Crochet Borders – 15 You Need To Try & A Tutorial For Beginners

Liven up your crochet projects! Crochet borders are perfect for finishing anything. Dishcloths, blankets, cushions, you name it.

Read on for the best ones to try and how to do a basic one.

Double Crochet Border

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Best Easy Crochet Borders And Edgings – Free Crochet Patterns To Try

Here’s a list of the best easy crochet borders. They’re excellent for crochet blankets!

Note: All the stitch patterns are in US terms.


rnd- round

sc- single crochet

dc – double crochet

sl st – slip stitch

st – stitch

ch- chain

Single Crochet Border

This border is probably the most basic out of crochet borders. But it’s lovely.

Stitch Pattern

  • Repeat single crochet stitches as many times as necessary

Tutorial from Winding Road Crochet

Shell Crochet Border 

The shell stitch border is one of my favorites. I love the pretty waves.

Stitch Pattern

  • One slip st
  • One sc in the same stitch
  • *skip 1 st
  • Work five dc in next st
  • Skip 1 st
  • Work 1 sc in next st
  • Repeat from *

Tutorial – Shell Crochet Border with Tamara from Moogly

Crab Stitch Border

I used crab stitch on the edge of my crocheted beret. Crab stitch’s other name is reverse single crochet. (You learn something new every day!)

Tutorial – Learn How To Do The Crab Stitch With Marly Bird

Camel Stitch Border

It makes a lovely, uniform border with neat rows of stitches.

Stitch Pattern

To Start

  • Ch many as needed stitches
  • Ch 2 extras for turning. 

Row 1

  • In 3rd ch from hook, work one hdc (half double crochet)
  • Work 1 hdc in every chain until the end of row
  • Ch 2
  • Turn

Row 2

  • One hdc in 3rd loop
  • Repeat from * till the end of row
  • Ch 2
  • Turn

It’s continued in the video below.

Tutorial – Learn Camel Stitch By Bella Coco

Slip Stitch Border

This is a simple border, and it looks wonderful.

Stitch Pattern

Rnd 1

  • Ch 1
  • Work 1 sl st in each stitch around
  • Join to ch 1

Tutorial from YarnHookNeedles

Lacy Crochet Border

There are many lace crochet borders out there, but I’ve picked an easy one from Blossom Crochet for you to try.

Stitch Pattern

  • One rnd sc

Row 1

  • Ch 5
  • Skip two sts
  • One sc in 3rd stitch
  • * ch 4
  • Skip 2
  • 1 sc in third st
  • Repeat from * until the start of rnd
  • Sl st into the first ch
  • Row 2
  • Sl st into chain space
  • Ch 5
  • Sc in next chain space 

Tutorial by Blossom Crochet.

Rebekah is from the UK, so she uses UK stitch terminology but also gives the US terms.

Triangle Border

This is a fantastic border, as a picot border. Tamara Kelly from Moogly shows you how.

Stitch Pattern

Rnd 1

  • Ch 1
  • 1 sc in first st
  • Skip two sts
  • Work two dc in next stitch
  • Ch 1
  • 2 sc around the second dc post
  • In next stitch work one sc
  • Skip two sts
  • Work two dc in next st
  • Ch 1
  • 2 sc around the second dc post
  • In next st, work one sc
  • Keep making triangles around
  • Sl st to first sc.

Tutorial from Moogly.

Picot Crochet Border

This pattern is a gorgeous triple picot border.

Stitch Pattern

Rnd 1

  • Ch 1
  • sc in each stitch
  • In corners, work three sc
  • Join with sl st into first sc

Rnd 2

  • *Ch 5
  • In the same stitch work one sc
  • Ch 5
  • Work one sc in same space
  • Ch 5
  • Work one sc in same space
  • Ch 4
  • Skip five stitches
  • Work slip stitch in next stitch
  • Repeat from *

Tutorial by Bella Coco.

Puff Stitch Border

It’s one of the cutest crochet stitches and this edging pattern adds vibrancy to your crochet patterns.

Stitch Pattern

Round 1

  • Ch 2
  • 1 hdc in same st
  • *Sk next st
  • 1 hdc in next st
  • Hdc3tog around hdc post
  • * repeat between * * around to end
  • Sl st to top of 1st hdc
  • Hdc3tog around 1st st

Begin Puff Stitch

  • *Yo
  • Insert hook
  • Yo
  • Pull up a loop
  • * Repeat between * * 2 more times (7 loops on hook)
  • Yo
  • Pull through all loops on hook

Round 2

  • Sl st to next st
  • Ch 1
  • *1 sc in each st to corner
  • (1 sc, ch 1, 1 sc) in the corner,
  • * repeat between * * to end
  • Sl st to 1st st

Tutorial by Tonya Bush from Nana’s Crafty Home

Scalloped Crochet Border

A scalloped border is a shell stitch. Here’s a variation of the shell stitch. It’s called the double-shell stitch!

Stitch Pattern

Here’s Naztazia’s written-out pattern in PDF format.

Tutorial by Naztazia.

Ribbed Double Crochet Border

The ribbed crochet border is beautiful. It works great as a border for anything. 

Stitch Pattern

Row 1

  • Work a DC into any corner
  • Work four more DC into that corner, working down the side of the row
  • Work a DC into each ST until you reach the next corner
  • *Work 9 DC into the corner, working down the side of the row,
  • Work a DC into each ST until you reach the next corner
  • * repeat from *to* 3 times
  • When you reach your first corner, work four more DC into it
  • SLST to the first DC

Row 2-7

  • CH2
  • FPDC into the same stitch as you SLST to
  • BPDC in next ST
  • *FPDC in next ST
  • BPDC in next ST* repeat from *to* around the blanket until you reach the beginning of the row
  • SLST to the first FPDC.

Tutorial from Winding Road Crochet

Reverse Shell Stitch Border

This border is exactly what it sounds like, a reverse shell stitch. It’s like working the regular shell stitch but backward.

Tutorial from Heart Hook Home.

Chain Border

There are many borders with chains, but here’s one called the chain loop border. It looks beautiful, and you use different colors from each loop.

Stitch Pattern

To Start

  • Ch 1
  • 1 sc
  • Ch6
  • Remove crochet hook
  • Place chain forward
  • *With another color, sc in the next stitch
  • Ch 6
  • Place chain forward
  • Repeat from * for the number of colors you want to put in.
  • (3 colors, three chain repeats, four colors, four chain repeats.)

Tutorial from Naztazia.

Moss Stitch Border

This crochet border crochet looks like moss on a forest tree trunk. It’s lovely!

Stitch Pattern

Round 1

  • Attach yarn in any corner space
  • Ch 1 (doesn’t count as st) sc in same corner space
  • Ch 1
  • Miss a st
  • *Sc in next st
  • Ch 1
  • Skip a st
  • Repeat from * to next corner space.
  • **(sc, ch 2, sc) in corner sp
  • Ch 1
  • *Sc in next st
  • Ch1
  • Repeat from * to corner space
  • Repeat from ** twice more
  • Dc
  • Ch 2 in corner sp
  • Join to first sc with sl st

Round 2

  • Ch 1
  • Sc in same corner space
  • Ch 1
  • Miss a st
  • *Sc in next ch-1 sp
  • Ch 1
  • Miss a st
  • Repeat from * to next corner space
  • **(sc, ch 2, sc) in corner sp
  • Ch 1
  • *Sc in next ch-1 sp
  • Ch1
  • Repeat from * to corner space
  • Repeat from ** twice more
  • Sc
  • Ch 2 in corner sp
  • Join to first sc with sl st

Repeat round 2 until you reach your desired depth of border.

Tutorial from Bella Coco.

Herringbone Crochet Border

This crochet border crochet looks like it’s made of mini dots all looped together on a chain. Neat and uniform.

Stitch Pattern

  • Work 1 rnd of sc.

Row 1

  • In corner
  • Sl st
  • Ch 1
  • 2 herringbone hdc in same corner space
  • Work one herringbone hdc in each stitch across
  • Work 3 herringbone hdc in corners
  • Mark middle stitch
  • Work 1 herringbone hdc in the same space of beginning 2 herringbone hdc
  • Sl st in the first stitch.

Row 2: Repeat row 1. 

Note: for the corners after row 1, work the three herringbone hdc in the middle stitch you marked.

Tutorial from Winding Road Crochet.

Looking for something else to try? Look at vintage fan crochet edging. Here’s a tutorial.

How To Crochet Borders For Beginners

Yarns For Crochet Borders

You can use any yarn for borders!

Keeping Your Crochet Border Even

A border is hard to keep even. Making a granny square blanket isn’t as challenging, but rows are tedious and tricky. Here’s how to crochet evenly around your blanket.

Make a base round of single crochet in the blanket’s primary color. The crochet border looks nicer this way.

Make three sc in each corner!

Evaluate your progress. Too far apart stitches pucker, while too close together stitches ripple. Crochet through the stitch rather than around the raw edge of your blanket.

Keep your single crochet base edge even with the last stitch of the row.

If the last stitch of the row ends with:

  • Single crochet – 1 single crochet through that stitch
  • Half Double Crochet – 3 single crochets over three rows
  • Double crochet – 2 single crochets

It doesn’t always work perfectly, but it’s an excellent place to start.

Tips for Making Crochet Borders

  • Use a stitch marker to keep track of your rows.
  • Keep your yarn tails short so they don’t get caught in your stitches.
  • When working a border, always work into the same side of the chain at the beginning of each row.
  • Always make sure that you’re crocheting into the same side of every chain.


How To Crochet Borders Around A Corner

You usually need to add more stitches in the corners. Your pattern will tell you what stitches do in the corners. 

How Do You Crochet Borders And Edgings?

Check out the videos above to see some crochet border tutorials!

Why Should I Add a Border to a Crochet Blanket?

Adding a border to your work is the perfect way to hide mistakes on the edges. Besides, it makes your project prettier! 

How To Apply Crochet Borders To Fabric

Janie Crow teaches you how to add crochet borders to the fabric. She shows you a sewed chain stitch technique and blanket stitch as a foundation for your crochet.

How To Crochet Neat Borders

To crochet a good edge, make sure you keep your tension even! If something goes wrong, check out this video to learn how to fix it.

Learn how to fix edges with Ahsel Anne by Felicia

How Do You Crochet An Easy Border?

Here’s a video of 4 easy borders from Mode Bespoke.

Why Should I Add A Border To A Crochet Blanket?

Borders are a great way to add another little detail to your blankets. They’re also good at hiding mistakes in the edges and making them immaculate.

What Kind Of Border Should I Use?

It’s your preference! I think a lacy border would look great around a solid piece of fabric. If you’re looking for something more simple, use a more basic edge like the moss stitch of the sc border. 

How To Crochet Borders For Baby Blankets

All the borders in this article would be excellent for baby blankets. If you have a suggestion for a baby blanket edging, please share it with me!

How To Crochet Borders On Afghans

ALWAYS start with a round of sc. That makes the edging so much nicer and tidier. Then all you have to do is crochet the edging, and you’re done!

What Is Crochet Edging?

A crocheted edge! I’ve seen it done two ways.

  • Crocheted by itself to add on to other projects
  • Crocheted directly onto another piece of crochet.

How Do You Crochet A Pretty Border?

I think the prettiest type of border is lace. What’s your favorite border? Comment below!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this round-up of some beautiful crochet borders. Please let me know if you have any other cool edges for beginners, and I’ll add them to this post! Thanks for reading. 🙂

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