Boye Crochet Hooks – A Guide To Your Best Options

Some crocheters prefer Boye Crochet Hooks for their tapered shape and rounded point. 

The Boye brand of crochet hooks has many styles and materials.

Boye Aluminum Crochet Hooks in purple gold and blue

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Boye hooks have a long shaft, so the thumb rest is further down the handle.

Boye hooks have a tapered hook and throat. This part pushes through your yarn. The head and shaft of the crochet hook (croshay hook) aren’t a perfect cylinder and taper down the shaft.

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Boye Plastic Crochet Hooks

Boye Plastic Crochet Hooks


  • Sizes Available – The packet contains one US P/11.5mm plastic crochet hook and one Q/15.75mm plastic crochet hook. 
  • Made From – Plastic


  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Great for jumbo/chunky yarns
  • Good for beginners


  • Users found they received hooks with indentations on both sides of the hook
  • The pictures show a smooth handle, which seems to be incorrect
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Boye Aluminum Crochet Hooks

Boye Aluminum Crochet Hooks Debs Divine Designs Etsy Store
Debs Divine Designs Etsy Store has 5 Star reviews

Sizes Available –

  • B-2.25mm
  • C-2.5mm
  • D-3.25mm
  • E-3.5mm
  • F-3.75mm
  • G-4.25mm
  • H-5.0mm
  • I-5.25mm
  • J-5.75mm
  • K-6.5mm
  • L-8mm
  • N-10mm
  • Made From – Aluminum


  • Different colors
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable


  • Some people experience hand fatigue after long periods of crocheting

Boye Tunisian Crochet Hooks

Boye Afghan Crochet Hooks


  • Sizes Available – H
  • Style Of Hook – Afghan/Tunisian
  • Length – 14 Inches
  • Made From – Aluminum


  • Doesn’t split the yarn
  • Knob at the end to stop stitches coming off the hook
  • Smooth anodized aluminum surface


  • Some found the hook too small
  • Not often available

Steel Crochet Hooks

Boye Steel Crochet Hooks Di Vintage Blessings Etsy Store
Di Vintage Blessings Etsy Store has excellent customer reviews

Sizes Available –

  • 0.75mm – 14
  • 0.85mm – 13
  • 1.0mm – 12
  • 1.1mm – 11
  • 1.3mm – 10
  • 1.4mm – 9
  • 1.5mm – 8
  • 1.65mm – 7
  • 1.8mm – 6
  • 1.9mm – 5
  • 2mm – 4
  • 2.1mm – 3
  • 2.25mm – 2 
  • 2.75mm – 1
  • 3.25mm – 0
  • 3.5mm – 00
  • Made From – Steel


  • Perfect for lacework
  • Use with crochet thread


  • Some people experience cramping after long periods of crocheting

Boye Ergonomic Crochet Hooks

Boye Ergonomic Hooks Deb Devine Designs Etsy Store
Deb Devine Designs has very happy customers

Sizes Available –

  • D – 3.125 mm
  • E – 3.5 mm
  • F – 3.75 mm
  • G – 4.0 mm
  • H – 5.0 mm
  • I – 5.5 mm
  • J – 6.0 mm
  • K – 6.5 mm
  • L – 8 mm
  • Style Of Hook – Aluminum hook with a soft plastic colored handle


  • Letter and mm sizing printed on the handle
  • Ergonomic handle


  • Smaller sizes not available

Boye Vintage Crochet Hook

Boye Steel Crochet Hooks DiVintageBlessings Etsy Store
Di Vintage Blessings has excellent customer reviews

A selection of Boye Vintage crochet hooks. The hooks are anodized aluminum in different colors.

“Boye” with the quotation marks are older than hooks without the quotes. These hooks came before the ones with the price embossed on the grip.


  • Sizes Available – G-6.0mm, J-10, K-10.5
  • Made From – Aluminum


  • Made in the USA


  • Some wear and tear as they are vintage

Boye Crochet Hook Sets

For more, read my post sharing the best Boye Crochet Hook Sets.

Boye Crochet Hooks Case

Boye Crochet Hooks Case

Fits 8 Aluminum Boye Crochet hooks on one side and 16 Steel Crochet Hooks on the other side.

It is a durable vinyl with velour lining. With 24 fitted hook plastic inserts.


  • Suitable for crocheting on the go


  • Not for hooks with ergonomic handles.
  • Not very good quality
  • The loops that hold onto the crochet hooks are not elastic. They’re hard plastic.
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Boye Crochet Hook Sizes

I’ve completed a guide to all the Boye Crochet Hook sizes, read more.

Your Questions Answered

What Is The Difference Between Boye Crochet Hooks And Susan Bates Crochet Hooks?

Boye hooks have a tapered hook and throat. This is the part of the hook that pushes through your yarn. The head and shaft are not a perfect cylinder and gently taper down the shaft of the hook.

Boye hooks have a long shaft, so the thumb rest is slightly further down on the handle.

Susan Bates hooks have an inline throat. The head and shaft are basically like a cylinder with a small notch for the yarn. 

Bates hooks have a short shaft, and the thumb rest is closer to the head of the hook. They have a more extended handle. The hook head is more pointy than Boye.

Which Crochet Hooks Are The Best Boye Vs Susan Bates

It comes down to which style of hook suits you best. Some crocheters will only crochet with Susan Bates Hooks, and others only use Boye. 

Who Makes Boye Crochet Hooks?

The company Simplicity makes Boye Crochet Hooks.

What Make Boye Crochet Hooks Different?

Boye Crochet Hooks differ from others in that they are a tapered hook. The head and shaft are not a perfect cylinder and gently taper down the shaft of the hook.

Why Are Boye Crochet Hooks In Such Odd Sizes?

They are not necessarily odd sizes, but letter sizing does differ between brands. Best to go with the mm size you need.

Where To Buy Boye Crochet Hooks

You can buy Boye Crochet Hooks online at Amazon and Etsy, craft stores, and online craft stores and Local Yarn Stores.

Where Are Boye Crochet Hooks Made?

Boye Crochet Hooks are made in China.

How Long Is A Boye Crochet Hooks?

Boye Crochet Hooks are 6 inches long.

Do you love crocheting with Boye hook? I’d love to hear about your experiences.

Leave me a comment below or get in touch here.

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