual example, check out this video tutorial from Fiber Flux to see what I mean.

  • Step 1. Create a row of ordinary double crochet stitches, your foundation chain.
  • Step 2. Yarn over.
  • Step 3. Insert the hook into the post section on the next double crochet.
  • Step 4. Yarn over and draw up a loop.
  • Step 5. Yarn over and pull through two.
  • Step 6. Yarn over and pull through two.

You’ve completed the front post double crochet stitch!

Increasing and Decreasing Post Stitches

Here are some videos to help you learn these important techniques.

Increasing Post Stitches By Moogly

Decreasing Post Stitches By Fiber Flux

Shallow Post Stitches

Here is a video tutorial on how to do just that by Marly Bird.

Front Post Extended Double Crochet (FPEDC)

This is a variation of the double front post stitch which adds a slightly different texture. Here is a tutorial by YarnAndy.

Front Post Double Crochet Patterns

Here are three patterns and tutorials you can do to perfect the front post double crochet.

Front Post Double Crochet In The Round

Working front post double crochets in the round is the same as doing it flat. However, you will need to chain at the beginning and join at the end.

FAQs About The FPDC Stitch

What Is A Post Stitch?

A post stitch is different from a regular stitch; a regular stitch is worked into the top of another stitch or the little ‘v.’ Post stitches are worked around the ‘post’ or the part below the ‘v.’

What Are Post Stitches Used For?

Post stitches are great for adding texture to your fabric. As mentioned at the start of this article, they are also excellent for sweater cuffs or hat brims. They’re also used as a foundation for many interesting-looking stitches, like the basketweave stitch and in cables.

How Many Chains Do You Need After A Double Crochet?

For the turning chain, you need to crochet three chains. The turning chain is at the end of every row or round.

Front Post vs. Back Post Crochet

Front and back post double crochet is kind of like the knit and purl stitch in ribbing. The front post looks similar to a knit stitch and protrudes out from the fabric, while the back post double crochet goes inwards and looks similar to the purl section of knitted ribbing.

The difference between front and back post stitches is where you insert the hook into the fabric.

What Does Fpdc Stand For In Crochet?

Fpdc stands for front post double crochet.


The post double crochet stitch is certainly one of the many unique crochet stitches and a great stitch for creating interesting textures. Go forth and learn to create intriguing-looking crochet projects and stitch patterns, like blankets.

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Don't Know What To Crochet Next?

Banish your crochet dilemmas: discover your next masterpiece in just 7 mins. Get 12 hand-curated designs, 6 invaluable tips, and 6 pieces of inspiring crochet art delivered to you every Thursday.

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