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Are you tired of digging through a tangled mess of yarn every time you try to crochet? Do you find yourself constantly misplacing your hooks and other tools? Say hello to crochet organizers, the stylish and practical solution to all your crochet clutter woes!

These handy accessories come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from cute little pouches to full-on tote bags. With multiple pockets and compartments, you can keep all your hooks, needles, and skeins of yarn organized and easily accessible. Plus, they’re perfect for taking your crochet projects on the go!

Here is your guide to the best organizers for crochet supplies, including the best crochet organizer bag and the best crochet organizer tote. There’s a variety to choose from.

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What Is The Best Crochet Bag?

Organizer Bag

Teamoy Organizer Bag Check Price On Amazon

This product has some excellent features. Everything you need for your crochet project in one place.

The front pocket holds all-size crochet hooks and accessories. The back zipper pocket fits books or crochet patterns. 2 sided sections are easily accessible for scissors, a ruler, or utensils used while working.

There are side pockets large enough for bottled water, sanitizer wipes, and tissues. See-through plastic flap top with magnetic closure makes it easy to find things without opening the bag.


  • Portable
  • Plenty of room
  • You can store things and yarn neatly
  • Sturdy
  • Gives great results for any crocheter
  • Keeps stuff in order
  • A great idea for anyone with a love of the fiber arts


  • You may have difficulty placing bulky yarn skeins in the compartments due to their larger size

Luxja Crochet Organzier Tote Bag

Luxja Crochet Organzier Tote Bag Check Price On Amazon

This tote bag is made of heavy-duty nylon. It’s portable and lightweight, with plenty of space for all your tools, accessories, and yarn. It is available in small and medium sizes. You can take it everywhere you want to crochet.


  • Nine elastic loops to hold rubber handle crochet hooks.
  • Four flat elastic bands for securing aluminum crochet hooks.
  • Four holes where you can thread different colored yarns through.
  • A set of adhesive straps to keep the yarn in place when not crocheting.
  • Four pockets and one zipper pocket on the inside for putting small items.
  • Two side pockets are ideal for storing small items such as a water bottle and your patterns.
  • Five slots and one open section for inserting crochet hooks, gauge measure ruler.


  • Small : 9.5″ x 4.5″ x 7″
  • Medium : 11.25″ x 6.25″ x 8.25″


  • Suitable for taking projects on car trips, social meetings, and while on the go
  • Lots of compartments and caddies to keep things like notions and other essentials easily accessible
  • Great for crocheters and knitters a bag for yarn too
  • Would make an excellent gift!
  • Affordable price


  • It doesn’t hold 1 pound skeins
  • Not large enough for storing lots of yarn and big projects
  • The top doesn’t close all the way; there is only one compartment on the inside that zips up

Bedside Comfort Crochet Supply Organizer

The Bedside Comfort Crochet Organizer by Chetnanigans. Want more options? Use the search form in their shop for another stunning storage solution. Follow them on pinterest to be inspired.

The Chetnanigans work station in Red Oak has two platforms held together with eight strong magnets. It measures (when attached) about 16″ wide and 9″ high. It sits at about a 20-degree angle making your tools, hooks, and platform easily accessible.

On the left is your hook holder platform consisting of six 1″ troughs to hold up to six ergonomic hooks, dozens of standard hooks, or around 12 comfort grip hooks. The right side is your working platform. It consists of a SpinOff Platform/yarn caddy you can use to store your skeins.

A tapestry needles holder, a scissors magnet to securely hold scissors under the platform, a small stitch marker tray with a cover. A tape measure magnet is on the right side. On the rear of the organizer is a yarn eyelet that can be used to thread your yarn.


  • An excellent option for those who need or like to crochet while lying in bed.
  • The Organizer ships with a notions kit including a 5″ pair of scissors, a collection of stitch markers, a #13 Tapestry needle, and a retractable 60″ tape measure.
  • It splits apart, making it easy to manage
  • Weighs under 4 pounds
  • Lots of room for your hooks and crochet tools!


  • The spindle holds only one skein, but it is easy to change to the next ball of yarn
  • Won’t hold a crochet pattern
  • Doesn’t fit a yarn bowl, but you won’t need one with the caddy

HOMEST Yarn Bag Organizer

HOMEST Yarn Bag Organizer Check Price On Amazon

This storage bag organizer has a large main compartment with three detachable dividers. There are four pockets on the sides for inserting crochet hooks in this crochet organizer caddy. Multiple elastic bands and pockets on this yarn holder are designed to fit a range of hook styles.

The top of the bag has eyelets so the yarn can easily pass through for easy access while working on a project.


  • Good quality material
  • This basket is durable
  • Carry the bag with the handle or adjustable shoulder strap
  • Plenty of space
  • Crochet anywhere, from the couch to the chair on the porch


  • Some users don’t like the clear plastic part of the top

Crochet Pattern Binder – Keeps Your Printed Crochet Patterns Neat & Tidy

GracesCases Crochet Pattern Binder

A fun and functional way to organize your crochet patterns? Look no further than the crochet pattern binder! With its colorful covers and handy dividers, this binder is the perfect way to keep all your patterns in one place and easily accessible.


  • Strap can also be used to make this into a pattern easel showing a full page of your pattern in landscape.
  • Pretty fabrics with quality sewing skills
  • Sturdy interior
  • Sometimes offered with a sale price on etsy – perfect for gift buying


  • Limited quantities but you can always request one from the seller

FAQs About Crocheting Bags

Make One Yourself

Would you rather make one? Here are a few patterns to try.

How Do I Organize My Crochet Projects?

Here are some ideas.

  • Don’t have too many going at once so you don’t get overwhelmed
  • Have a separate bag for each one
  • Label the bags so you know what’s inside each
  • Or have a crochet notebook keeping track of them
  • Make a note of which crochet hook size each one requires if you tend to use one hook for multiple projects


These nifty bags keep you organized and ready for crocheting whenever. No wasting time searching for your crochet tools! Do you have a question, or would you like to share your thoughts? Leave a comment below or tell me on social media.

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