Top 100 Best Crochet Blogs, Crochet Websites & Best Crochet Bloggers

When deciding to learn Crochet, I started a list of bloggers to follow. After suggestions in online crochet groups and from friends, it grew.

Top 100 Crochet Blogs

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So my Top 100 Crochet Blogs post was born 🙂

Have any favorite bloggers not on the list? Let me know here or comment below. Thanks to everyone who gave contributions.

So get out those crochet hooks, find your favorite chair and enjoy the crocheting inspiration. 

Moogly Blog by Tamara Kelly

Tamara Kelly from Moogly

The word “moogly” was created by Tamara Kelly’s daughter when she was a toddler. She used it to describe anything silly.

When Tamara started a mommy blog a few years later, Moogly was a good fit! In 2011, Tamara opened a crochet and knit business, and Moogly got relaunched.


What We Love: Tamara’s crochet patterns are adorable. She writes patterns for shawls, hats, and baby sweaters. There is a library of crochet tutorials both in video and image form.

One of my favorite Crochet Blogs.

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Repeat Crafter Me by Sarah Zimmerman

Sarah Zimmerman from Repeat Crafter Me

About: Sarah has always been crafty and has had a love of art, crafts, and creating. In 2011 she taught herself how to crochet and seemed to have unleashed a hidden talent.

She quickly began designing pieces and writing patterns.

Repeat Crafter Me

What We Love: Sarah’s patterns are inspirational and colorful. There are some fantastic ideas for holidays and gorgeous ideas for kids to wear and accessories. Another one of the gorgeous crochet blogs around.

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A Boy and Bunting by Matt

Matt from Boy and Bunting

Matt loves to create gorgeous colorful crochet designs and crafts. He started blogging in 2011 with his first blog Crochet and Crafts According to Matt. Now he is regularly featuring his craft projects on this site.

Good news is he sifted through his more popular posts on his old site and has them on A Boy and Bunting.

A Boy and Bunting Blog

What We Love: Matt’s crochet patterns are fab! They are full of fun and color and of course there is a pattern for crocheted bunting! Check out his Crocheted Clock design, it’s adorable.

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TL Yarn Crafts by Toni

Toni from TL Yarn Crafts

About: Toni began her blog back in 2013 as a way to share her knowledge about all things crochet. Her passion led her to designing her own patterns. More recently she started a podcast.

TL Yarn Crafts

What We Love: Toni’s designs are delightful. You should definitely check out her Crochet A Longs, tutorials and her podcast. I love her pattern – The Veronica Cocoon Cardi, an oversized blanket sweater.

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Now you’ve found something great to read, why not try some crochet kits for beginners?

Petals To Picots by Kara

Kara from Petals To Picots

About: Kara’s love of crochet started when she was little and would sit and watch her grandmother crochet beautiful afghans, tablecloths, baby clothes, and much more.

When she was nine years old, her grandmother gave Kara her hook, which she still has 30 years later, she has been crocheting ever since.

From trying new patterns to designing her own, Kara always has got a crochet project stashed in her bag.

Petals To Picots

What We Love: There are some great patterns, tips, and tricks to be found on Kara’s site. If you are wanting to learn more about Tunisian crochet, there are some great tutorials.

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Hopeful Honey by Olivia Kent

Olivia Kent from Hopeful Honey

About: Hopeful Honey by Olivia is where makers gather to make crochet cool again and to change the world one stitch at a time.

As a crochet-wear company with a modern approach to a timeless art form, they are big advocates of the slow fashion movement. They believe fashion should be made with love and in a sustainable way.

Hopeful Honey

What We Love: There are some gorgeous patterns to try out such as ponchos, sun hats, backpacks, and sweaters. Olivia also provides easy-to-follow tutorials for different techniques.

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Pattern Paradise by Maria

Maria from Pattern Paradise

Maria has always loved to create. She remembers making Barbie Doll clothes from fabric scraps at 6. Crochet has been a passion since she was a kid. It’s led to sharing her patterns.

Pattern Paradise

What We Love: There is plenty to choose from on Pattern Paradise. Maria has many different styles and creations to inspire you. There are both free and paid patterns available.

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Annie's Crochet Afghan Block of the Month Club

Whistle and Ivy by Bethany

Bethany from Whistle and Ivy

About: Bethany’s passion for crochet clearly shows the dedication she has to creating so many beautiful patterns.

Whistle and Ivy

What We Love: There are some fabulous Crochet Alongs, creating Poca the Bear looks fun! Plenty of helpful tips and ideas to inspire you.

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Check out my guide to gifts for crocheters for ideas on spoiling yourself or a loved one 🙂

All About Ami by Stephanie

Stephanie from All About Ami

About: Stephanie loves to crochet, specifically Amigurumi. She’s been making them since she was 10, and the love of making them has only grown stronger over time.

All About Ami

What We Love: The photography is fantastic, bright and looks great. She’s talented when it comes to making Amigurumi. One of the top inspirational crochet blogs.

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The Stitchin Mommy by Amy Rammarine

Amy Ramnarine from The Stitchin Mommy

About: Amy Ramnarine is a freelance crochet designer and the owner/blogger behind The Stitchin’ Mommy. She has been crocheting since 2009 and knitting on and off since 2010.

She started this blog in 2012 to help promote her Etsy shop and her finished items. As the blog grew, she found herself solely focusing on designing patterns rather than selling finished items.

The Stitchin Mommy

What We Love: Lovely patterns both free and paid versions are available. Amy promotes giveaways and features other crochet designers.

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Knitter Knotter by Arunima

Arunima from Knitter Knotter

About: Arunima learnt to crochet as a teen and finds crocheting a stress buster. She loves to design with both regular and Tunisian crochet.

Knitter Knotter

What We Love: If you love different techniques and stitches when crocheting, Arunima has some wonderful Tunisian crochet patterns. The Vajra infinity scarf is lovely.

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CrochetKim by Kim Guzman

Kim Guzman from CrochetKim

Kim Guzman is a well-known author of Crochet pattern books. Many feature Tunisian crochet designs. Her business was established in 1998 and she continues to enjoy developing gorgeous patterns.


I Love: Since Kim has been designing for many years, there is plenty of patterns to choose from. (Paid and free.) Here you find helpful guides to both regular and Tunisian crochet stitches.

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One Dog Woof by Chiwei

Chiwei from One Dog Woof

About: Chiwei has been blogging full time for many years. Her blog has evolved over time and is now dedicated to crochet pattern designing.

One Dog Woof

I Love: Chiwei’s video tutorials are excellent! They’re clear and easy to understand. Her designs are modern and the amigurumi patterns are adorable.

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Outstanding Crochet by Natalia Kononova

Natalia Kononova from Outstanding Crochet

About: Natalia Kononova is a crochet and knitting designer based near Philadelphia, USA.

Outstanding Crochet

What We Love: Natalia’s designs are stunning! There are so many options for gorgeous sweaters, tees, skirts, dresses, bags, for little ones, home decor, and fiber jewelry.

The images are beautiful and there is so much detail in all the designs. You can literally spend hours, just browsing her gallery.

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LillaBjörns Crochet World by Tatsiana

Tatsiana from LillaBjörns Crochet World

About: Lilla Björn” means “little bear” in Swedish. Tatsiana originally studied journalism and opera singing. However, crocheting and knitting have always been a great passion of hers and she is a self-educated designer.

LillaBjörns Crochet World

What We Love: The designs for mandalas are exquisite. Tatsiana’s designs for home decor are also lovely. Many great patterns to choose from. Her wide variety of tutorials help your crocheting endeavors.

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Attic 24 by Lucy

Attic 24 Logo

About: Lucy, from Attic24, is a mum with three children. She lives with her family in a cozy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England.

Lucy has a passion for crochet and color and loves to share her creative journey. She hopes you enjoy your peek into her colorful little world!

Attic 24

What We Love: Lucy’s writing about her crochet adventures is really engaging. The Crochet Along posts are lovely to read as are the designs and ideas shared in each post.

Lucy has a strong readership who love her designs and projects.

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Nicki’s Homemade Crafts by Nicole Riley

Nicole Riley from Nickis Homemade Crafts

Nicole Riley provides free crochet pattern with many photos and usually a video. All her patterns are designed with functionality, and familiarity in mind. She’s inspired by nature and the everyday.

Nickis Homemade Crafts

What We Love: Niki’s posts about free crochet patterns are a good resource. Her tutorials focus on different techniques and the free patterns she designs are fun.

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Underground Crafter by Marie Segares

Marie Segares from Underground Crafter

About: Marie is a crochet and knitting blogger, podcaster and teacher. She learned to crochet from her maternal grandmother in the early 80s.

Underground Crafter

What We Love: Marie is a prolific crocheter and is someone who supports other crochet designers by regularly joining them together in a common event.

Her patterns and Crochet Alongs are gorgeous and her honest product reviews are helpful.

My Hobby Is Crochet by Kinga Erdem

Kinga Erdem from My Hobby Is Crochet

About: Kinga is a self-confessed crochet addict and is living in Germany with her husband and three children.

Her crochet adventure began back in 2012 when she created a Facebook page to share her work, links to free crochet patterns and crochet videos.

A year later she started her blog where she loves to do the same. Over the years she has met many wonderful people who share the same love of crochet.

My Hobby Is Crochet

What We Love: There are some resourceful posts on Kinga’s site. Free pattern roundups and helpful tutorials. Her designs are fun and colorful. Her site features designs from other creators which are worth a look.

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Marly Bird by Marlaina

Marlaina from Marly Bird

Marly learned to crochet in 1999 from her grandmother. Marly is now a well-known designer for crochet and knitting, teacher and the host of her popular Podcast; Yarn Thing.

Marly Bird

What We Love: Marly designs patterns for small to 3X. Her passion for showcasing other designers talents is evident in the interviews she conducts on her podcast.

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Heart Hook Home by Ashlea Konecny

Ashlea Konecny from Heart Hook Home

About: Ashlea created her blog to share her passion for yarn and crocheting. She also blogs about her home, food and her family’s personal experience of Congenital Heart Defect.

Heart Hook Home

I Love: Ashlea’s crochet designs are gorgeous and her tutorials are super helpful. Lots of great tips for those who are new to crochet. Ashlea also has a thriving Facebook community.

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Its All In A Nutshell by Esther

Esther from Its All In A Nutshell

About: Esther lives in The Netherlands. Crocheting is a big love of Esther’s. She hopes to inspire others with the topics she writes about and the crochet goodness she shares.

Its All In A Nutshell

What We Love: Esther has some fabulous video tutorials and her writing is engaging. It includes her own personal crafting journey and sometimes this involves travel. Her designs for wraps and shawls are lovely.

The CAL for Nuts About Squares is something I would love to make.

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Jessie At Home by Jessie Rayot

Jessie Rayot from Jessie At Home

In 2007, Jessie became a stay at home mom to twin girls. She started Jessie At Home to share stories of the girls with her family.

She began adding crafty posts, then patterns, and it kept evolving until it became a fun crochet, knit, craft and family blog.

Jessie At Home

I Love: There are some great stitch tutorials and free patterns available on Jessie’s site. She does product reviews too.

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Radiant Hooks at We Crochet

Ayarnyrobin by Nicola Florence

Nicola Florence from Ayarnyrobin

Niki adores crochet. She is mostly self-taught and has three boys. She loves her family, her garden, and her bike.


I Love: Niki’s patterns are lovely. The trio of cupcakes looks like fun to do. She provides some free patterns. Her designs for babies and toddlers are in her Etsy Shop. They look gorgeous.

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Lil Creates by Lillian

Lillian from Lil Creates

About: Lillian loves experimenting with new designs, colors, and yarns. Crocheted flowers or with a cuff or a button are often a feature of her designs.

A retired teacher who loves to writes and crochet wanted to share the work with a broader audience, and Lil Creates was born.

Lil Creates

What We Love: Lil loves to share all her crochet projects and she clearly loves to write. Her posts are engaging.

Lacy Crochet by Olga Poltava

About: Olga Poltava’s blog is all about lacy crochet, hence the name.

Lacy Crochet

What We Love: Olga has provided some excellent tutorials to support the patterns she’s designed. I’d love to create a lace doily one day.

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Lucia’s Fig Tree by Lucia

Lucia from Lucia's Fig Tree

About: Lucia is originally from a small village in northern Italy but has been living in Scotland for over 25 years.

She started to crochet when she was young during her summer holidays in Tuscany with her family under a massive Fig Tree.

It was an oasis for chatting, learning crochet, knitting plus cooking. Lucia has created a virtual Fig Tree where people can gather and create together.

Lucia's Fig Tree Crochet site

What We Love: On my wish list of projects I’d like to make is one of Lucia’s blanket designs – The Eastern Jewels blanket based on the original Persian Jewels blanket design by Janie Crowfoot. It is simply stunning!

There is plenty of inspiration and particularly color in Lucia’s designs. A feast for the eye.

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Arne and Carlos by Arne and Carlos

Arne and Carlos from Arne and Carlos

About: Scandinavians Arne Nerjordet and Carlos Zachrison are designers, textile artists, and authors. Their work is highly influenced by their Scandinavian background and their everyday life in rural Norway.

They work under their artist name ARNE & CARLOS, which they established in 2002.

Arne and Carlos

What We Love: More widely known for their knitting designs and projects, Arne and Carlos have a variety of patterns and tutorials for crochet.

Their step step instructions for a crocheted mandala are easy to understand and follow. Well worth taking a look.

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Knit and Crochet Ever After by Deja Joy

Deja Joy from Knit and Crochet Ever After

About: Deja Jetmir is the designer from Knit and Crochet Ever After. She has been crocheting for over 20 years, having been taught by her great-grandmother. Deja has been designing crochet patterns for over 8 years.

Knit and Crochet Ever After

I Love: Her patterns are worth a look and her videos tutorials are a wealth of information. If you’re a left-handed crocheter, you’ll be thrilled with the variety of tutorials available.

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ELK Studio by Kathy Lashley

Kathy Lashley from ELK Studio

About: Kathy Lashley has been crocheting for over 30 years. Her teacher taught her how to crochet. In December 2012, she wanted to start a small business. ELK stands for Emory Lashley Kathy.

She married Emory in 2009, and he has supported and given her encouragement.

ELK Studio

What We Love: There is plenty of pattern inspiration both free and paid to be found on Kathy’s site. Plus video tutorials and fun to do Crochet Alongs.

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Felted Button by Susan Carlson

Susan Carlson from Felted Button

About: Susan began crocheting as a nine-year-old, taught by her grandmother. Her first project was a long scarf for her father.

After many years later, she was inspired by some lovely crochet blogs, and picked up a hook and began crocheting again.

Felted Button

What We Love: Felted Buttons is packed full of colorful designs. Superb blankets, home decor patterns plus scarfs and hats. There are both free and paid patterns available.

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Crochet Memories by Cylinda

Crochet Memories Logo

About: Cylinda’s goal is to bring customers the enjoyment of working patterns they receive. Having enjoyed many other needle arts, she discovered her calling with crochet and almost everything else was forgotten.

She loves vintage patterns and the look of lace.

Crochet Memories

What We Love: My own grandmother crocheted beautiful doilies. If you love doileys then this site is full of inspirational patterns.

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Ellen Gormley by Ellen Gormley

Ellen Gormley from Ellen Gormley

About: Ellen Gormley designs easy crochet patterns helping you save money, using affordable yarns.

Ellen Gormley

What We Love: The tutorials Ellen creates are helpful and interesting. Her patterns are fun and easy to follow.

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Golden Lucy Crafts by Olena

Olena from Golden Lucy Crafts

About: GOlena loves crocheting, cooking, gardening, doing all kinds of crafts and she wishes she’d had more time for doing all these things.

She grew up in Ukraine, and Olena’s mother taught her how to knit and crochet when she was a young girl. Since then, knitting, crocheting, and sewing have been a part of her life.

Golden Lucy Crafts

What We Love: The patterns and tutorials Olena shares are wonderful. Lots of inspiration to be found here.

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MJs Off The Hook Designs by Michelle Moore

Michelle Moore from MJs Off The Hook Designs

About: Like many, Michelle was taught to knit at a young age by her grandmother. In Fall 2012 her daughter joined a knitting and crocheting club at school, and Michelle’s interest grew.

She picked up a how-to CD, some yarn and a couple of hooks, and her great love of crochet began.

MJs Off The Hook Designs

I Love: There are some fabulous crochet blanket patterns kids adore. The patterns Michelle designs have a modern look and use high-quality yarns.

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Two Hearts Crochet by Alex Mikkelborg

Alex Mikkelborg from Two Hearts Crochet

About: Alex helps you to expand your crafting potential by providing lots of free crochet patterns.

Over the last three years of crochet, she’s posted half a dozen crochet along projects and made about a hundred of little dolls based on her favorite fandom characters.

Two Hearts Crochet

What We Love: Alex’s patterns are fun and often as she herself describes as ‘geeky’. There are amigurumi patterns, crochet alongs, garments, scarves, home decor and patterns for pets.

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The Crochet Dude by Drew Emborsky

Drew Emborsky from The Crochet Dude

About: Drew Emborsky started this blog to showcase his favorite hobby; crochet. One thing led to another and he was designing knit and crochet patterns full time.

He has authored 9 books and has been featured on T.V. He teaches classes at fiber-related events and sometimes even cruises.

The Crochet Dude

What We Love: Drew’s crochet designs are wonderful. There is something for everyone. The designs for men are definitely worth taking a look at.

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CrochetObjet by Moran

Moran from CrochetObjet

About: Mo (Moran) is a textile designer, color enthusiast, and delighted with all things bright and beautiful.


What We Love: The patterns and designs Mo creates are so colorful and beautiful. The blankets surely captured my attention.

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Crafternoon Treats by Kathryn

Kathryn from Crafternoon Treats

About: Kathryn from Crafternoon Treats got back into craft later in life and has been sharing her passion for crochet on her blog and podcast. Inspired by her own Mum, who was an avid crafter.

Kathryn’s craft pursuits have bought much joy to her life.

Crafternoon Treats

What We Love: If you love crochet and podcasts then this site is for you! Kathryn has plenty of inspiration to offer.

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American Crochet by Mistie Bush

Mistie Bush from American Crochet

Mistie has 5 children who keep her busy and brings her joy regularly. She started crocheting in 2004 and began designing patterns in 2007. It didn’t take her long to realize this was her passion.

American Crochet

What We Love: Plenty of crafty goodness and crochet patterns available on Mistie’s site. Simple patterns to follow for bags, blankets and more.

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Crochetbug by Leslie Stahlhut

Leslie Stahlhut from Crochetbug

Leslie began blogging about her adventures of crochet from her kitchen counter in Raleigh, North Carolina. She hopes others join her on this journey moving forward one stitch at a time.


I Love: Leslie writes beautifully and her eclectic patterns are funky and fun. There are pattern tutorials and tips and tricks.

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Cream Of The Crop Crochet by Ashley

Ashley from Cream Of The Crop Crochet

It wasn’t until her mid-teens that Ashley became interested in crochet. Her mother taught her some techniques. Later her crocheting passion grew in earnest. The site is now operated by another passionate crafter Brittany Lynch.

Cream Of The Crop Crochet

What We Love: Lots of fun patterns to choose from dishcloths, blankets, home decor, garments and much more.

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Divine Debris by Amber

Amber from Divine Debris

About: Amber, the designer behind Divine Debris loves to crochet and design. Her mother taught her to crochet when she was little, but she didn’t pick it up again until she was in her 20’s and working in a craft store.

In her crochet journey, Amber found that she loves designing because of the creative aspect and is always thinking of new designs and drawing inspiration from just about everything.

Divine Debris

What We Love: Plenty of pattern inspiration found here. Amber features giveaways and roundups of different crochet patterns.

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Dadas Place by Dragana Savkov Bajic

Dadas Place Logo

About: Dragana Savkov Bajic, the crochet designer behind Dada’s Place and her crochet adventure, when she stumbled upon an amigurumi picture on the Internet and instantly fell in love with the cute little crochet animals.

Since then, Dragana has never put her hook down.

Dadas Place

What We Love: Dada’s Place is full of color and creativity. I particularly like the Fenya Vintage Blanket design. The amigurumi patterns that Dragana creates are gorgeous.

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Sons Popkes by Sonja van der Wijk

Sonja van der Wijk from Sons Popkes

About: Sonja van der Wijk was inspired by seeing crochet animals in a local shop was the inspiration for her to learn to crochet.

She adored the old school look and texture of these stuffed animals and immediately started fantasizing about which animals she would crochet and how they should look.

Her designs are all made with wool and the animals always have a playful element.

Sons Popkes

What We Love: You are bound to fall in love with the crochet animal patterns featured on Sonja’s site. They are truly adorable.


Magic With Hook and Needles by Vendula Maderska

About: Vendula used to knit in her childhood. Her Mum taught her how to knit and crochet. She made, what her Mum made, with patience and precision training.

She likes to show that crochet can be fun, colorful, fashionable and cool. She uses many details in her work and thinks that small detail can change something ordinary to something special!

Magic With Hook and Needles

What We Love: Vendula’s patchwork crochet patterns are delightful. I really like the modern take she has with her designs. They do look cool!

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Edie Eckman by Edie Eckman

Edie Eckman from Edie Eckman

About: Eddie Eckman is a knit and crochet teacher, designer and editor.

Edie Eckman

What We Love: Lots of skills to learn from the information found on Edie’s site.

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WeCrochet Yarns
So much variety to be found at We Crochet

Kerris Crochet by Kerri Brown

Kerris Crochet Logo

About: Kerri lives in Queensland, Australia and was taught to crochet by her Grandmother when she was a child. She has won awards for her crocheting in the past and has continued to crochet throughout her life.

Kerris Crochet

What We Love: There are some great tutorials for beginners. Kerri’s designs feature crochet applique for animals, vehicles, home decor and accessories.

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Ambassador Crochet by Kristine

Kristine from Ambassador Crochet

About: Kristine began designing patterns in 2007 when a friend of hers had a baby. She spent two weeks looking for a preemie blanket she liked, but couldn’t find what she was looking for.

So, instead, Kristine set out on a journey to create something that appealed to her own tastes. She realized she loved designing and has never looked back.

Ambassador Crochet

What We Love: Kristine’s stitch guides are super helpful. A proud member of the Amercian Crochet Guild, she is supportive of other crochet designers and encouraging of anyone wanting to take on the craft of crochet.

Her writing is engaging and her posts cover interesting topics. Lots of patterns to choose from too.

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Cherry Heart by Sandra Paul

Sandra Paul from Cherry Heart

About: Sandra lives in a little village in Bedfordshire with Bertie, miniature dachshund and Stanley, her affectionate cat and home is her favorite place to be. Her interests include crochet, knitting and thinking up new pattern ideas

Cherry Heart

What We Love: Sandra’s experiments with different yarns and patterns are wonderful. Her podcast covers lots of crafty goodness including crochet, knitting, sewing and other crafts.

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Keep Calm And Crochet On UK by Heather

Heather from Keep Calm And Crochet On The UK

About: Heather is a busy working wife and a mum of two young daughters and lives in Staffordshire, UK.

Her blog is a place to share her love of all things yarny; mainly writing about her crochet and other crafty things, but she also likes to share little stories about her family and fun activities to do with children.

Keep Calm And Crochet On UK

What We Love: Heather is extremely active within Crochet community. She regularly attends events and supports others. Her Crochet Alongs are wonderful and are sure to help you build your skills.

Beautiful selection of patterns for amigurumi, baby/kids wear and blankets.

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Sweet Potato 3 by Christine

Christine from Sweet Potato 3

About: Christine is the voice and the designer behind Sweet Potato. Her Grandmother passed down the ability to crochet and taught her how. She began designing patterns in 2011.

She loves crocheting, but what she likes doing the most, is designing.

Sweet Potato 3

What We Love: There are some wonderful Crochet Alongs to enjoy. Christine’s patterns for babies, blankets, kids wear, hats, shawls and garments are lovely. I’d love to try the Dream Catcher.

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Want more inspiration? See my post on crochet magazines.

Oui Crochet by Susie

Oui Crochet Logo

About: Susie is the writer and pattern designer for Oui Crochet. Her site is full of patterns, tutorials, and information on all things Crochet!

Oui Crochet

What We Love: There are plenty of patterns to choose from and also from different designers Susie has featured in her Link parties in the past.

Her stitch tutorials are easy to follow with big pics to make it easier to see what to do. I’ve not come across the Tulip stitch before so I’m keen to give that a go.

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Blackstone Designs by Sonya

Sonya from Blackstone Designs

About: Sonya Blackstone learned some basic crochet when she was in her late teens. She picked it up again in her twenties and hasn’t stopped. The crochet bug is with her.

She loves to create new and lovely items. She likes all crafts, and loves to use her imagination to make fun things!

Blackstone Designs

What We Love: Sonya’s designs often feature holiday inspiration. There are patterns for hats, gloves, accessories, mittens, and bags.

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The Dream Crochet Blog by Ashlee Elle

Ashlee Elle from The Dream Crochet Blog

About: Ashlee Elle is the voice behind The Dream Crochet Blog. Her blog was created to share the love she has for crochet, crafts, DIY as well as personal everyday style.

The Dream Crochet Blog

What We Love: Ashlee’s designs are full of color. The patterns she shares are fabulous garments that show off her creative talents.

Twitter | Instagram

CraftyRie by Marie Biswell

Marie Biswell from CraftyRie

About: Marie aka Rie lives in Hobart, Tasmania in Australia. She has a passion for crochet and sewing. Her blog was her way to share her talents for creating and to be more connected to other crafters.


What We Love: Rie’s sense of humor shines through her writing. There are lots of patterns to encourage you on your crocheting journey.

Find CraftyRie On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Annaboos House by Sarah Shrimpton

Sarah Shrimpton from Anaboos House

About: Sarah Shrimpton is a writer, blogger and designer. She has authored many books, such as Super Size Crochet and Beginner’s Guide To Crochet.

Annaboos House

What We Love: Sarah’s love for designing crocheted garments, accessories and home decor shines through in the patterns she shares.

Her books have some fabulous projects and she offers a wide variety of free patterns. Her Youtube tutorials cover a range of techniques.

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Damn It Janet Lets Crochet by Janet

Janet from Damn It Janet Lets Crochet

About: Janet is a crochet designer and blogger and is based in California. Her passion is amigurumi and baby items.

Damn It Janet Lets Crochet

The Wool Nest by Lynne Rowe

Lynne Rowe from The Wool Nest

About: Lynne Rowe is a knit and crochet fanatic and can’t imagine a day without picking up her needles or hook and creating something cool.

One of her main aims is to create designs that are perfect for using up the odd ball of yarn and reduce wastage.

The Wool Net

What We Love: Lynne writes eloquently and truly loves to share her knowledge of crafting with others. She loves to interview different people on her podcast.

Her patterns are lovely and her tips and handy hints are helpful.

Find The Wool Nest On Twitter | Instagram

MoCrochet by Melinda Miller

Melinda Miller from MoCrochet

Melinda is a crochetaholic. When she’s not crocheting, she likes to spend time with her mum, and her stash of yarn! Her passions in life are family, crochet, and her grandkids are her heart.


What We Love: Melinda’s Afghan designs are colorful and fun. The All Tied Up blanket is super cute.

Find MoCrochet On Facebook | Twitter

Twinkie Chan by Twinkie Chan

Twinkie Chan from Twinkie Chan

About: Twinkie Chan designs and crochets fun, food-themed accessories like cupcake scarves, hamburger mitts, and hot dog purses.

She lives in San Francisco with dogs and a rainbow wall of yarn. A well-known Crafting author who has had a number of books published.

Twinkie encourages everyone to have fun with their crafting and their fashion so that we can all feel yummy and make the world a more delicious place!

Twinkie Chan

What We Love: Twinkie’s designs of replicas of food are truly amazing! The crocheted donut foot pouf is gorgeous and the valentine’s day cookies are fab. Looking through Twinkie’s creations just makes me smile.

Find Twinkie Chan On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Crochet Spot by Rachel Choi

Rachel Choi from Crochet Spot

About: Rachel Choi founded Crochet Spot in 2009, right out of her Philadelphia home, as an adventure to share her crochet patterns with the world, and help others to crochet along the way.

Crochet Spot has hundreds of crochet patterns and tutorials.

Crochet Spot

What We Love: Crochet Spot has a number of writers along with founder Rachel who all bring their own specialties to the content on the site. There are many tutorials and a huge variety of patterns on offer.

Find Crochet Spot On Facebook | Twitter

Beatrice Ryan Designs by Elena Hunt

Elena Hunt from Beatrice Ryan Designs

About: When Elena was ten, her grandmother taught her to crochet, and A Granny Square pattern was her first project. The site is named after Elena’s grandmother.

She invites you to join her in the journey, passed down from generation to generation of keeping alive the skills and beauty of crochet!

Beatrice Ryan Designs

What We Love: The Mystery Afghan Crochet Alongs look great. Elena’s patterns range from scarfs, cowls, shawls, accessories, and bags plus much more.

Find Beatrice Ryan Designs On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Connie’s Spot by Connie Hughes

Connie Hughes from Connies Spot
Connies Spot

What We Love: If you love to make handmade toys and crochet is your passion, there is so much inspiration to be found in Connie’s patterns. She has generously provided free patterns and has paid patterns to her popular designs.

Find Connie’s Spot On Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

Crochet Between Worlds by Michelle and Anne

Crochet Between Worlds Logo

About: Michelle and Anne have been friends for ages even though they live on different sides of the world (Australia and Germany).

They share a common passion which is crochet (hence the blog name) but they also blog about Australia, Germany, food and other stuff they like too.

Crochet Between Worlds

I Love: If you love color, the patterns on this site are lovely. There are no featured pics on their pattern page, you need to click on each link.

Facebook | Instagram

The Magic Of Crafting

The Magic Of Crafting Logo

About: This site aims to share great free patterns and crochet tutorials.

The Magic Of Crafting

What We Love: The Magic of Crafting has some gorgeous free patterns available. The tutorials would suit someone who has some basic crocheting knowledge.

Find The Magic Of Crafting On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube

Honouring M.E. Crochet Blog by Seona

Seona from Honouring M.E. Crochet Blog

About: Seona began crocheting to honor her Grannie. She know helps and teaches others to learn the art of crochet.

Honouring M.E. Crochet Blog

What We Love: So many patterns to choose from. Seona offers tutorials as well that cover different techniques and how to read a crochet pattern.

Find Honouring M.E. Crochet Blog On Facebook | Instagram

Little Yarn Friends by Rachel

Rachel from Little Yarn Friends

About: Rachel started her blog back in 2012. It is a place for her to keep track progress of various crafting projects as well as an outlet for her to escape from the never-ending pressure of adulthood.

Little Yarn Friends

What We Love: Rachel’s patterns are all about Little Yarn Friends. Her amigurumi patterns are sweet. I love the Lil’ Monsters pattern.

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | PYouTube

Sophie and Me by Ingunn Santini

Ingunn Santini from Sophie and Me

Angunn Santini is Norwegian, living outside Rome with her Italian husband. Her mother taught her to sew, knit and crochet. Her father taught her to fish, climb a mountain, set tiles, carpentry and paint.

Sophie and Me

What We Love: Although not actively blogging, there are still some great patterns to be found designed by Ingunn. Her Etsy Shop and Ravelry store feature wonderful crocheted shoe patterns.

Find Sophie and Me On Facebook | Pinterest

By Midknight Designs by Jennifer Christensen

Jennifer Christensen from By Midknight Designs

About: Jennifer Christensen was taught to crochet at a young age. On her site she shares her pattern designs and some of her own personal stories.

By Midknight Designs

What We Love: Jennifer is fond of the crocodile stitch and many of her patterns feature this unique stitch. She also has amigurumi patterns and accessories and garments.
Find By Midknight Designs On Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

Crochet In Color by Elizabeth Pardue

Elizabeth Pardue from Crochet In Color

About: Elizabeth lives in North Carolina and used her blog to share her creative side and love of crochet and knitting.

Crochet In Color

What We Love: Although not actively blogging, there are still some great free patterns to be found designed by Elizabeth.

Find Crochet In Color On Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

The Crochet Crowd by Michael Sellick

Michael Sellick from The Crochet Crowd

About: This site is all about free crochet patterns and tutorials. The owner of the site and host of the tutorials is Michael. He has created a Studio in Novia Scotia and has been operating The Crochet Crowd since 2008

The Crochet Crowd

What We Love: Mikey’s tutorials are easy to follow and the patterns he shares are fun to do. One of the most helpful Crochet blogs for learning new techniques.

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube


Love Crochet? Well, yes, but this is a crochet supplies store that has a blog and a huge collection of content on everything crochet.


I Love: Clean and minimalistic, this site is nice on the eyes. There’s a selection of amazing free patterns available, not to mention a great selection of supplies for your crocheting needs.

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

B.Hooked Crochet by Brittany

Brittany from B.Hooked Crochet

About: B Hooked Crochet is a crochet & knitting site with a wealth of information on both beautiful crafts. Take a poke around and see what content you can find.


What We Love: A selection of free patterns, an ever-growing list of video tutorials and plenty of helpful articles. A lot is going for the site. Brittany has an excellent podcast, called BHooked Podcast.

One of the best Crochet Blogs for getting tips and help on techniques.

Find B.Hooked Crochet On Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

Craft Gossip

Craft Gossip Logo

About: This Crochet blog, run by the popular crafting blog and website, Craft Gossip, is a favorite of many people’s for a reason. They are always consistent with their quality.

Craft Gossip

What We Love: Something that they do is they have lots of pattern roundups, where they collect all sort of great patterns on a particular subject of crochet — packed with valuable content, well worth a look.

Find Craft Gossip On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Sara-Jayne Fragola

Sarah-Jayne Fragola from Bella Coco

About: A lifestyle and crochet blog run by Sarah-Jayne, a therapist from the UK. She’s been blogging for about eight years now, and Sarah-Jayne loves to craft.

Bella Coco

What We Love: With a focus on crafting and crochet, Sarah-Jayne is passionate and likes to share with others. The photography is fabulous.

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube


CGOA Now Logo

About: CGOA Now is the blog of the CGOA or the Crochet Guild Of America. An organisation that has been going for many years now, they offer a brilliant way for people to connect with like-minded others


What We Love: Connecting with other crocheters is a bonus, but they have hundreds of tutorials and other freebies. Combined with their excellent blog, which has insights and content galore.

Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube

Crochet Dreamz by Shehnaaz

Shehnaaz from Crochet Dreamz

About: Shehnaaz, who was always moving cities and countries due to the nature of her husband’s job, for her, starting a crochet blog was a piece of solace.

Now, many years on, it’s evolved into a successful site, and she’s now a pattern designer. But she still hasn’t lost sight of what crochet means to her.

Crochet Dreamz

What We Love: The slogan of Crochet Dreamz is “Trendy Crochet Patterns,” mixing the timeless craft of crochet with modern touches and colours.

We think it’s a winning combination. A top pick with our readers for best crochet blogs.

Find Crochet Dreamz On Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Crochetverse by Stephanie Pokorny

Stephanie Pokorny from Crochetverse

About: Crochetverse. A universe of crochet, imagine that! What wouldn’t there be to love? Well, Crochetverse isn’t exactly that, but it’s a website full of information and tips.


What We Love: Tips, tutorials, patterns and more abound here! The trouble is knowing where to start reading!
Find Crochetverse On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube

Crochet Australia by Lynda

About: This is an online store that sells information and a wide range of books, hooks, threads and supplies.

Crochet Australia

What We Love: The tutorials and tips are helpful.

Find Crochet Australia On Facebook

Lyns Crafts by Marily Smith

Lyns Craft Logo

About: Marily Smith is the creator of the craft store Lyn’s Crafts. She’s originally from the Philippines, and creating crochet patterns for Lyn’s Crafts is her full-time job. She wouldn’t have it any other way.

Lyns Crafts

What We Love: They share great free patterns! But a real highlight of the blog is the helpful tutorials and information on crochet. There’s a wealth of knowledge that’s bound to be useful.

Find Lyns Crafts On Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

Knitting and Crochet by Mike and Amy

Mike and Amy from Knitting and Crochet

About: Knitting & Crochet is run by a wife and husband team Amy & Mike. Amy is the in-house craft expert, and Mike loves tech and photography. They both love sailing, travel, and sustainability.

Knitting and Crochet

I Love: Packed with info and patterns, which are created by Amy with incredible skill and detail. One feature that we like is they teach you how to do specific crochet stitch.

AmiguruMEI by Mei

Mei from AmiguruMEI

About: Mei is a Japanese woman who loves to crochet Amigurumi, which is where the name of her blog, amiguruMEI came from. We think the name is brilliant.


What We Love: amiguruMEI has a nice, clean look to it, and the photos are gorgeous. She’s generous in the fact she publishes many patterns for free that must have taken her hours to do!

Find AmiguruMEI On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


Yarnspirations Logo

Yarnspirations is a successful yarn, knitting, and crochet supplies site. They’re known for having high-quality materials and yarn. You can find all sorts of goodness and inspiration on their blog.


I Love: They post frequently, and in their blog posts is some helpful, fun content to look forward to.

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube


Berroco Logo

Berroco Inc. is a yarn dyer, manufacture and design studio based in Uxbridge, Massachusetts. This is their blog where you can get a behind the scenes look at their processes, and much more.


I Love: They publish great articles containing free patterns, Q&As with creators, helpful tutorials and more. A great site if you’re wondering how the yarn you use to crochet is made!

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube

ACCROchet by Julie

Julie from ACCROchet

Julie Desjardins is a French-Canadian crochet designer who loves everything crochet and creative. The name of her blog, ACCROchet, comes from the French word “accro” meaning addict.


I Love: Julie loves to make modern, colorful crochet patterns. Her site has helpful product and book reviews, as well as offering crochet workshops.

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Emma Varnam

Emma Varnam from Emma Varnams blog

A successful knit and crochet designer with more than ten years in her field, Emma Varnam loves to make. She says she can’t sit down without a crochet needle or knitting needles in her hands!

Emma Varnams blog

I Love: Emma has created several books on crochet, all with positive reviews. She also has several helpful video tutorials. Her writing style and blog posts are a joy to read.

Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | YouTube

Fiber Flux by Jennifer Dickerson

Jennifer Dickerson from Fiber Flux

FiberFlux, a site about all things “Stitchy” belong to Jennifer, a knitter, and crocheter. She has a background in fine art, having been a painter for several years.

Fiber Flux

I Love: An excellent blog for everything fiber arts, she regularly publishes exclusive, great tutorials for easy crafts. The pattern roundups she releases are helpful too.

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube

The Little Treasures by Maya Kuzman

Maya Kuzman from The Little Treasures

Maya Kuzman is a textile and crochet pattern designer, who loves all things bohemian. She loves to be creative and share her work, and she always turns out amazing pieces.

The Little Treasures

I Love: She’s extremely creative and talented at what she does. Mixing vintage styles with a bohemian flair makes for some fantastic creations.

Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Look At What I Made by Dedri

Dedri from Look At What I Made

Dedri from Look What I Made wasn’t always the enthusiastic crocheter she is. She used to be passionate about baking. Dedri still bakes, but her days are consumed by fantastic projects.

Look At What I Made

I Love: A highlight of her blog is where she spotlights talented creators and patterns. Many said her newsletter is excellent and packed with goodies. Many of our reader’s best crochet blogs.

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

My Recycled Bags by Cindy

My Recycled Bags Logo

Cindy, or RecycleCindy as she is known on her blog, was always enthusiastic about helping the environment and crochet. In 2008, created My Recycled Bags, combining both those loves.

My Recycled Bags

Did you find some new crochet bloggers to follow? Great! I’m glad you’ve found some inspiration. Please share the post with others so they can too.

Did you find that your favorite crochet blogger wasn’t on the list? Oh no! Please tell me in the comment section or the contact form.

Looking for more inspiration? See here.

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64 thoughts on “Top 100 Best Crochet Blogs, Crochet Websites & Best Crochet Bloggers”

  1. What an awesome list! Thanks for putting this together! I enjoy Sweet Potato 3 Believe her name is Cristine oh and also she’s Sweet Potato 3 on youtube!

    • I really enjoyed putting this list together, so many wonderful, hard working crochet bloggers out there. Thanks so much for your suggestion. I will be sure to go and check her out now and add this to the list.

    • Ooh love the name of your inclusion Beth. I will add Dream Crochet now as I have just checked out her inspiring designs.

    • Yes indeed Irene. I’ve just looked up Amigurumei. What adorable crochet amigurumi. I have added your suggestion. Cheers

  2. Some of my favorites are on there for sure, but I was sad to see that Jennifer Pionk of A Crocheted Simplicity wasn’t on the list. Her work is amazing, and her instructions are so clear. She’s also very available to help if you get stuck on a pattern, which is awesome.

    • Hi Mary. Thanks so much for sharing. I will search for Jennifer’s site to take a look. Thanks for your recommendation. 🙂

  3. Hi! I love your list, you have some of my favorite blogs listed. Thanks!
    I’d love to see YARNutopia by Nadia Faud added. She is just wonderful!
    She creates her own designs and on her youtube channel, she walks you through the entire piece. She’s quickly becoming one of my favorites.
    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Barbara. Thanks so much for getting in touch and for sharing your favorite blogger. Your suggestion will make this list even better. I am off to take a look now at Nadia’s blog. 🙂

  4. Great article! I plan to check out every blog I don’t already follow. I also think you would like A Crafty Concept. I have purchased several of her patterns. She is wonderful and fun!

    • Hi Leisa. Thanks so much for sharing your favorite blogger. So good to hear that you have some new ones to check out. I am heading off now to check out A Crafty Concept. 🙂

    • Thanks so much for sharing your favorite blogger Susanna. I will take a look now. So many new bloggers to check out and to make this list even better. Cheers Jodie 🙂

  5. This is wonderful! And double wonderful to find several friends on here! What a fun way to gather this community together! If you have time, I would love to be considered in future lists. 🙂

    • Hi there Kati. Lovely to meet you. So glad you have found your friends on this list. Thank you for sharing your blog. I am off to take a look now. Happy Crocheting 🙂

    • Hi Cheyenne. Thanks for sharing your favorite The Hook Nook. It will make this list even better 🙂 I am off to check the blog out now. Cheers Jodie

    • Thanks so much Annette for sharing your favorite Crochet Blogger. I’m off to take a look at Daisy Farm Crafts, thanks for making this list even better. Cheers Jodie 🙂

    • Thanks Louise. Great to hear! That’s another vote for Daisy Farm Crafts! Thanks for sharing your favorite Crochet Blog. Cheers Jodie 🙂

    • Thanks so much Ruby for making this list even better! I will take a look now at Rebecca’s site. Thanks also for your kind words. I hope my post is helpful for crocheters to find inspiration. Cheers Jodie 🙂

    • Hi Mari Beth. Thanks so much for sharing the blog that inspired you. Off to take a look at Crochet With Raymond now. Cheers Jodie 🙂

  6. This is a great list but I was surprised to see no mention of Daisy Farm Crafts….They have the best baby blanket patterns. Some other favorites…..Little Duck Crochet, Little Dove Designs, and Daisy Cottage Designs.

    • Hi Wendy. Thanks so much for sharing your favorites. I will be busy updating my list with even more wonderful Crochet Bloggers. Cheers Jodie

  7. Thank you for compiling this list, I am positive I will collect many ideas to work on from these sites. Have you heard about Jonah? He is an amazing 11 year old boy who crochetes amazing items. His page is called Jonah’s Hands. He creates many beautiful items and has built a library and science labs in Ethiopia where he was born. Such an amazing inspiration he is.

    • Hi Tracy. Thanks so much for sharing your favorite blogger. I will be sure to include Jonah in the list. What an inspiration.

  8. I loved this thanks. I would like to add a few. Basically free or mostly free patterns along with sharing.
    Grace and Yarn
    Winding Road Crochet
    Chai Coffee crochet
    Free Amigurumi Patterns

  9. Wow, what a great list and so many that I’ve never visited before! I agree with others that Daisy Farm Crafts is probably my top favorite—especially for blankets—but also for her large stitch library with video tutorials. My other favorite blog I didn’t see mentioned is Mama In A Stitch. Jess has modern patterns that are simple but incredibly beautiful.

    • Thanks so much Vee for sharing these inspirational bloggers. Great to hear another vote for Daisy Farm Crafts. I will be working on my post to include these blogs. Cheers Jodie

    • Thanks so much Jean for sharing your favorite crochet blogger. I’m off to take a look at Jayda in Stitches on Youtube.

  10. What a wonderful list! Thank you for reviewing and posting these blogs. I plan to spend many hours checking some that are new to me. Also, I encourage you to look up Wilma Westenberg, a designer of beautiful all free designs and the easiest tutorials to follow.

    • Thanks so much Holly for your suggestion to include Wilma Westenberg. Wilma’s designs and tutorials are wonderful! I will get busy. Cheers Jodie

    • Thanks so much Alexa for sharing your favorite Crochet blogger. I am off to search for that site now. Cheers Jodie


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