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Susan Bates Crochet Hook Set Guide & Review

The Susan Bates Crochet Hooks Set includes six hooks in popular sizes to suit most of your crocheting projects.

The lightweight, anodized aluminum is durable and sturdy, ready for lots of use. The sizes are easily recognizable because each hook is colored differently. 

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Susan Bates Crochet Hook Set

The anodizing process etches away any rough surfaces. The hook is heat-treated to maintain strength and durability, then polished to ensure it’s smooth. 

The inline head helps maintain a more consistent stitch gauge. Using this type of hook helps reduce wrist motion, allowing for more comfortable crocheting.

Inline hooks are a preferred choice of many crocheters. The head of an inline hook has the same size, shape, and alignment as the shank (where your working stitch sits on the hook).

Susan Bates is largely credited with the invention of the inline head design.

When crocheting with this type of hook, you to draw the hook back through each stitch in one straight line.

The design is to make it more comfortable to use and also create more uniformly shaped stitches.

Susan Bates Crochet Hook Set

The set includes six hooks in sizes : 

  • Grey F-5 (3.75mm),
  • Lavender G-6 (4.0mm)
  • Turquoise Blue H-8 (5.0-mm)
  • Red I-9 (5.5-mm)
  • Gold J-10 (6.0mm) 
  • Green K- 10.5 (6.5mm)


  • Each size is colored coded.
  • Great starter pack.
  • You can keep the hooks stored in the clear plastic pouch.
  • Glide easily with your yarn.
  • Affordable
  • Points make it easy to get into the yarn without being too sharp


  • The handle is narrow, so not ideal if you crochet with a knife grip. 
  • Your hands may cramp after a prolonged time.
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If you like these crochet hooks, you can buy other sizes individually.

Other Susan Bates Silavume Crochet hook sizes are : B-1 (2.25mm) , C-2 (2.75mm), D-3 (3.25mm), E-4 (3.50mm), L-11 (8.00mm), M-13 (9.00mm) and N-15 (10.00mm).

The Susan Bates Silavume Crochet hooks are the company’s most popular hooks, and crocheters love them. The customer reviews are very positive and highly recommended.

If you are interested in what other hooks are part of the range, read my full review of Susan Bates Crochet Hooks.

I’d love to hear about your experience of these hooks if you decide to go ahead with them.

Let me know in the comment section below or get in touch with me here.

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