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By Jodie Morgan

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Let’s face it. Even avid crocheters get bored. I have the solution; crochet mags! If you’re tired of crocheting, why not read something full of crochet inspiration? Here are the best crochet magazines and subscriptions that I highly recommend and have in my library.

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My Quick Recommendations

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What’s The Best Crochet Magazine?

You’re here for magazines. So read on to find a crochet magazine subscription to suit you! 

We Crochet Magazine

A stunning collection of crochet patterns, tutorials, and articles covering fascinating crocheters, you will find everything you need to get started crocheting.

  • Print & Digital
  • Content: Crochet patterns, how to articles, Interviews, Crochet A Longs


  • Gorgeous pictures
  • Easy to understand how to articles
  • Fascinating interviews with designers
  • Previous issues are often on sale


  • Print copy not available in craft stores

Crochet Foundry

The patterns in the Crochet Foundry mag are beautiful. They have lots of different designers that create seasonally-themed garments. Perfect for any crochet enthusiast.

  • Digital
  • Published Seasonally
  • Content: Patterns, tutorials


  • Digital: less paper waste
  • Good reviews 
  • You may ask for help even if the problem is from a past issue
  • Sizing guides for patterns
  • It’s well worth becoming a subscriber


  • Only published every season; no extra issues

Pom Pom Mag (Plenty Of Incredible Patterns)

Pom Pom Magazines are a collection of crochet and knitting patterns. Each mag is published every season, featuring seasonal themed patterns. I love how they include people from all over the world in their modeling and pattern designing. An excellent choice!

  • Print Or Digital? – Print and Digital
  • How Often Is It Published? – Quarterly
  • What Kind Of Content? – Crochet and knitting patterns


  • Beautifully created patterns
  • Available in print
  • The graphic design is lovely
  • Pom Pom’s team have great values
  • Printed on sustainably sourced paper
  • They feature all sorts of designers and crocheters in their issue


  • Not focused only on crochet; knitting patterns included
  • Some issues are only available digitally

Annie’s Crochet Magazine

This is full of everything to do with crochet. There are a good number of patterns and crochet stitches tutorials in these crochet magazines.

  • Digital
  • Published Seasonally, with extra issues
  • Content: Crochet patterns, tutorials


  • Digital; less paper waste
  • Lots of cool patterns


  • Long wait between issues

Crochet World (Digital Issue Only)

Crochet World is another magazine series from Annie’s Catalog. It has lots of crochet techniques and crochet projects to try. They also include occasional industry interviews.

  • Digital
  • Published Seasonally and monthly 
  • Content: Seasonal patterns with extra issues


  • Less expensive than the previous magazines
  • Published more often
  • Seasonal themed house decor
  • Lovely patterns


  • Only digital
  • The extra issues are more expensive than the monthly mags

Happily Hooked Magazine

This mag from the United States is filled with crochet patterns and helpful information. There’s also a lovely community of fellow crocheters who adore collecting and sharing patterns.

  • Digital
  • Published Monthly
  • Content: Seasonal themed patterns, crochet news, interviews


  • Good reviews from customers
  • Friendly community
  • Help from others with pattern problems
  • 16 patterns per month
  • Comes with a bunch of freebies when you subscribe, like bonus patterns. Sometimes they have physical products, like soft-grip crochet hooks


  • Not great for people who prefer physical magazines

Your Crochet Mag

Note: This magazine’s online store doesn’t seem to be working. It looks like you can only buy it at UK craft stores. Your Crochet Mag is a UK-based magazine full of lovely crochet patterns. 

How Does It Compare?

  • Print Or Digital? – Print
  • How Often Is It Published? – 4 times a year
  • What Kind Of Content? – Patterns


  • Lots of home décor patterns
  • Available in print


  • Only available in the UK
  • Only published four times a year
  • No digital editions

I Like Crochet

I Like Crochet is a magazine from the UK. It contains patterns and other crochet fun you can get your hook into.

  • Digital
  • Published Every Month
  • Content: Patterns


  • ILikeCrochet is pretty cheap
  • Lovely seasonal themed patterns


  • Digital; not great for people who like print

Inside Crochet

Inside Crochet publishes issues on all sorts of topics. They focus on natural fibers and small and independent businesses and designers. 

  • Print & Digital
  • Published Monthly
  • Content: Patterns


  • You can get issues in print and digital
  • Digital editions are much cheaper
  • Great if you want to expand your crochet skills
  • Magazine issues full of helpful instructions on a project like home decor.


  • Print editions are expensive

Crochet Now

A UK-based magazine focusing on modern creators of today. They publish all sorts of crochet goodness. 

  • Print
  • Published Quarterly
  • Content: Patterns and advice


  • An acclaimed publication
  • Detailed, helpful tutorials for all skill levels
  • All sorts of crochet designers, bloggers, and pattern publishers featured
  • Awesome patterns, like fashion accessories
  • Affordable retail price


  • No digital editions

What To Look For In Crochet Magazines

Here are some tips to help you pick a magazine.

Print Or Digital? 

Print and digital are both fine choices, but here are a few pros and cons about each.

Print is good for people who like physical magazines, but it uses paper, and takes up space in your home. Digital is paper-free, great for people who prefer reading online, often has interactive features, is usually cheaper than print, but it might be hard for some people to read.

Publishing Frequency?

This depends on how much patience you have! Maybe you’re always checking your inbox or mailbox to see if your mag has arrived yet. My advice: Get a monthly subscription. But if you prefer to wait and not feel overwhelmed with things to read, seasonal mags are the go.  

What Content?

This also depends on your preference. All magazines have a couple of patterns in them. (It’s not a crocheting magazine if there are no projects!) Others have news and interviews. All in all, they have a mixture of content.

Free Or Paid?

Most magazines are in a subscription format, or you can buy a one off issue. I haven’t found a free magazine so far in my research, but let me know in the comments if you know any.

Note: You can get many magazines and pattern collections from your library. If they don’t have what you’re looking for in their catalog, ask your friendly librarian to order them in!

Which Is Best For You?

I hope you’ve found a magazine that you like. Let me know in the comments which are your favorite!

  • Annie’s Crochet Magazine – Affordable and full of inspiration.
  • Crochet Foundry – Great clothing projects with size inclusivity.
  • Crochet World – You’ll never be short of patterns.
  • Happily Hooked – Best value, with many extras and a vibrant community.
  • Pop Pom Mag – Great for modern, colorful patterns.
  • Your Crochet Mag – Many patterns to try and the materials needed.
  • Interweave Crochet – Full of tutorials and new techniques.
  • I Like Crochet – Get access to all the patterns you could ever need.
  • Inside Crochet – Read the latest news and inspiration from the industry.
  • Crochet Now – Great for crocheters from the UK.

Comparable Products To Consider

Another magazine to try would be Simply Crochet. Their back issues are well worth the read. You may want to look at my crochet books post too.

FAQs About Crocheting Magazines

Is There A Crochet Magazine?

There are dozens of crochet magazines on the internet and in bookstores.

What Is The Best Crochet Magazine UK?

One of the best crochet magazines in the UK is Happily Hooked. Crochet Now is also a good choice.

What Is Happily Hooked?

Happily Hooked is a crochet magazine from the UK.

How Much Does A Subscription To Happily Hooked Cost?

A subscription to Happily Hooked costs $49.99 per year or 25 cents per pattern.

What Is The Best Crochet Magazine For Beginners?

Any of the above magazines are great for beginners, but the patterns may be a little hard. If you’re a beginner, get one of the cheaper mags.

Should You Invest In A Crochet Magazine Subscription?

It depends on whether you’ll read it. If you’re the person who buys books and leaves them in the cupboard, don’t. But if you value crochet content and read magazines, go for it! 

What Happened To Magic Crochet Magazine?

The Magic Crochet magazine was removed from the market some time ago. At first, nobody knew why, but it turned out the company merged with others. When they released new ones, they were about sewing. 


I hope you found this list of the best crochet magazines helpful! Time to start reading. If you have suggestions for what I should add to this post, please tell me below.

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Don't Know What To Crochet Next?

Banish your crochet dilemmas: discover your next masterpiece in just 7 mins. Get 12 hand-curated designs, 6 invaluable tips, and 6 pieces of inspiring crochet art delivered to you every Thursday.

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