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Shawl In A Ball is from Lion Brand Yarn. Make a shawl with one ball of yarn! It’s versatile for many projects. Read my roundup of the best crochet shawl in a ball patterns. This self-striping acrylic/cotton yarn is available in gorgeous gradients.

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I reviewed, fact checked and updated this post on April 22, 2023

Soft, versatile, and oh-so-easy to work with, the Lion Brand Shawl in a Ball yarn has vibrant hues and subtle shading. This yarn effortlessly creates luxurious shawls, wraps, and other accessories. Whether you’re a seasoned crocheter or a novice looking to embark on a new creative adventure. The Shawl in a Ball yarn is used in all this fabulous crochet patterns by wonderful designers.

The Best Shawl In A Ball Patterns

Tango Shawl


The Tango Shawl is a beginner-friendly free crochet pattern that produces a beautiful and versatile shawl. Written using US crochet terminology and includes detailed instructions along with helpful photos and there’s also a video tutorial. It is designed with an easy four-row repeat and asymmetrical style.

The shawl is worked from the center top down to the bottom edge, making it easy to adjust the size. The recommended yarn for the pattern is Lion Brand Mandala, but any yarn of a similar weight can be used. The finished shawl measures approximately 50 inches wide and 25 inches deep.

Find all the details, including materials and easy to understand steps for this great pattern project by Tamara Kelly from Moogly.

Ocean Kiss Summer Shawl


This is such a lovely pattern. All made possible with the help of Sarah from Crochet 24/7.

Shawl in a Ball Triangle Scarf

Shawl In A Ball Triangle Scarf Yarn Hook Needles

Look at the pattern. Thanks to Jerica from Yarn Hook Needles.

The Cascade Cardigan


Stephanie from All About Ami has some fabulous suggestions for this gorgeous pattern. Check out the complete guide.

Annona Cascading Cardigan

Annona Cascading Cardigan by Crystalized Designs

Quick and fun Cardigan! This cardigan pattern is quick to make with many ways to use it.

Serene Crochet Shawlette


Find all the details for this fabulous pattern. Enjoy making your own version. Follow the instructions by Brittany from B. Hooked Crochet.

Jade Pool Scarf


Jade from Sweet Softies steps you through the requirements to make this creative pattern.

Hexagons Shawl/Vest


Lion Brand Yarn has all the instructions for this pattern idea. Make sure you check out the other posts while you are there.

Rainbow Shawlette


Enjoy creating this pattern. Follow the instructions by Arunima from Knitter Knotter.

Serenity Drape Vest Pattern


To create this wonderful pattern project. Check out the steps by Jess from Make and Do Crew.

Berry Bubblegum Fling Wrap

Berry Bubblegum Fling Wrap

This pattern has some great ideas. Plenty of inspiration by Kim Guzman.

Winged Wrap


Tamara Kelly from Moogly pattern project. Follow the instructions to make your own.

Unicorns in the Mist Shawl Pattern


Bet you can’t wait to get make your version of this pattern idea. Follow the tutorial by Kim Guzman from Crochet Kim.

Anabelle Glitter Shawl


Lion Brand Yarn has this super fun pattern to make. The instructions are easy to follow.

Midnight Madness Poncho Free Crochet Pattern


You will be super excited to create this beautiful pattern. All the details can be found in the post by Tonya from Nanas Crafty Home.

Denim Blues Fling Wrap Easy Crochet Pattern


Kim Guzman has created clear and easy to understand instructions for this pattern project.

Crochet Blocks Shawl


Looking at this makes me want to make! Find the pattern by Lion Brand Yarn.

Easy Lace Shawl in a Ball


Judith Stalus shares their experience and tips for how to make this pattern project. Follow her clear and easy to understand instructions to make your own.

Ebb Tide Shawl


Doing this pattern project is a wonderful idea, and the results look fantastic! Thanks to the creativity of Lion Brand Yarn.

Bienville Glitter Shawl


Lion Brand Yarn has a clear and easy to understand pattern. Another fun project that will pay off in the end!

Moonstone Shawl Crochet Pattern


Breann from Hooked on Homemade Happiness makes this easy! Get the inspiration here. Another fun project idea for you.

Somerset Shawl


Some lovely ideas for you. You can find the pattern here. Follow the instructions that are easy to understand by Lion Brand Yarn.

Sparkle Shawl


Lion Brand Yarn steps you through the pattern idea. I want to do this one when I have time.

Clarissa Shawl Crochet Pattern


This would make a wonderful handmade project. Find all the materials and instructions in the complete guide by Dorianna Rivelli from The Lavender Chair.

Burnham Market Shawl


Lion Brand Yarn has created a beautiful project for you to follow here. Check out the details on how to make it yourself.

Opal Arrows Infinity Scarf


Tamara Kelly from Moogly has some excellent pattern ideas, which you should try. Check out the loveliness.

Catherine Wheel Shawl


Bring some easy and amazing pattern goodness into your life with the help of Lion Brand Yarn.

Openwork Shawl


Lion Brand Yarn steps you through the requirements to make this lovely creation here. Such fun!

Barbizon Shawl


This pattern project would be super fun to make. Find all the details in the guide. Thanks to the creative abilities of Lion Brand Yarn.

Lacy Squares Shawl


What you need for this wonderful project is outlined in the pattern by Lion Brand Yarn.

Summer Shawl


You’ll be excited to make this inspiring pattern. All the details are included in the post by Nadia Fuad from YARN Utopia.

Diagonal Eyelets Shawl


Looking at this gorgeous image makes me want to start! Find everything you need here. Thanks to Lion Brand Yarn.

Amara Shawl


Tamara Kelly from Moogly shares their knowledge and helpful tips on how to make this pattern project. Follow the instructions to make your own.

Lana Wrap


Ashley Kisler from Sewrella steps you through how to make this funtastic Lana Wrap kit project.

Amelia Shawl


A superb idea, this pattern looks such fun to make. Look at the instructions. Then get busy! Thanks to the creative talents of Tamara Kelly from Moogly.

Ombré Slouchy Beanie Free Crochet Pattern (Instead of Shawls)


Such a great way to use this yarn. Check out the pattern here. Follow the instructions by Julie from Gleeful Things.


May you find the perfect crochet shawl pattern to suit yourself or a lucky special someone! Know a pattern I should include? Tell me in the comments.

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