Windhaven Fiber Tools Profile – Guide – History, Facts & The Future

Through sheer grit and determination, Sherri, a single Mom with two kids, created a family fiber tools business. Their business, Windhaven Fiber and Tools, is on their farm called Windhaven.

Read my complete guide to this small business.

Windhaven Fiber Tools Jumbo Hook

They sell all sorts of fiber tools, including crochet hooks.

They scrimped and saved for the farm. It’s worthwhile reading the family’s heartfelt story.

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Company Overview

Maggie, Sherri’s youngest child, is the master woodcrafter, and she makes all the wooden products they sell.

Sherri handles all the customer service inquiries and helps to design the tools, looms, and other things Maggie crafts.

Sherri’s eldest child Jessy handles all the mailing and maintains the Windhaven Fiber and Tools Etsy shop.

They offer all sorts of Fiber Tools. Maggie also specializes in looms. They provide a small Ukulele Inkle Loom, the Lute and Mandolin card weaving looms.

Also, a double sided loom like the inkle looms, the Accordion, and the Concertina. Also, the Minstrel and Harp Inkle Looms.

All their products are hand-sanded till they’re super smooth and then buffed with a natural beeswax blend to seal them.

All their looms are made to order, and the ones on Etsy are quick to sell out. Check back to their Etsy store for new listings.



Windhaven Fiber Tools Products

Here are some of their fiber tools including a gorgeous Jumbo crochet hook.

Jumbo Crochet Hook in 2 sizes for Super Chunky Yarn

Windhaven Fiber Tools Jumbo Crochet Hook

If you are planning chunky yarn projects, this hook is perfect.

The handle of the hook has been shaped to fit comfortably in a crocheter’s hand. The head is pointy, so it’s easy to enter the stitches. The hook has been sanded and buffed with a natural beeswax blend.

They are made out of various hardwoods.

Both hooks are 10″ long and are either 1″ or 25mm in diameter or 3/4″ or 20mm.

Small Wavy Weaver

Windhaven Fiber Tools Small Wavy Weaver

The small Wavy Weaver has a two-sided design, which means you have two pattern options. One side is a gentle wave, while the other is a pointy zig-zag. This tool is a great way to give a different look to your weaving!

It’s made from durable hardwood.

The Wavy Weaver measures 14″ long, 1″ at its most expansive, and 1/4″ thick. The handles are each 2″ long, so the actual weaving space is 10″ long.

Wavy Weaver

Windhaven Fiber Tools Wavy Weaver

This is the larger double sided Wavy Weave. One side is a gentle wave, while the other is sharp zig-zag.

It is made from a durable and lovely piece of red oak.

The Wavy Weaver measures 29″ long, 2″ wide, and 1/4″ thick. The handles are each 3″ long, so the actual space is 23″ long.

Dye Pot Paddle and Paddle-Fork

Windhaven Fiber Tools Dye Pot Tools

Windhaven Fiber and Tools Hardwood red oak stirring paddle and paddle fork are perfect for dying fibers.

They are square-edged, so they reach down into the dye pot and help to move all your fibers and dye powders evenly. The large holes allow the dye liquid to move slowly without excessive agitation.

The fork has softly rounded out tines to allow you to reach in and lift out the fleece when the dying is done. Not treated or finished with any chemicals or wax.

Available in two handle sizes – 12 inches and 18 inches.

Hardwood Lucet in two sizes for Cord Making the Viking Medieval Way

Hardwood Lucet by Windhaven Fiber Tools

A lucet is an ancient cord making tool used by Vikings and reenactors alike. Two sizes of lucets are available – Normal sized and a more dainty one, perfect for finer cords or small hands.

The original lucet is 7 1/2″ long, 3 1/2″ at it’s widest, and 1/2″ thick, while the dainty one is 6″ long, 2″ at it’s widest, and 3/8″ thick.

Tail Hook

Tail Hook by Windhaven Fiber Tools

Do you have trouble when weaving with reaching for your tail ends through all the warp? Then this handy tail hook will solve your problems. The hook is designed to be gentle on weft material and strings.

The tail hook, made of durable red oak to last a lifetime, is the perfect addition to any weavers toolbox.

The tail hook measures 23″ long, 1 1/2″ wide, and 1/4″ thick.

FIBER-2 ply Sport Weight Shetland/ Mohair Blend Yarn

Windhaven Fiber Tools 2 ply Sport Weight Shetland/ Mohair Blend Yarn

This wool blend is the first batch of mill run yarn from Windhaven. It is mostly Shetland with a small amount of mohair for added softness and sheen.

Each skein of 3 oz/200yards is a lovely cream color and is a 2 ply sport weight at 18 wpi.

The Minstrel Inkle Loom

Windhaven Fiber Tools The Minstrel Inkle Loom

The Minstrel is the smaller travel-sized model for weaving on the go.

It creates a five-foot band, enough for a strap or lots of other projects.

Every Inkle Loom comes with a basic shuttle and an instruction booklet with lots of pictures to help beginning weavers get started!

They are made of durable hardwood, which will last a lifetime.

The Minstrel loom is 14″ long, 7 1/2″ tall, 4 1/2″ wide, and weighs a little over a pound. The pegs are 3″ long so that you can make a reasonably wide band. The small foot is 6″ long and 2″ wide and makes a perfect little spot to tuck shuttles mid-project.

Heddle Maker Jig for Creating String Wire Heddles for Rigid Heddle

Windhaven Fiber Tools Heddle Maker Jig

The removable pegs allow you to makes traditional heddles up to 11″ long and can be adjusted in 1/2″ increments for fine tuning. You can even adjust the center hole size if you would like it a little larger.

It can even be used for creating inkle loom heddles to ensure a consistent size!

The heddle jig comes with instructions and 6 pegs, so you have some extras in case you lose some, or if you want to make fancier heddles with loops on the ends. Also, use it with a thin wire.

The heddle jig is made of durable red oak and measures 12″ long, 4″ wide and 1″ thick, while the pegs are 3″ long.

Maggie and her family make heirloom fiber tools that are functional and beautiful. They create new innovative designs for products to last a lifetime.

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Windhaven Fiber Tools - My Guide

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    • Hi Kim. Thanks for your question. I have got in touch with the makers of the beautiful Windhaven Fiber Tools. Maggie is the creator and her Mom; Sherri replied with this helpful information to your question.

      Yes, people do use the Minstrel for card weaving, but it’s best with smaller cards.

      It’s not the most comfortable of our looms for card weaving because the working area is a little small and you need to advance often.

      The Lute and the Mandolin are designed just for card weaving.

      The Harp is a great multi-use loom because it has a longer working area and can do both inkle and card weaving easily.

      Hope that helps!

      Maggie’s Mom

      Here’s a link to Windhaven Fiber Tools Looms

      Cheers Jodie


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