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Crochet Hook Sizes – Handy Size Chart & All The Sizing Facts

Understanding crochet hook sizes are one part of everything you need to know. Don’t worry. It’s simple, follow the charts below.

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I adore crocheting with these hooks.

How Do You Know What Size To Use?

Here are methods to decide what hook size you need.

  • Yarn Label – Says what hook size to use, in metric and US sizes. (Plus more info on care, fiber content.)
  • Gauge Swatches – Work the swatch with the recommended hook and stitches. Use a smaller hook if it’s too big and a bigger hook if it’s too small
  • Patterns include hook sizes too. Ask the pattern designer if it doesn’t

Note: Hook sizes (in mm) vary from the different crochet hook brands. No set size for crochet hooks exists yet. This guide is for reference only.

Don’t change hooks mid-project. Because of material and manufacturer differences, use the same hook throughout.

You might run out of yarn if you use different hook sizes when using a kit.

See my post on a crochet hook stand for keeping your tools under control.

What Are All The Sizes Of Crochet Hooks?

It’s essential to know the conversions when you want to use a crochet pattern written in another country.

The diameter of a hook shaft determines the size of the hook and the size of the stitches. Hook sizes are measured in millimeters and are available from as small as 2 mm to 20 mm or bigger!

(The shaft is the space between the thumb area and the hook.)

The diameter of the shaft can be converted to United States sizes. (Uses numbers and letters.) A US size G hook is 4.25mm in diameter. In the UK and Canada, they use numbers. Australia and New Zealand use metric sizes.

Choose which system works for you, whether metric or letters and numbers.

The bigger or thicker the yarn, the bigger hook you need. Chunky wool uses a bigger crochet hook.

Steel hooks (“thread hooks”) are only used for fine lace thread. They come in numbered sizes getting larger as the diameter or millimeters get smaller.

These crochet hooks vary in size from the 0.6 mm thickness of size 12 to the 3.25 mm thickness of size 00.

Crochet Hooks For Different Yarn Weights

Here’s how to find the right size crochet hook.

  • 0 (Lace Crochet, Thread) – B/1
  • 1 (Super Fine) – C/2, D/3
  • 2 (Fine) – E/4, F/5
  • 3 (Light, Light Worsted) – G/6, H/8
  • 4 (Medium, Worsted) – I/9, J/10, K/10.5
  • 5 (Bulky) – L/11, M/13
  • 6 (Super Bulky) – N/15

Need a yarn weight chart? See here.

Crochet Hook Conversion Chart

Hope you find this crochet hook size chart helpful!

These are how regular crochet hooks come, and Tunisian crochet hooks.

2.00 mm14
2.25 mmB/113
2.50 mm12
2.75 mmC/211
3.125 mmD
3.25 mmD/310
3.5 mmE/4
3.75 mmF/59
4.00 mmG/68
4.25 mmG
4.50 mmUS77
5.00 mmH/86
5.50 mmI/95
6.00 mmJ/104
6.50 mmK/10.53
7.00 mm2
8.00 mmL/110
9.00 mmM/1300
10.00 mmN/15000
11.50 mmP/16
15.75/16 mmQ
19 mmS
(Based On Standards From The Craft Council)
Crochet Hook Sizes Chart
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Download A Handy PDF Of This Hook Size Chart

New Tools from The Hook Nook. An assortment of Hook Nook tools and hooks on a blue background

Crochet Thread Hook Sizes / Steel Hook Crochet Sizes

These needle sizes are for thread crochet hooks, used for thread crocheting.

3.50 mm00
3.25 mm0
2.75 mm1
2.70 mm00
2.55 mm0
2.35 mm1
2.25 mm2
2.20 mm2
2.10 mm3
2 mm4
1.90 mm5
1.80 mm6
1.75 mm4/0
1.70 mm5
1.65 mm7
1.60 mm6
1.50 mm8/7/2
1.40 mm9/8
1.30 mm10
1.25 mm9/4
1.15 mm10
1.10 mm11
1.05 mm11
1 mm12/6
0.95 mm13
0.90 mm14/8
0.85 mm13
0.75 mm14/10
0.60 mm12
(Based on the Craft Yarn Council’s standards.)

Steel Crochet Hooks Sizes Chart
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Download A Handy PDF Of This Hook Size Chart

How Do You Know What Size Crochet Hook To Use?

Choosing the right-sized crochet hook follows a process.

In most crochet patterns, they have a suggested gauge with a specific crochet hook. This shows how many stitches you should have per inch.

Do a swatch of about 4 inches in the stitch pattern you use in your crochet project. Wash your swatch, let it dry and measure your stitches. Super crucial for crocheting items such as a sweater or top.

Suppose your square is smaller than what the pattern calls for. Size up a hook. Or down one of the crochet needle sizes if your square is too large.

If you’ve bought yarn and don’t have a pattern in mind, the label suggests the hook size to use and what gauge you should get. 

(Note: Inline and tapered hook sizes vary, as the area between the thumb grip and hook differs.)

You’ll find a crochet hook size to suit the crochet projects you make. Once you get your sizes sorted I’ll help you find the best crochet hook set.

Some brands don’t produce hooks in all sizes. Know what each craft store makes so you have the right hooks or crochet hook set.


What Is The Most Common Crochet Hook Size?

A G/H crochet hook (a 6 in Canada and the UK and 5.00mm in metric) is excellent for beginners. It’s also used for all sorts of projects.

What Is The Best Size Crochet Hook For Beginners?

The best size crochet hook for beginners is size 5.0mm. It’s big enough to hold but not cumbersome. Regarding crochet hook types, try aluminum crochet hooks as a start.

Is My Crochet Hook Too Big?

Test your hook size by crocheting a test swatch and measuring it. A pattern specifies the crochet stitches per inch.

  • Smaller hook – fewer stitches
  • Larger hook – more stitches

A 2.75 mm hook Is What Letter?

Crochet needles of this size are equivalent to a US hook size C/2.

How Does Hook Size Affect Crochet?

The smaller the hook size, it creates stitches with smaller yarn gaps and tighter connections between the loops. For a bigger crochet hook, the opposite is true. The yarn weight also affects the finished product.

What Happens If A Hook Has No Label?

Here are ways to determine your hook size. By using a ruler, measure the shaft and convert the Metric millimeters to US sizes. Get a gauge or measuring tool. Slide the hook you use into a hole until it fits.

Which Crochet Hook Is Size P?

A size P hook is 15mm. However, some brands label P as 10mm.

What Happens If I Use A Bigger Crochet Hook?

The gauge is larger, making a bigger finished item.

What Size Is A 2.5 mm Crochet Hook?

It’s still a 2.5mm crochet hook in US sizing, as there is no direct equivalent. In UK/Canada sizing, it’s 12.

What Is A Size G Crochet Hook?

In US sizing, a size G crochet hook is also known as 6. In metric, it’s 4.00mm, and in the UK & Canada, it’s 8.

What Is A Size 7 Crochet Hook?

A US size 7 and a size 7 in the UK & Canada are the same sizes, but 4.50mm in metric.

In US Sizes, What Is 3.00mm?

A D/3 crochet hook. Some companies use D on 3.25 mm crochet hooks.

What Is A Size 8 Crochet Hook?

Also known as size hook H in the States, it’s a 6 in Canada and the UK and is 5.00mm in metric sizing.

What Size Crochet Hook For Blanket?

The best size crochet for a project idea like a blanket is an H/8 (5mm) size hook. However, it depends on the yarn weight you’re using.

5/5.5mm for Sport or DK weight yarn. Using something chunkier? 6/6.5mm.

What Size Crochet Hook For 4ply Wool?

The best crochet hook for 4ply wool is 2.50mm – 3.00mm, US E/4, and 12-9 for the UK/Canada.

Come back to this post whenever you need to use the crochet hook sizes conversion chart. Happy crocheting!

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14 thoughts on “Crochet Hook Sizes – Handy Size Chart & All The Sizing Facts”

  1. Hello my name is Teresa. My daughter wants me to crochet a penguin for her but the finished size is 9inch she wants it bigger so how can I make a penguin about 20 inches. Thanks for any help you can give me.

    • Hi Teresa. The Woobles said this: “Use bigger yarn. The size of the yarn determines how big or small it will be.” Hope that helps. Cheers Jodie

  2. Just letting you know that you have 2 different sizes for a G hook in 2 different places. One says that in the US a G hook is 4.25 mm and in another place it says a G hook is 4.00 mm. Clarification is needed. A G hook is generally 4.00 mm and 4.25 mm is considered a 7. HOWEVER, if you use Boye hooks, a G is 4.25 mm. It is definitely a good idea to always make a gauge swatch. In the absence of a gauge being given for the project, it may be a good rule of thumb to either always go by the mm sizing OR choose a brand and stick with that brand. It’s a lesson I learned the hard way as I have multiple brands and just discovered the difference in size G between Boye and Susan Bates. Unfortunately I didn’t keep the hook with the project so now I don’t know which G hook I was using and it makes a big difference.

    • Hi Lynn. Thank you very much for sharing information regarding hook sizes, particularly the different G Hook mm sizing based on the brand. I appreciate your experience-based tips. Cheers Jodie

  3. HI! I have 3 different H hooks…. all 5mm… and in actuality, they are each a different size. One of them is about an I hook and one is @ a G 4.25…. I lost my favorite H hook that I use all the time… so this is frustrating with keeping my sizing the same…. any suggestions?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Angie. That’s frustrating. I heard from other crocheters some brands have letter sizing but don’t correspond with the same mm sizing. Can you replace your favorite H Hook? I’d mark the mm size on the H Hooks that are different mm sizes. Cheers Jodie

  4. I want to make a cow blanket the pattern says King Cole comfort chunky, 1 skein = 100 g.
    What size crochet hooks should I use in uk. Is size 7 mm and 6.5 mm the right ones to use?m

    • Hi Monica. The King Cole Comfort Chunky doesn’t give a hook size. Hopefully, it can tell you gauge. Crochet a swatch with the 7mm hook and see if you’re close to the pattern gauge. Increase the hook size if your gauge swatch is smaller than desired. Use the 6.5mm hook if your gauge swatch is larger than desired. We all have different tensions, so it might take some trial and error. Tell me how it goes.

  5. Hi Jodie,
    Can I use a steel crochet hook # 2 for a B1 hook as long as they have the same mm. size? Thank you for the help.

    • Hi Debbie. A steel crochet hook #2 could be substituted for a B1 hook. The mm size must be the same. Swatch to ensure you’re using the right hook for the pattern. You have to put in more work, but it makes a difference to the outcome. Cheers Jodie

  6. Thanks for this helpful website.
    My project involves crocheting recycled polyester cord – 3mm diameter or 6 mm diameter. Is the hook size the same as the diameter of the cord? What size hooks would I need? I’m not working from a pattern – just making my own.
    Thanks for your help!

    • Hi Catherine. Your project will determine the size of hook for the polyester cord. For a looser texture, use a larger diameter hook, for a tighter texture, use a smaller diameter hook. Are there any hooks you can test? Consider a small swatch with say a 4mm hook for the 3mm diameter cord and a 6mm hook. Try 6.5mm and 8mm hooks with 6mm cord. Enjoy your tests. Cheers Jodie


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