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By Jodie Morgan

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There are lots of yarn ball winders on the market. In this post I’m reviewing the Lacis Yarn Ball Winder. I’ll cover the full range of winders Lacis offers. Whether to tidy your leftovers in your yarn stash or winding from 10oz hanks, you’ll find a Lacis model to suit.

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Mostly made of plastic parts, users have found that overall they are sturdy, efficient and make center pull, neat yarn cakes. Now for the reviews…

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Lacis Yarn Winder II

Lacis Yarn Ball Winder II

Made of sturdy plastic, this lightweight winder clamps onto a surface with ease. Winds up to 4 oz of yarn from fine to super bulky. 


  • The cranking is smooth
  • Simple to set up
  • Great price point for those on a budget


  • Some users complain the metal yarn guide doesn’t work well. The trick is to make sure you pull the yarn arm away from the main body until you can’t pull it any further. It will stay at the right distance.
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Lacis In Line

Lacis In Line Yarn Ball Winder

This hand-operated yarn winder is great for making center-pull thread balls up to 4 ounces. The design differs from the model above. It uses an inline bobbin with a moving yarn guide. Winder measures 5-1/2 by 8×3-3/4-inch and clamps onto surfaces up to 1-1/2-inch thick.


  • It has a smooth winding motion but you must be careful to wind slowly or else your yarn cake will be messy.
  • Good for those on a budget wanting to wind small balls.


  • Users complained the yarn cakes were flimsy and not neat.
  • The clamp is made of metal which could damage some surfaces.
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Lacis Jumbo Yarn Winder

Lacis Jumbo Yarn Ball Winder

The largest model in the range. This winder can handle hanks or skeins of up to 10 ounces. It’s made of mainly plastic parts with a large metal yarn guide and 2 metal swing arms. It’s important to note the yarn is place through the yarn guide and then through one of the metal swing arms, the other is used for balance.


  • Can wind larger amounts of yarn into big cakes.
  • Some users found they could wind up to 1lb of yarn
  • Smooth winding motion


  • Some people found the second metal swing arm was annoying
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How To Set Up A Lacis Jumbo

Here’s a video by Lacis on how to set up a Lacis Jumbo Yarn Ball Winder.

Here are some tips for optimum function when using these yarn winders:

  • Make a small knot before slipping it on the end of the yarn on the spindle. It helps pulling the inside end to the bottom of the ball.
  • Take your time. Wind your yarn slowly, going to fast you can run into difficulties.
  • If winding regular craft store yarn start with the end from the center of the ball/skein.
  • While winding, be sure your yarn doesn’t wind too tightly on the spindle. If need be, pull several yards of yarn out loosely draped, then continue to wind it.
  • Also, smaller finished balls of yarn are more preferable to one huge ball for storage and use
  • If you have a kitchen pull-out cutting board, it will be perfect to use the ball winder on.
  • Let the yarn move through your hand before it enters the winder. You do have to control the tension just like you do to crochet. Keep your eye out for knots in the yarn before they go through the first yarn guide.
  • Don’t force the winder, with too much pressure you could break it.
  • Wedge part of an empty toilet paper roll over the spool, this winds the yarn around the paper roll. It keeps the yarn ball from collapsing on itself.
  • Put the yarn ball you are winding from in your laundry basket. You can pull out several yards of yarn, and it doesn’t touch the floor.


The Lacis Yarn Ball winder is an affordable model to suit home use needs for winding yarn. Avaliable in a range of sizes, sure to be an excellent choice for any crocheter. If you have any questions, get in touch here or leave a comment below. Or send me a message on Twitter.

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