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Yarn Winder Walmart Buying Guide – Best – Pros & Cons To Consider

Walmart may seem like another average supermarket, but really, it’s all sorts of shops rolled into one, including a craft/yarn store! So guess what, yes, they sell yarn winders as well.

But what kind of yarn winders, and are they worth the investment? What price ranges do they cater to, and are there any heavy-duty options available?

All those questions and more are answered in my review down below. Read on for more information.

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Which Is The Best Walmart Yarn Winder?

Lacis Yarn Ball Winder II

This is their most popular yarn winder available in their store. Made by the company Lacis, this is their flagship model, a medium-sized yarn winder perfect for most people’s needs.

Made of mostly durable plastic and with a metal guide arm, it’s made well and built to last.


  • A simple system makes the winding very easy, no need for complicated instructions detailing how to use all the different parts
  • Instructions included
  • Simple set up, almost no assembly required
  • Can wind up four ounces of yarn at a time


  • Affordable
  • Made with quality materials
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Winds diagonally


  • Can take up quite a bit of room so not the best for those limited on space
  • Sometimes the yarn can get tangled, though this rarely happens

Lacis Jumbo Yarn Ball Winder

The jumbo or heavy duty yarn winder available from Lacis, this workhorse of a winder, can wind up to 10 oz of yarn at a time.

A unique feature not present in other jumbo models, is it possesses two swing arms. One is designed to keep the yarn flowing smoothly, and the other is for balance. Makes for a very steady wind.


  • Features in the box: winder body, cone, yarn guide, yarn guide mount, 2 swing arms, and instructions.
  • Able to wind up to 10 ounces of yarn
  • Comes partially assembled, but there are easy instructions included for you to follow.
  • Made of heavy-duty materials, designed to last for many years
  • Can clamp to a surface easily


  • Some people were able to wind up to a pound of smaller weight yarn on this winder
  • Comes with tools to help you put it together
  • Study construction and very durable materials
  • Winds at a diagonal direction


  • Quite large and bulky so needs a large area to accommodate it
  • Doesn’t store compactly
  • Some may find the second swing arm annoying or unnecessary.
  • Have to hold the yarn to maintain consistent tension

Lacis In-Line Yarn Ball Winder

A cheaper model for those looking to do casual winding or an excellent first yarn winder, or those looking for something more affordable, this is an ideal choice.

It can sit flat on any surface, and winds in a straight line, convenient if you’re tight on space.


  • Perfect for those on a budget
  • No need for cones or tubes to wind your yarn
  • Sits flat on a table, with or without the included table clamp
  • Winds up to 4 oz of yarn


  • The bobbin is inline, so it doesn’t need to be replaced as often compared to other models.
  • On the cheaper end, it’s very affordable.
  • Winds very smoothly and quietly


  • It doesn’t last as long as some other models available.
  • Limited table clamp capacity, won’t attach firmly to some surfaces
  • The plastic can wear after lots and lots of use, though this rarely happens.

Darice – All Things You Yarn Winder

Another pick on the cheaper end of the price spectrum, this is a no-frills, simple machine designed to get the job done quickly and efficiently.


  • Winds up to 3 oz worth of yarn
  • Sits flat on a table, or can be clamped down
  • Winds in a straight line
  • Measures 7.5 x 5.7 x 4.1 inches when fully assembled
  • Comes completely assembled


  • Flexible in where you can place it
  • The soft base makes sure it doesn’t damage or mark surfaces beneath it
  • No bobbins needed
  • Simple and very easy to use


  • It doesn’t last as long as some of the other models available.
  • Limited flexibility of how thick a tabletop it can be fixed to
  • Instructions not included in the box.

Yarn Winder By Threads & Loops

Created by the yarn, notions, and tools company Threads & Loops, this is yet another simple, no fuss yarn winder available from Walmart.

It’s an inline yarn winder and can sit flat on a table with or without the use of a table clamp.


  • Able to wind up to 4 oz of yarn
  • Instructions included


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Quick set up
  • Sits flat on a surface without damaging the tabletop beneath


  • It doesn’t last as long as some other yarn winders available.

Lacis Swift Yarn Winder

A swift designed to work in combination with any other winder from Lacis, this is an affordable, quiet workhorse.


  • Made predominantly out of metal and plastic.
  • Able to hold hanks up to 60 inches in circumference
  • Flexible handle so you can position it almost any angle you need to
  • Adjustable table clamp with wooden screws


  • Easy to use
  • Instructions included
  • Umbrella style, so good for people who prefer that style of swift


  • Takes up quite a bit of room

Large Lacis Swift Yarn Winder

Similar to the model just mentioned above, it’s almost identical except for the fact it’s larger and can hold a bigger circumference of yarn.

Made of durable birch wood, this looks beautiful as well as getting the job done quickly and efficiently.


  • Made entirely out of sanded, durable hardwood (birch).
  • Sturdy construction with quality materials.
  • Easy to assemble and get started with using it
  • Instructions included.
  • Has a circumference capacity from 19” all the way up to 100”!


  • Very flexible in the circumference of yarn you can put on it
  • Spins easily and smoothly
  • Very quiet
  • Made of lovely birch, guaranteed to last a long time
  • Umbrella style so easy to use


  • Sometimes the clamp can loosen, although this rarely happens
  • Takes up lots of room, need lots of space to accommodate it

Your Questions Answered

What Is A Yarn Winder Walmart Used For?

Like the name suggests, the predominant and only use is for transforming a hank or skein of yarn into a usable, convenient center-pull yarn cake ready to crochet from.

Do I Need A Walmart Yarn Winder?

It depends on your preferences, how much yarn you buy, and where you get it from. Here is a list of reasons why you might need a yarn winder.

  • If you buy all or most of your yarn in hanks or skeins
  • If you shop and purchase yarn online
  • If the skeins you buy are quite large, they can be very time consuming to wind by hand!
  • You want to save time
  • You want to make it easier to keep your yarn organized
  • You want to get on with crocheting your project faster!

Can You Use One Without A Swift?

Yes, of course! But as I explain down below, using a swift makes it much easier to operate, saves time, and helps prevent the yarn from stretching. So if you’re willing to invest in something like that, it’s very well worth it.

How Does A Swift Yarn Winder Work?

Think of swift yarn winders as a more comfortable, more convenient alternative to someone’s outstretched hands or the back of a chair!

You place the ring of yarn around the holders on the swift and adjust it, so it fits snuggly without slipping.

Once the end of the yarn is attached to the winder, and you turn the handle, it spins, unwinding the thread so it can be winded into a cake.

It also prevents tangles, helps you find inconsistencies in the yarn, and also helps you maintain proper tension.

Hopefully, this helped you decide which yarn winder from Walmart is the best one for you.

Which one appeals to you the most? Have you bought one from Walmart already? If so, what do you like/dislike about the range available there?

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