Glass Crochet Hooks – A Complete Guide To Your Best Options

Glass crochet hooks. A thing of the imagination? They’re not very widely available, but they’re still are some for purchase!

Usually handmade and a bit expensive, these are gorgeous and in beautiful colors.

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Unfortunately, I could only find one place where you can buy glass crochet hooks (crotchet hooks) online. If you know somewhere, comment below.

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Handmade Glass Crochet Hooks – Glass Pens Crochet Hooks

These glass crochet hooks are individually handcrafted by Sheila & Michael Ernst using the flameworking technique. They come in a hard shell gray or black case for safe and easy storage.

Regardless of size or complexity, each glass piece is created with inspiration, love, and appreciation for the beautiful things that can be made from glass.

A genuinely unique crocheting tool. A gift for yourself or another special crafter in your life

Available in colors

  • Turquesa – Gorgeous blues
  • Green Amber Purple – Tons of green, yellow, orange, and purple
  • Opal – Browns, and yellows
  • Ruby – Reds, and browns
  • Blue Moon – Greens and blues

Sizes Available – 

  • H(5mm)
  • I(5.5mm)
  • J(6mm)
  • K(6.5mm)
  • M(9mm)
  • Style Of Hook – Tapered


  • Beautiful to look at
  • A piece of art
  • Gorgeous colors
  • A unique crocheting tool


  • May squeak with some yarns

I hope you found this helpful. The glass crochet hooks by Glass Pens are beautiful, and they would surely be a joy to work with.

Just make sure you’re careful when using them!

Do you know of anyone else who sells glass crochet hooks? I’m sure others could benefit from your knowledge. Please let me know in the comments.

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