Crochet Blocking Board – Your Complete Guide

Struggle to find a surface for your blocking? One way to do it is using spare towels or sheets, but you only have so many! You need a blocking board for your crochet projects.

Read on for my review of the best available on the market.

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My Quick Recommendations

Prefer to make one? There’s a roundup of the best tutorials further down in the post content.

I reviewed and updated this post on January 17, 2022.

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The Best Blocking Board For Crochet

Note: None of these are suitable for steam blocking. You’ll have to use a mat or an old towel on the ironing board. Then you put them on these to try!

They don’t have grid lines, either. However, they have grid markings.

EZ Blocker 2.0 Blocking Board

EZ Blocker 2.0 Blocking Board by Chetnanigans
Chetnanigans pride themselves on the range of their blocking boards

The improved version of a crochet blocking product called EZ Blocker is designed for squares of up to 8″ in length, perfect for various projects.

Stack multiple of the same sized square on top of each other to block more at once and save space.

Handmade by Chetnanigans, a small woodworking business specializing in handmade solutions to problems in crochet, like blocking and keeping your crochet notions organized.

There’s many more options for sale on their Etsy store. (Accessible via their site or the app.)


  • Dimensions – 10×10″
  • Made From – Wood
  • T-Pins Included? – Yes
  • Best Suited For – Squares of up to 8″ long


  • Coated four times with Polyurethane preventing damage from wet blocking
  • Varnished with a smooth finish
  • Makes great results
  • Suits any yarn and fabrics, from wool to acrylic
  • Ships to the United Kingdom
  • The bottom has felt on it to avoid damage to the surface beneath


  • Pricey
  • Takes a while to ship

Flexie Hexie Hexagon Blocking Board

Flexie Hexie Hexagon Blocking Board by Chetnanigans
The Flexie Hexie by Chetnanigans has excellent customer reviews

After many requests from customers, this company created a heaxagon-shaped blocking station! They have options for other shapes too.

Gets 5 stars from many happy people.


  • Dimensions – 9×9.”
  • Made From – Red Oak
  • Blocking Pins Included? – Yes
  • Measurements Marked? – No
  • Best Suited For – Hexagon Or Triangle Pieces


  • Waterproofed
  • The surface is smooth
  • Metal pins included, and are super smooth, won’t damage your yarn
  • Holes are smooth
  • Makes blocking a great experience
  • Pins fit perfectly
  • The back is felted to prevent damage to the surface below
  • Has a display stand included


  • Takes a while to ship

Chetnanigans New Premier Blocking Board

Chetnanigans New Premier Blocking Board
The Premier 12×12″ Blocking Board by Chetnanigans with stainless steel pins.

Larger size available from the same small business as the two mentioned above, this is large, a square at 12″ long.

This well-crafted product is made from durable wood and has a lifetime warranty.


  • Dimensions – 12×12″
  • Made From – Wood, with a dark walnut trim
  • Pins Included? – Yes, fifty 4″ pins and twenty-five 2″ pins.
  • Measurements Marked? –
  • Best Suited For – A wide range of sizes, and fits multiple sizes at the same time


  • Lifetime warranty
  • No unpleasant factory smell
  • Excellent quality craftsmanship
  • Great for almost any blocking technique
  • Display stand included for when not in use
  • Waterproof coating
  • Ships to the USA and California
  • Felted on the back to keep from damaging the surface beneath


  • Dispatch isn’t quick

Premier Adjustable Crochet Blocking Board

Premier Adjustable Crochet Blocking Board
The Red Oak Premier Adjustable by Chetnanigans is a popular choice with crocheters.

Made for crocheters who make a wide variety of size squares and triangles and want to block several sizes at once. It has an excellent star rating from buyers!


  • Dimensions – 12X12
  • Made From – Red Oak with A Walnut Trim
  • Pins Included? – Yes, 75 4″ stainless steel pins
  • Measurements Marked? – No
  • Best Suited For – A wide variety of sizes of squares and triangles


  • Felted on the bottom to prevent damage to a surface
  • Coated with a waterproofing coating four times
  • These craft and art supplies have a lifetime warranty
  • An optional display stand with a drawer available
  • They have excellent customer service


  • Takes a while to dispatch
  • Doesn’t come with a storage bag

Crochet Blocking Board With Stainless Steel Pins

Crochet Blocking Board With Stainless Steel Pins

Have multiple sizes of items pinned down at once. The pins included are long, perfect for holding lots of the same size.


  • Dimensions – 13″
  • Made From – Recycled wood
  • Pins Included? – Yes
  • Measurements Marked On The Board? – No
  • Best Suited For – Granny Squares, afghan squares, crochet motifs


  • The pins included are rustproof


  • Pins are quite short
Check Price On Amazon

Wooden Blocking Board

Large Wooden Blocking Board

Great for big projects or blocking lots of little items at once.


  • Dimensions – 11″
  • Made From – Bamboo & Black Walnut
  • Pins Included? – Yes, 50 4″ long stainless steel pins
  • Measurements Marked On The Board? – No
  • Best Suited For – Larger projects like, but fits almost any size, large or small


  • They have smooth, quality production
  • Grips on the bottom to prevent damage to the surface and to keep it stable
  • The pins included are rustproof


  • Expensive
Check Price On Amazon

What Is A Blocking Board?

A blocking board is a board made of wood or similar material. It’s a surface to block your crocheted or knitted items once you’ve laid down your crochet hook or knitting needles.

Saves you scrambling for towels or other materials like blocking mats instead! (Blocking mats are interlocking, waterproof foam mats.)

Note: If you want to teach kids how to use them, great idea! But try a craft mat set instead with no t-pins. Don’t want your children hurting themselves. Surpervise them too, as it isn’t a toy.

What Is A Blocking Board For Crochet?

Like an average blocking board, but designed for crochet.

How To Make A Crochet Blocking Board

Here is a list of ideas for making a crochet blocking board.

  • Use a foam pad used to kneel on for gardening, and bamboo skewers. Follow Jess Coppom from Make & Do Crew’s tutorial
  • Using a cleaned and sanded piece of wood with nails hammered into it to fit a square of a specific size. Here is an excellent video tutorial by Tanis Galik on Youtube
  • Make a DIY blocking station by following the instructions from Dedri from Look What I Made

Need more info on crochet equipment? Check out my review.


Is It Necessary To Block Granny Squares?

While not necessary to block granny squares, it’s recommended because it evens the shape, gives the stitchwork more definition, and makes them the same.

Much easier to put together for the final crochet project! Plus, it provides the square with nice, even corners.

Hopefully, this post helped you decide whether a blocking board is right for you and, if you’d prefer to make one with a diy tutorial.

A blocking board makes blocking your crochet projects easier.

Have any tips and tricks for making your block boards, or need more information? I’d be interested to hear your knowledge. Use your email address to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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