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Furls Fiberarts is the world’s premier provider of luxury crochet hooks and other fiber arts tools.

Read my company profile and overview of what they sell.

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What Is Furls?

A small luxury provider of crochet hooks and fiber arts tools, based in California, in the USA.

They provide each customer with a custom concierge care service, a $500 human hand-health guarantee, a lifetime warranty on all of their beautifully designed hooks.

When using Furls Crochet Hooks, your hand energy is conserved, and the teardrop shape handle fits perfectly whether you hold in a knife grip or pencil hold. The handle suits each crochet grip.

The comfort is noticeably different from a standard aluminum hook. Hand strain and wrist pain become a thing of the past!

Crochet projects have stunning stitch quality and uniform stitch tension. 

Company Overview



Furls Crochet Shipping

  • Furls Crochet Shipping Options – US – Standard shipping for 6USD – Free shipping for orders over 49USD. International – No free shipping, and rates are subject to USPS costs.
  • No express or expedited shipping.
  • Furls Crochet Fast Shipping – Due to COVID, there are delays on domestic and international orders. They can’t guarantee fast shipping at this time.


Furls Crochet Yarn Bowl

Wood Yarn Bowl


Furls Teak Yarn Bowl


  • Dimensions – Medium: 6″ x 6″ x 2.75″ H and Large: 7″ x 7″ x 5″ H
  • Materials – Handmade out of Teak


  • Lovely carved design
  • Working through a yarn bowl keeps your skein from bouncing, rolling, tangling, and gathering the dust from other household surfaces.
  • The perfect way to protect your fiber investments. 
  • The bowl is perfectly smooth, and the yarn doesn’t snag against the grain as you pull on it. 


  • Works best with yarn wound into cakes or smaller balls


Furls Pinewood Yarn Bowl


  •     Dimensions – 6″ x 6″ x 6″
  •     Materials – Pinewood


  • Simple design
  • Highlights the grain
  • High sides


  • The slit where the yarn comes out may catch some yarns

Metal Yarn Bowl

Furl Metal Yarn Bowls in Aluminum and Copper

These hand cast and polished yarn bowls are made out of metal. 


  • Dimensions – 6″ in diameter and 3″ tall
  • Materials – Choose from Polished Aluminum or Copper finish (not actual copper, high-shine copper-colored powder coat on top of aluminum).


  • Stunning polished look
  • Smooth
  • Lovely metals


  • Heavier than other wooden yarn bowls

Oddessy Yarn Bowl

These are available in gorgeous Furls Odyssey colors –

Red, yellow, peach, lime, turquoise, blue, purple, candy shop pink, white and black.


  • Dimensions – 6 inches wide
  • Materials – Made from high-quality PolyResin and finished with luxury automative paints and finishes.


  • Gorgeous bright colors
  • Sturdy


  • Only the one style 

Furls Crochet Yarn

Furls Whim Merino Z Twist Yarn

Whims Merino Z-Twist Yarn

Fine superwash merino + nylon, 50/50 – 100g (3.5oz), 94yds(86m) 


  • Airy bounce
  • Great drape
  • May not need to block
  • Wonderful stitch definition


  • Not available in many colors

Furls Crochet Bag

Furls Crochet Bag in tan leather

Furls’ Genuine Leather Project Handbag comes equipped with 38 tool spaces. Here you can store all sorts of crochet hooks.

It has a generous interior pocket that can store lots of yarn.


  • Size: 17″x13″x6″


  • Available in both tan and black leather
  • Magnetic closure


  • Not suitable for vegans

Travel Clutches

Furls Hooks Travel Clutch


  • Handmade out of genuine leather and seals securely with magnetic clasp
  • Approximately 9″ wide x 4.5″ tall


  • Holds up to 7 Furls hooks or 21 conventional hooks
  • The internal cavity also has space for a small ball of yarn, scissors, a tape measure, and other small accessories.


  • Only available in black and tan
  • May not be available 

Single Hook Case

Furls Single Case Crochet Hook


Genuine leather holders and travel cases for Furls crochet hooks – the 7″ long holder closes by fitting the top through the strap on the body to hold each hook securely in travel.


  • Keeps one hook protected
  • Easy to fit into a handbag or tote


  • May not be available

Wooden Collector’s Box

Furls Wooden Collector's Box

Different Wooden Collector’s Box holds 10, 20, or 30 hooks. All Odysseys, Alpha Series, & Candy Shops will fit in the drawers. Streamline Swirl Hooks, and Streamline Wood Hooks do not fit in the drawers.

Choose from rich cherry wood, striped Macassar ebony with deep red veining, or gently woodgrain black oak exteriors.


  • A beautiful display case to show off all your beautiful hooks


  • Doesn’t fit all styles of Furls Crochet Hooks

Single Hook Stands

A crochet hook stand that holds 1 Furls crochet hook. Available in different colors – Red, Purple, Black, Bunny shape, White, Turquoise, Peach, Odyssey Blue, Lime, and Pink.

High-quality PolyResin and finished with luxury automative paints and finishes.


  • You can match them to the same colored hook
  • Lovely colors


  • Only holds one hook

5 Hook Stands

Furls Circular 5 hook stand
Furls Crochet 5 Hook Stand Up Display

Made in Teak in a circular shape or Maple and Ebony stand.


  • Lovely designs
  • Shows off your beautiful hooks

12 Hook Stands

A crochet hook stand that holds 12 Furls crochet hook. Available in different colors – Red, Purple, Black, White, Turquoise, Peach, Blue, Lime, and Pink.

High-quality PolyResin and finished with luxury automative paints and finishes.


  • Modern design


  • Not all colors may be available

Furls Crochet Patterns

Your Questions Answered

Where Is Furls Crochet Located?

Furls Crochet is located in California, USA. 

Based on a desire to create the perfect crochet hook, this company certainly surpasses expectations, and creates gorgeous, functional works of art.

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