Furls Wander Acrylic Yarn – My Review Of Furls Wander Yarn

By Jodie Morgan

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Crocheters often seek out high-quality acrylic yarns to bring their projects to life. Is Furls Wander Acrylic Yarn a good choice? Find out what’s great and not so great in my review of Furls Wander Yarn Palette Pack below.

The Furls Wander Autumn Palette includes colorways Dragonfruit (pink), Thatch (Dark caramel brown), Velvet (dark plum), Snow (creamy white), and Ambrosia (mustard yellow).

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Furls Crochet announced the launch of their Wander Palette Packs in late Feb 2021. I was lucky enough to receive the Autumn Palette to test out.

Update as of April 26 2023, Furls have experienced heavy demand for this yarn and are working hard to get it back in stock.

My Yarn Review of Wander Acrylic Yarn Pallete Pack by Furls

It was exciting to receive the Furls Wander Acrylic yarn, and the “Not all who WANDER are lost” tote bag in the mail.

In recent years I’ve traveled with my family. We try to learn about different cultures different and immersed our kids in the Spanish language.

We had some incredible adventures in Mexico and Spain. It opened our eyes to being global citizens.

With its exploration of 14 colors, the Wander yarn reminds me of the beauty I saw in Mexican artisans’ textiles. Such vitality and joy!

The Autumn Palette includes Dragonfruit (pink), Thatch (Dark caramel-brown), Velvet (dark-plum), Snow (white), and Ambrosia (mustard-yellow).

This yarn is squishy and super soft. I was surprised by the light feel and silky texture. I don’t use acrylic yarns much as I’ve found they have a ‘plastic’ feel. Wander yarn is nothing like that!

The colors work so well together. There’s something delightful about the combination of mustard yellow, pink, and plum.

All who wander are not lost tote and Autumn Palette Wander Yarn pack
Wander Autumn Palette Pack image credit: Michelle Muskett of Tales Of Knots
 Wander Terra Palette Pack
Wander Terra Palette Pack

Furls Wander Yarn Palette Pack Details

  • 5 skein bundles of 100% acrylic yarn, #4 worsted weight
  • Each skein weighs 100g/120yd/109m
Furls Crochet Awaken Palette Pack in grey, green, lime green, navy blue and red yarns
Awaken Wander Palette Pack – Image credit: Jennifer Dickenson of Fiber Flux
Retro Wander Palette Pack
Retro Wander Palette Pack – Image Credit: Torie Phillips
Tidal Wander Palette Pack
Tidal Wander Palette Pack – Image credit: Ashley Parker

Check out all the options of Furls Wander Palette Packs.

  • AUTUMN – Canary, Thatch Dragonfruit, Snow, Velvet
  • AWAKEN – Midnight, Mist, Pomegranate, Canary, Meadow
  • DAYDREAMER – Mist, Surf, Sunrise, Snow, Amethyst
  • EMBRACE – Dragonfruit, Sunrise, Velvet, Snow, Pomegranate
  • GALAXY – Bergamot, Obsidian, Obsidian, Peninsula, Amethyst
  • HYGGE – Cream, Cobblestone Mist, Snow, Mist
  • INTERLUDE – Tundra, Mist, Snow, Bergamot, Sandbar
  • LICHEN – Surf, Conifer, Peninsula, Alabaster, Tundra
  • RETRO – Sunrise, Dragonfruit, Ambrosia, Canary, Thatch
  • SUNSET – Velvet, Sunrise Ambrosia, Snow, Thatch
  • TIDAL – Midnight, Surf Cobblestone, Snow, Mist
  • WHIMSY – Tundra, Dragonfruit, Sunrise, Canary, Bergamot
  • WISDOM – Sandbar, Mahogany, Snow, Fawn, Cocoa

Furls suggest a 5mm (H) crochet hook and (US8) 5mm knitting needles.

I decided to buy three different Furls hooks in 5mm, White & Nickel Odyssey, Streamline Wooden Teak Crochet Hook, and Cafe & Cream Streamline Hook
I was super excited to receive these hooks.

My Furls Crochet Hooks from left to right - White and Nickel Odyssey, Cafe & Cream Streamline and Teak Wooden Crochet Hook

I love the weighted feel of the Odyssey hook. It’s a little shorter than the streamlines, but this didn’t bother me. I appreciate the ergonomic design of the teardrop handle as it was very comfortable to use.

The Teak Streamline is lovely, and light and the surface is smooth. I adore the grain of the wood. The resin Cafe & Cream Swirl Streamline hook is unique. It’s like an iced coffee in the form of a hook.

Purchasing the five skeins together is cheaper than buying them individually.

The “Not all who WANDER are lost” tote bag is very roomy, and the cotton canvas material is sturdy.

I love the button clasp, which closes the top. You can wash the bag by hand and dry it on the line. I wouldn’t recommend putting it in the washing machine as the print of the front could rub off.

The Wander Yarn can be machine washed, but please don’t tumble dry it.

I did a few Mosaic swatches I’d been learning and decided to create an Apache Tears Mosaic Pillow with all the colors.

As I crocheted with the Wander Yarn, I noticed how soft and fluffy it was. There’s a halo to this yarn. The feel on my skin was comfortable.

I noticed some splitting. This was perhaps due to my tension and getting used to the different Furls hooks. Once I got going, I found there was less splitting.

So far, I’ve only found one knot where the string was joined in the Snow colorway. There hasn’t been in any of the other 4 colorways.

This is annoying when it happens in the middle of a row. Fortunately, I’d seen it. Because the Apache Tears pattern uses a different color for each row, I was able to cut out the knot.

The Apache Tears pattern using the Furls Wander Yarn Autumn palette creates a thick fabric. The fluffiness is comforting. It’ll be interesting to see how the texture performs over time.

Apache Tears Progress

If you’re looking for a soft, slightly fluffy yarn, Wander Yarn is great.

I was impressed by the range of colors in the Autumn pack. I like that the talented people at Furls have created colorways, and you don’t have to choose your own. The other palette options are also gorgeous.

I’ll continue to update my progress on the crocheted pillow, which I hope will look great.

Those Who Wander Cowl

Furls have introduced the “Those Who Wander” Cowl Kit.


  • 5 skeins of yarn
  • Cowl Pattern
  • Free Tote

Plus, get 20% off any tools with Code WANDERKITDISCOUNT! You must have the kit in your cart to apply this discount. The cowl pattern requires a K/6.5mm hook.

Create a cowl with the Wander Palette Packs, or choose yourself.

The Wander Yarn is a gorgeously soft and fluffy acrylic yarn, luxury that won’t break the bank. I highly recommend it for a variety of projects.

Do you have any questions? Please leave a comment below.

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