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Rosewood Crochet Hooks – A Guide To Your Best Options

Rosewood Crochet Hooks made from a luxurious group of dense hardwoods with lovely colors, native to Asia.

A lovely wood with beautiful textures and wood grains, crochet hooks made with this material are smooth and warm to the touch.

Due to sustainability concerns, most of these wooden crochet hooks have been discontinued and replaced with other wood. However, stocks are still available from previous manufacturing.

Here is my complete guide to crochet hooks, Rosewood.

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Rosewood Crochet Hooks

Zeshane handicrafts Rosewood Crochet Hooks on Etsy

Rosewood Crochet Hooks Set includes 13 Hooks. Satin Finish Handcrafted with thumb rest. They come in a comfortable carrying Leather case.  

Available in sizes:

  • US E- 3.5mm
  • US F- 3.75mm
  • US G- 4.0mm
  • US 7- 4.50mm
  • US H -5.0mm
  • US I – 5.50mm
  • US J- 6.0mm
  • US K- 6.50mm
  • US L – 8.0mm
  • US M- 9.0mm
  • US N- 10.0mm
  • US O- 12.0mm
  • US P- 15.0mm (Is a Rainbow Style Mix of Rosewood & Haldu) 


  • Great range of sizes
  • Inline hook
  • Rich wood grain 
  • Beautifully carved ends
  • Option to return if not satisfied


  • If you prefer tapered hooks, these may not be for you

Boye Rosewood Crochet Hooks

Unfortunately, Boye doesn’t seem to sell or make crochet hooks made out of Rosewood.

If you know of a place where they sell a rosewood crochet hook by Boye, please let me know down in the comments.

Furls Streamline Rosewood Crochet Hooks

Furls Rosewood Crochet Hook on crochet colorful fabric

These Furls Streamline Rosewood Streamline Crochet hooks are made of a rich rose-colored wood that is a non-sustainable resource. The seller only offers Sizes (N) 9,0mm and (P) Rosewood Crochet Hooks 10mm hooks.

Like the other wooden Furls Streamlines, they were first hand turned and carved of gorgeous pieces of wood with all the natural wood grains and colorations that mother nature created.

Making each hook uniquely different from every other hook with the same ergonomic Streamline shape.

You can expect slight variations in carving marks, tones of wood, grains, embossing, and even the sheen in these fancy crochet hooks.

Still, they are all made to the same basic specification of approximately 7” long with the streamline ergonomic shape.

These hooks are Made in USA. The wooden Streamlines are the lightest weight of all the Furls hooks at just 0.5oz. 


  • Reduces hand stress and tension of the hand and wrist tendons and ligaments, allowing your fingers to relax around the hook
  • The hook has been sanded smooth it glides through your yarn 


  • On the pricier side

Rosewood Crafted Premium Polished Crochet Hooks & Knitting Needles | Nagina International (19mm)

Rosewood Crafted Premium Polished Crochet Hooks 19mmNagina International

These are jumbo-sized Rosewood crochet hooks made in India. They are 7 inches long. The head of the rosewood crochet hook is pointy; this allows for getting into stitches more easily.

The smooth surface allows the yarn to glide over the hook. 


  • Distinctive carved ends
  • Inline hook
  • Polished finish


  • No sizing marked on the hook
  • Some users found the pointed head split the yarn
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Lacis Rosewood Crochet Hooks

Lacis Rosewood Crochet Hooks

These Lacis Rosewood crochet hooks are sold with the size as a number. Please be aware that this refers to the millimeter sizing. There is no reference to the corresponding letter or number you may be used to. 


  • Lightweight
  • Lovely design
  • The yarn glides along smoothly


  • Need to be careful about the size ordered
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Although it is a beautiful wood, Rosewood is not sustainable. I would recommend trying Bamboo Crochet hooks that are made of sustainable bamboo or other wooden crochet hooks.

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