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My Crochet Kit Guide – Latest Releases Of The Best Kits For Crocheting

A crochet kit has a bundle of unique items all ready to help you learn or practice crochet.

The Best Crochet Kits For Happy and Joyful Crocheting

This post is about crochet kits that include yarn, a pattern to do a project. If you are looking for the best crochet kit that just has hooks, see my post here or my post on ergonomic hooks.

If you’re a beginner or someone who wants to complete a project but is out of ideas, a crochet kit is an answer!

If you’re an advanced crocheter, this might be a perfect opportunity to relax with something simple or step out of your comfort zone and try something new.

In our selection, there’s something to suit every taste, from crochet kits for beginners to advanced crocheters.

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The Benefits Of Using Crochet Kits

For Beginner Crocheters

Starting a new hobby can be intimidating. Where to start, what tools are best, what and how do you learn?

Crochet kits can help you get started on your very first project, and you don’t have to make so many choices.

Here are some reasons and benefits of using a crochet kit.

  • They save time, no need to search for hours to find everything you need
  • They’re convenient. Everything comes ready to use
  • Easy to complete 
  • Helpful instructions
  • Learn new techniques and stitches

Projects like scarves or dishcloths are perfect projects to start with.

For Advanced Crocheters

Yes, most crochet kits are targeted at beginners, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t options available for you too!

Sometimes, it’s more comfortable to sit and relax with a simple project than tackle something complicated. 

Here are some reasons and benefits of using a crochet kit.

  • Everything is delivered, ready to go.
  • You can learn new techniques.
  • You can try something you haven’t tried before
  • No need to stress over decisions. They’re all made for you.
  • Saves money as buying everything separately quickly adds up.
  • Discover new yarns, products, and projects.

Things To Consider In The Best Crochet Kits

  • Does It Include Yarn? – Not all kits include yarn, so be sure to check if it’s something you want in your kit. Read the customer reviews as well to help you decide if the yarn is of good quality.
  • If It Includes Yarn, What Kind Is It? – If you’re a beginner, choose a yarn that isn’t too bulky or too fine because it will be more challenging to work with.
  • Does It Include Instructions? – The last thing you want is confusing or difficult instructions, or worse, none at all! Make sure it does.
  • Does It Have A Storage Case? – This is especially important if it has multiple small or fiddly items included; the last thing you want is to lose them! 
  • What Skill Level Is It Suited For? – If you’re a beginner or want to practice, look for something labeled or advertised as a crochet kit for beginners. That way, you’ll know there’s something easy for you to start with.
  • Does It Have Multiple Sizes Of Crochet Hooks? – If crochet kits have instructions for a wide variety of projects, you’ll need different sizes to complete these, so make sure they’re included.
  • Is The Return Policy Fair? – Sometimes, an individual item in crochet kits may not work correctly or is missing. Check the return policy allows you to return one of the products or compensates you by replacing the whole kit. It’s unlikely something will happen but check in case.

The Best Crochet Kit

Learn to Crochet Club: The Dishcloth Kit – Bloom

Learn to Crochet Club: The Dishcloth Kit - Bloom (pink, blue and yellow yarn)

Learn with the help of an information booklet to make some lovely beginner crocheted dishcloths.

Kit includes:

  • Learn To Crochet Club: The Dishcloth, beginner instruction booklet
  • 3 balls of Dishie yarn (1 each in Azure, Begonia, and Sunshine Multi)
  • US size J-10 (6 mm) Caspian crochet hook
  • a yarn needle


  • Includes everything you need to complete a crocheted dishcloth.


  • Only comes in the colors listed

Learn To Crochet Kit by Lion Brand

Learn To Crochet Kit Scarf By Lion Brand - Designer Ashleigh Kiser from Sewrella

Pattern designer Ashleigh Kiser from Sewrella steps you through how to make the lovely scarf above.

Crochet Kit – Learn to Crochet a Scarf includes:

  • One black and white copy of Learn to Crochet a Scarf pattern
  • 2 balls Color Made Easy® Yarn
  • Size K (6.5 mm) Crochet Hook
  • Lion Brand Large-Eye Blunt Needles


  • Able to follow Ashleigh along with her video tutorial

Susan Bates Learn Crochet Kit

Susan Bates Learn Crochet Kit

This kit contains five Susan Bates Silvalume crochet hooks(us sizes G, H, I, J & K), one afghan hook, two yarn needles, and a knit gauge.

An instruction book with simple instructions and clear diagrams make learning easy. The book contains more than thirty projects to make and includes left-hand instructions.


  • Easy to understand instructions for beginners new to crochet
  • The hooks are of a larger size that helps newbies


  • Doesn’t include yarn
Click to Learn More / Buy from Amazon

4M Crochet Art

4M Crochet Art

This kit is great for kids from the age 8 and up who want to learn to do some fun projects.
It includes 2 hooks, a plastic needle for sewing in ends, and 7 colors of yarn.

The projects included in the booklet are a coaster, a handbag, a placemat, or a belt.


  • Interesting designs to create.


  • There will be parts in the learning that kids will need help with.
Click to Learn More / Buy from Amazon

There you go, a selection of the perfect crochet kits or starter pack to kick start your crocheting journey. Best of luck. Hope you find something you want to try out, and you’re happy with the result of your completed project!

If you’re a beginner, which one do you think you’ll choose? What are you looking for in crochet kits?

Have you used crochet kits before? What worked, and what didn’t for you?

Have a question or something I forgot? Leave a comment at the end.

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