Ergonomic Crochet Handle – Complete Buying Guide & Review

A detachable Ergonomic handle is inexpensive but have limitations.

I recommend Ergonomic Crochet Hook Sets instead.

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The shape is egg-like and either silicone/plastic or wood. The handle makes hooks ergonomic and comfortable to use.

There are also soft rubber grips like a pencil grip.

I reviewed and updated this post on July 13, 2022.

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Boye Ergonomic Crochet Handle

Boye Ergonomic Crochet Handle Check Price On Amazon

Fits Boye hook sizes from B (2mm) to K (6.5mm). The handle, 4-1/2″ in length has eight washers in assorted sizes. 

It’s silicone, so it may feel strange.

For more on Boye Ergonomic Crochet Hooks, read my post.

How it works:

  • Be careful when opening the package. You need the chart and instructions on the back
  • Check the color chart to see which washer goes onto what size hook.
  • Attach the plastic washers to each crochet hook
  • Be patient as they’re tough to get on 
  • Push the washer down the shaft part of the way
  • Keep it on the shaft’s tubular portion, not the tapered bit near the hook end, and not as far as the thumb rest
  • After the washer is on the hook, twist the hook handle open, insert the hook, and twist the handle to close. 

Here are tips for easier use.

  • Have your hooks in a zipper pouch so you don’t lose them
  • Keep the washers on the hooks.


  • Turns aluminum crochet hooks into an ergonomic hook
  • Crochet for more extended periods
  • Less hand pain and fatigue
  • Works with the pencil hold or knife grip


  • Difficult to put on the washers
  • The hook jiggles around
  • The silicone surface may attract lint and pet hair. 
  • Limited hook range
  • The washers don’t have markings on them
  • The washers didn’t match the color graph in the instructions
  • If you lose the washers, the handle is useless

Hooks Compatible With Ergonomic Crochet Hook Handle

If you have Susan Bates, Boye hooks are about 1/2″ longer.

Happy to have less of your shaft available when crocheting? Try this handle with your Susan Bates hooks. 

Eleggant Ergonomic Crochet Hook Set

Eleggant Ergonomic Crochet Hook Set Check Price On Amazon

This includes

  • Wooden egg-shaped handle
  • Metal adjustor
  • Six modified Boye crochet hooks
  • (Steel hooks in sizes 1.25mm, 1.75mm, 2.25mm)
  • Aluminum hooks in sizes 3.5mm/E, 5mm/H, 6mm/J)
  • O-rings

How it works

  • Attach o-rings to the base of the modified crochet hooks
  • Use the metal adjuster to tighten the handle around the hook


  • Feels sturdy and warm in the hand
  • Change sizes as needed


  • Yarn occasionally snags between the o-rings and adjuster
  • Holding the egg-shaped handle takes practice

Susan Bates Crochet Cushion Grips

Susan Bates Comfort Cushion for Crochet Hook, Fits Up to Size G Check Price On Amazon

Like a pencil grip, the soft foam grip goes over the hook.

The Susan Bates cushion grips for crochet hooks don’t fit the sizes they should. Steer clear if you have larger hooks.

Most reviewers found these products unusable.


  • Suitable for small diameter hooks


  • Need to fill the hole of the grip with liquid soap to use
  • Users found this product didn’t fit larger diameter hooks
  • Once on your hook, it’s tough to remove.

These products, although cheap, have more cons than pros. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.

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