My Starburst Beret Project – Crochet Pattern By B.Hooked Crochet

By Jodie Morgan

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I was searching through crochet beret patterns looking for something special, and a particular image caught my eye. It was a lovely-looking flower-patterned beret.

Starburst Beret crochted by me in forest green yarn. Pattern by Brittany of BHooked Crochet.

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The pattern was called ‘Starburst Beret’ from BHooked Crochet. So I clicked on the link, and I found a free pattern and an excellent video tutorial.

Ribbed edge of Star Burst Beret in green yarn

I started a beret with some blue yarn first from a stash I got from an Opportunity Shop, and when I’d almost finished, I ran out of yarn!

Finished Star Burst beret but unblocked

I tried again with the green yarn, and luckily I had enough to finish the beret.

The yarn I used was relatively soft but a little scratchy, but not unbearably so. I love the color, a dark forest green.

With the yarn being from a charity shop, there were no details about what yarn it was, so I can’t give more information about it.

Showing the edge of the ribbed section of the Star Burst Beret

The pattern by Brittany of BHooked Crochet suggested 1 skein of Manos del Uruguay Maxima or approximately 160 yards worsted weight yarn.

The pattern was classified ‘Experienced,’ but I found it relatively easy. If you’ve done several crochet projects, I think you’ll find this pattern good fun. It’s not suitable for beginners.

The pattern was made up of jasmine stitches, single crochets, reverse single crochets, and post stitches.

Close up of the jasmine crochet stitch used in the Star Burst beret

There’s a video for left-handers and right-handers, which is excellent, so if you are leftie and need a bit of help with the beret, the video for left-handed crocheters would be very helpful for you.

The first step was starting the flower part of the beret, which took a while.

I used the video for the whole process, which made it easier because it showed you how to do the stitch rather than just telling you.

I moved onto the beret’s ribbed band, which was made up of front and back post stitches. Then I did the last step, a reverse single crochet border.

Star Burst Beret blocked using a dinner plate

I especially loved Brittany’s tips on how to block the beret when you completed it. She said to put the beret on a dinner plate, wet it, then leave it to dry. My beret turned out much neater and round once it had dried.

I love this beret. The jasmine stitch is very beautiful, and the ribbed band gives it a nice stretch, so it fits over your head. I believe you can wear it on both sides. Even the wrong side is pretty!

Beret underside after it was blocked

All in all, I loved how my beret turned out! If you’re thinking about crocheting a beret, I highly recommend this pattern.

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  1. So excited to make this! I have also been looking for a new beret pattern… They’re great for when the weather is just a bit chilly, but not cold enough for a full beanie. Thanks for the link!!

  2. Hi Jodie! Love the Starburst Beret pattern. Will definitely work it for myself!!! I don’t do that often. I have crocheted since I was a teenager. Love the craft and am trying out new techniques and patterns. Thought I’d have more time to work at it, but a certain little boy (my grandson) keeps me busy. Thanks for the pattern
    Suzanne Bernocco

    • Hi Suzanne. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences of crochet. All the best with your own beret when you get the chance. Cheers Jodie


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