Furls Pride Crochet Hooks – Add Some Color To Your Crocheting!

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Get your Rainbow on! Furls released a new line of crochet hooks. A Streamline Pride hook with bright stripes – red, orange, yellow, blue, green, and purple.

Crocheting got a whole lot more fun!

Furls Pride Streamline Hooks in Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple stripes. Image by Ashley Parker from The Loopy Lamb
Thanks to Ashley from The Loopy Lamb for the gorgeous pic

For Those In A Hurry – My Recommendation

If you love a lightweight, ergonomic hook made of sturdy material, a Furls Pride Streamline Hook is for you.

Available in 10 sizes – 4mm (G) to 10mm (P)

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Furls Pride Hooks

These hooks aren’t just gorgeous. They support a great cause too.

Furls Pride Hooks
Rainbow happiness in this crotchet hook. Thanks to Jennifer from Fiber Flux for the pic.

How Does It Compare?

  • What Sizes Are Available? – 4.0mm (G), 4.5mm (G+), 5.0mm (H), 5.5mm (I), 6.0mm (J), 6.5mm (K), 7.0mm (L), 8.0mm (M), 9.0mm (N), 10.0mm (P) Each Hook has the size engraved.
  • What’s It Made Of? – Resin
  • Is It Durable? – The cosmetic grade resin is sturdy
  • Is It Comfortable? – Furls are experts when it comes to ergonomic design. The tear-shaped shaft provides comfort so you can crochet for longer.
  • Do The Stitches Stay On The Shaft? – It’s effortless to work many stitches.
  • Is It Inline Or Tapered? – The Furls Streamline Pride Hook is a combination of both inline and tapered.

Product Design

Furls created the Streamline Pride Hook to support the LGBTQIA+ community.

10% of proceeds from Streamline PRIDE are donated to support LGBTQIA+ organizations, now and forever! Currently, they’re donating to The Trevor Project.

Product Evolution

The Furls Streamline Pride Hook launched on 10th June 2021 (Pride month).

The Streamline Swirl hooks have a range of glorious variations of color. At last count, there are 10 different colored Streamline hooks.

The Pride Hook, with its rainbow colors, is stunning. They bring joy to your crocheting passion.

Do You Need Any Extras?

A crochet project needs a pattern and yarn.

This is an excellent pattern by Divine Debris for Rainbow Arrow Earrings. You could make bunting using your 4.0mm Pride Hook and worsted weight yarn.

I recommend Furls Wander Yarn which is worsted weight, 100% acrylic yarn.


  • Super smooth
  • Ergonomic
  • Suitable for people with hand pain, strain, arthritis, or carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Makes crocheting for an extended period a breeze
  • Engraved size on the handle


  • The weighted feel may take time to get used to
  • They’re heavier than other streamlines
  • A bit more expensive than the normal streamlines too
  • Some may find them a bit too long

Is It Right For You?

  • The shape and weight make crocheting more comfortable.
  • The hook shape makes it easy to get into your stitches.
  • So smooth, yarn simply glides.
  • The rainbow colors bring joy to any project.

Comparable Products To Consider

You may want to look at my Complete Guide to Furls Crochet Hooks and check out what other Streamline Swirl hooks you’ll love.

These hooks are delightful, and Furls are showing their commitment to the Pride movement.

What do you think of these hooks? Do they make you smile too? Let me know by leaving a comment or get in touch here.

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    • Hi Carrie. They are lovely hooks and the Size H was very popular. I’ve contacted Furls and they said the Size H will be restocked on their website, but they don’t have a confirmed date yet.
      There is a feature on the Furls website where if you are logged into your account when browsing, you can click on the “notify when available” button so that you’ll get an email once they restock.

      They also send emails out when they do big restocks of their most popular hooks, so it is worth being on their email list. You can sign up on their website.

      Cheers Jodie


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