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My Kids Crochet Kit Guide – Lots Of Great Fun And Easy To Do Crochet Projects For Your Children

Crochet is a fabulous way to bring out kids creativity.  Once they learn the basics, they can create wonderful projects.

A Kids Crochet Kit makes it easier to learn the crochet skills necessary and at the end, they have a crocheted item they will be proud of.

My Guide to Fun and interesting project kits for kids that are easy to do

The kits come with everything needed, hooks, yarn, crochet technique and stitch instruction booklets. 

At A Glance : The Top 10 Kids Crochet Kit

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Crochet Craft Kits For Kids

A child who learns to crochet is a rewarding experience that can have lifelong benefits. Crocheting gives kids something interesting to fill their hours outside of their other activities.

Some of the short term benefits of crocheting for children are:

  • Improving self esteem – Mastering a new skill is always a confidence boost. The ability to create wearable items they have made themselves encourages a sense of achievement.
  • Honing motor skills – Kids can find holding a hook and yarn and then creating stitches quite difficult at first. With practice and time, their fine motor skills will improve and crocheting will become easier. 
  • Expressing their creativity – With crochet kits, the project ideas are included but with the new skills learnt, a child can go on to choosing their own yarns and crochet patterns.
  • Practicing literacy skills – Children can practice following instructions, reading and even basic math through working on crochet patterns.
  • Time spent crocheting means they have a break from electronic devices – Crocheting allows kids to use other areas of their brain. It can be tricky and that promotes problem solving. 
  • Practice the art of mindfulness – Staying on the one task and doing something repetitively can create a sense of calm. 
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Kids Crochet Kit Buying Guide

Penguin Crochet Kit By The Woobles

Isn’t this little penguin adorable? This kit is suitable for absolute beginners.

It includes Quick start instructions that teach you everything from how to hold yarn to crocheting your first few stitches. The instructions also have plenty of pictures.
It comes in a reusable cotton bag to make it easy to tote around with you.

This Kit Includes:

  • Video tutorial for your first few stitches
  • Pattern as a PDF download
  • Blue, white, and yellow yarn
  • Pre-started crochet piece, so you can get right into practicing the main crochet stitch (let me know if you’re a leftie, so that I can start this in the correct direction for you)
  • Plastic safety eyes
  • Polyfill
  • Tapestry needle
  • Stitch marker
  • Drawstring cotton bag to carry everything
  • 4mm crochet hook (for an additional charge)

4M Easy-To-Do Crochet Kit

4M 3625 Easy-To-Do Crochet Kit

To kids started off in crochet, it is wise to provide them with a full kit including everything they need. So a kit with hooks, yarn and a technique instruction booklet. As much as it is fun to visit a yarn store, it can be somewhat overwhelming when you are new to crochet. Having everything all ready to go is the key to success.

This kit has a choice of yarn colors, the instruction book is visual with graphic information on how to create the stitches. The kit contains enough materials to create three of the following items: coaster, handbag, place mat or belt. 


  • Two (2) crochet hooks, one (1) plastic needle and seven (7) colors of yarn
  • Suitable for kids aged 8 and above


  • The yarn is quite thin
  • Younger kids will need help to understand what to do
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ALEX Toys Craft Crochet A Rainbow Scarf

Alex Toys Crochet A Rainbow Scarf Kit

Kids will adore creating this colorful scarf project. The kit includes one crochet hook, seven colors of yarn, two embroidery needles to sew in the ends, two embroidery floss, 8 felt shapes, (this gives a choice for the cloud cheeks)  a needle threader and an instruction booklet.

It all comes in a keepsake tin that they can use for their future crochet projects.


  • Kids will love the finished scarf


  • Some kids will need extra help with understanding the instructions.
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Acorns And Twigs Beginner Crochet Kit

Acorns and Twigs Beginner Crochet Kit

Learning one of the most popular techniques in crochet, the Granny Square is fun. The kit comes with enough yarn to complete a Long Granny Square Scarf or 2 purse projects. It also includes a plastic Crochet Hook

100% Wool Yarn, in four colors (colors may vary), fleece for felting buttons for the purse and complete Illustrated Instructions. Sewing Needle and thread not included. Recommended for ages 7 & up.


  • The Granny Square technique is a great building block for future projects


  • Younger kids will need help and to remember while they are learning they will make mistakes and to be patient with themselves 🙂

Alex Toys Craft Hip To Be Square Crochet

Alex Toys Craft Hip to be Square Crochet

Creating a square in crochet or more commonly known as a Granny Square is one of the basic techniques in crochet. The instructions in this kit helps kids to do a simple crochet square using different colors.

The kit comes with one finished crochet square, 300 yards (274m) of yarn in 6 colors, crochet hook, plastic needle and easy instructions, all packaged in a reusable tin box for easy storage.


  • Kids will learn how to crochet colorful squares and turn them into a hat, bag or scarf


  • Some customers found the instructions a little difficult to follow
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Learn To Crochet Kit

Learn To Crochet Scarf Kit Loops n Thread

This kit includes a crochet hook and instruction booklet for learning the basics of crochet. It does not include yarn, so would suit older children. Recommended yarn to use with the included hook is medium weight.


  • Suitable for right- and left-handed users                                                  


  • Not suitable for younger children
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Craft-Tastic Finger Crochet Craft

Craft-tastic Finger Crochet Craft Learn

This kit is wonderful for younger kids. It is a little different because it doesn’t teach you to use a hook to crochet, rather the use of fingers.

The kit includes easy to follow instructions on how to make a scarf, headbands, and wrap bracelets. T

here are colorful yarns and thread included with enough length to get plenty of practice to master the craft of finger crochet. 


  • A great beginning into textile crafts


  • Not learning to crochet with a hook.
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ALEX Toys Craft Granny Squares Crochet Kit

ALEX Toys Craft Granny Squares Crochet Kit

Kids will love this kit as it comes packaged in a brightly colored carry case. Something they can use for their new found craft love.

The crocheted items they will learn are using the granny square. There are so many projects that use the Granny Square and as their skill confidence grows, they will be able to make even larger projects. 

The kit includes six balls of colorful yarn, a crochet hook and a plastic needle to sew in the ends.  Also included is a finished Granny Square so kids can see what their attempts should look like.

Recommended for age 8+


  • Kids can create wearable art
  • Easily transportable, crochet in the car 


  • The yarn is not the best quality
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Crochet Kit – Fresh Market Tote Bag

Fresh Market Tote Bag Project kit designed by TL Yarn Crafts

A project suited to older children who really want a challenge. It is crocheted in a flat piece and then long sturdy straps are added.

The two yarns that are included in the kit are held double in the entire piece, resulting in a soft color-blocked effect. The Lion Brand kit includes one black and white copy of Fresh Market Tote Bag pattern, 1 ball Cupcake® Yarn – Sand Castle – 200 and 3 balls 24/7 Cotton® Yarn – Ecru – 098


  • Perfect summer bag project


  • Does not include a hook

Brava Beanie Project

Brava Beanie Project Kit - simple crochet hat

The Brava Beanie is made from the top down in single crochet. Simple increases at the crown alter the sizing. A great introduction to making a crocheted hat. Suitable for tweens and teens.

The kit includes a printed Brava Beanie pattern, Caspian hook (J-10), one ball of Brava Worsted.

One skein of Brava is enough to make one hat in adult large, adult small, or child; 2 hats in toddler or baby; and 3 hats in preemie sizing.


  • A great beginners project for older children


  • Doesn’t come with instructions on how to do the single crochet

Alex Toys Craft Cool Crocheting Kit

Alex Toys Craft Cool Crocheting Kit

So very cool, this crochet kit includes instructions for 3 different projects. A cute panda eye mask, a trendy hat and a bunny phone case.

The kit includes 4 colors of yarn, a crochet hook, plastic needle, needle threader, embroidery needles, embroidery floss, 10 faux leather shapes and instruction booklet.

Recommended for children 8 years of age and older.

A great opportunity to ignite the creativity in your child and they will love the funky projects they made themselves.


  • Everything kids need to make the projects is included.


  • Some of the instructions are not clear for some of the patterns, so read the reviews for other kind people’s help.
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Crochet kits for kids also make wonderful gifts. Crochet kits are often transportable so they are perfect for taking in the car or when there is waiting time.

The kits are also a great for beginning a crochet collection as they come with hooks which can be used again.

I hope you found my guide helpful and that you’ve found a kids crochet kit that suits.

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