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Single Crochet – Discover The Facts, Tips & Tricks In My Guide

Single crochet is the first stitch to learn in your crochet journey. I explain how to do it, what it looks like, and how to count stitches and rows. Here’s your complete guide on how to single crochet.

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Table Of Contents

  • What’s A Single Crochet Stitch?
  • How Do You Do A Single Crochet?
  • Handy Tips for Beginners
  • Single Crochet In The Round
  • Your Questions Answered

What’s A Single Crochet Stitch?

A single crochet stitch is the smallest stitch in a set of basic crochet stitches. 

The following stitches are ordered from smallest to largest/tallest. They are in US Terms. Scroll down to see the list below of conversions between US and UK terms.

  • Single crochet = Double crochet
  • Half double crochet = Half treble crochet
  • Double crochet = Treble crochet
  • Treble crochet = Double treble crochet
  • Double treble crochet = Triple treble

How Do You Do A Single Crochet Stitch For Beginners?

Here are some single crochet instructions to help you learn this basic crochet stitch. Here’s what you’ll learn.

  • How to hold your hook and yarn
  • How to do a foundation chain
  • How to do a single crochet

Step #1.

Start by making a slip knot. Put the slip knot on the hook. Hold the crochet hook in your right hand, and tension your yarn.

If you don’t know how to hold your hook and thread, you can read my easy guide for left and right-handers.

You need to make a foundation chain before you start making single crochets.

Yarn over by putting your hook under the yarn, then going up and over, pull through the loop, then do that until you get your desired amount of stitches.

Step #2.

Now that you have completed your foundation chain, you’re ready to start learning the single crochet. Skip the first chain stitch (the first little ‘v’ shape). Now, you can do the next part two ways.

The second way is much prettier than the first way but can be a little tricky.

Method 1: Make sure the ‘v’ shapes are facing you. Insert the hook into the middle of the second chain stitch from the hook. There should be two loops on your hook. Yarn over and pull through one.

Then, yarn over and pull through both loops on the hook. Done!

Method 2: Make sure the wrong side (the bumpy side) of the chain stitches is facing you. Each bump represents one stitch. Insert the hook into the second chain bump from the hook, yarn over, and pull through 1.

There are two loops on your hook. Yarn over and pull through 2. Now there is one loop on the hook. You’re done!

To do another single crochet, go to the next chain or bump, and make a single crochet. Make sure you don’t go into the spot in which you just created single crochet.

Here’s a helpful video tutorial.

How To Do Single Crochet Left Handed

Making single crochet left-handed is the same as the instructions above, only you hold the crochet hook in your left hand.

How To Work Rows of Single Crochet Stitches

Here’s how to do a row of single crochet.

At the end of a row, you turn the work and chain 1. Then, single crochet into the next stitch. You don’t go into the chain you just made, but the stitch next to that.

Make sure you go through both loops on the next stitch, the front one and the back one. Continue single crocheting across, then repeat these instructions.

How To Count SC Stitches And Rows

‘SC’ stands for single crochet. Here I’ll be teaching you how to count single crochet stitches and rows.

As you work a single crochet, you have to turn at the ends of rows. After a couple of rows, you will notice that the fabric looks like it has little sections. Each section counts as two rows.

Each section comprises 1 row of right side single crochets and 1 row of wrong side single crochets. That’s what makes it look textured.

So, count the number of sections and multiply that number by 2.

What Does The Single Crochet Stitch Look Like?

A single crochet’s front side looks like a ‘v,’ similar to the top of single crochet. The backside has a v also but has a line in the bottom left-hand corner.

Each v counts as one stitch. Each v with a line in it counts as one stitch too.

Handy Tips for Beginners

  • Keep your tension slightly loose when you crochet the beginning chain. Doing that makes it easier to insert your hook into the back bump of the chain stitch.
  • If your crochet hook feels uncomfortable, it’s worth trying some comfort crochet hooks. They are special hooks to make crocheting more comfortable. You can read my complete guide. 
  • Wind hanks or skeins of yarn into a ball before you start crocheting. You’ll have fewer tangles.

Single Crochet In The Round

You can crochet a flat circle that gets bigger and bigger, or you can make a tube.

To make a flat circle, you start with chain stitches and then join them, creating a loop. Then you single crochet into the loop and then join the round.

Making a tube is similar.

Your Questions Answered

What Is The Difference Between Single And Double Crochet?

Single crochet is smaller than double crochet because you pull through loops fewer times than double crochet.

What Does SC Mean In Crochet Stitches?

SC means single crochet.

What Can I Make With Single Crochet?

Single crochet is a very dense stitch, so it is ideal for dishcloths, washcloths, and amigurumi.

What Is A Single Crochet Stitch In UK Terms?

Single crochet, in UK terms, is double crochet. 

They result in the same stitch. Only they have different names.

What Is The Easiest Crochet Stitch?

The easiest crochet stitch to learn for beginners is the single crochet.

I hope you found this guide to single stitch crochet helpful. An essential first step into the world of crocheting. Welcome to this wonderful hobby, beginner crocheter!

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