Annies Kit Club Review – Are The Monthly Crochet Kit Clubs Worth It?

By Jodie Morgan

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I’ve always wanted to try out a Crochet Club or subscription box to improve my technique and learn new crochet skills. Here I share my review of Annie’s Kit Club, and the boxes they offer. I made a color block basket for the month I tried of Annie’s Hook & Needle Club with knitting and crochet options. I crocheted mine!

Annie's Kit Club review

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In this review, I’ll be exploring the quality and variety of projects, the value for money, the level of customer service, and the overall crocheting experience. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or just starting out, I hope this review will help you decide whether Annie’s Kit Clubs is the right choice for you. Are these subscription kits worth it? Let’s find out!

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Annies Kit Clubs About Page

Creating something new and meaningful is fulfilling. Annie’s removes roadblocks so you can focus on creating.

Designed for every crafter and skill level. A Kit Club delivers ready-to-go craft kits to your home every month! Super convenient.

Annie’s is a crafting kits company based in the United States.

My Annie’s Hook & Needle Kit Club Review

Unboxing Annie’s Hook & Needle Club Color-Block Basket

Mail package for the Annie's Color-block basket kit

I received the Color-block basket by mail in a soft plastic parcel bag. Annie’s have cleverly branded parcel bags.

The “open for inspiration” packaging is fun! You know who the parcel is from and I got excited, wondering what goodies were inside.

Once opened, it was easy to see the contents in the kit, as the outer bag was transparent.

Color-block Kit from Annie's Hook & Needle Club with pattern book

The Kit Included

  • Acrylic worsted weight yarn (Symbol 4)
  • Pattern book
  • Two larger skeins of cool grey – for the bottom and 1/2 of the entire basket
  • Two smaller skeins of warm grey – for the middle section
  • Two smaller skeins of marshmallow (white)- for the top and handles
The grey and white yarns packaged

What I Already Had

  • K/6.5mm crochet hook
  • Tapestry needle
  • Stitch markers

I used my Furls Pisces J/6.0mm hook. It made my stitches smaller.

Annie's branded Acrylic yarns - 2 large cool grey skeins, 2 small warm grey skeins and 2 marshmallow white skeins

I love crocheting with my Furls Resin Streamline hooks. They feel comfortable in my hand, and they’re beautiful too.

My Pisces hook is navy blue with swirls of silver.

Reading through the pattern booklet, I was confident I could follow the instructions and complete the basket easily.

The Crochet Color-Block Basket is great for beginners because it uses

  • Single Crochet
  • Single crochet in the back loop
  • Reverse single crochet

Annie’s has an online stitch guide with helpful pictures and videos.

To create the basket, I held two strands of yarn together. This was easy, as the kit contained two balls of each color.

One thing that I couldn’t do easily was starting with a slip ring (aka the magic loop) and working six single crochet stitches into the ring.

The slip ring otherwise known as magic ring for the beginning of the crocheted basket

This took many attempts.

Though there was a picture of how to do this in the pattern booklet, I needed further help with Annie’s video tutorial.

I’d not made the magic loop in crochet, so this was tricky.

I got it sorted, and created stitches to make rounds for the bottom of the basket. After the initial frustration, it was easy going for the rest of the basket walls and the handles section.

The first 10 crocheted rounds of the bottom

I enjoyed crocheting the handles. They were easy with single crochet stitches chain stitches. Using reverse crochet for the top edge of the basket was fun. It created a lovely finished edge.

10 crocheted rounds with my Pisces Furls Hooks and 2 skeins of cool grey yarn

What I Loved

  • The acrylic yarn was soft
  • I liked the flecks of white in the cool grey and warm grey
  • It added an interesting effect to the finished basket
  • The pattern was straightforward to follow
  • Clear step-by-step instructions
crocheted bottom before the walls of the basket begin

The digital stitch guide, picture tutorials and videos helped when I got stuck, like with the slip ring (magic loop) technique.

There was plenty of yarn, so I didn’t run out.

The walls of the Annie's Kit Club basket beginning in cool grey yarn

The basket looked great!

Holding two strands of the yarn together created a thick fabric.

The basket makes a

  • Versatile craft project container
  • Yarn holder
  • For storing items like hand towels rolled up for a bathroom display or toys
Walls in cool and warm grey and the handles started

You could use the pattern again to knit the basket.

Instructions for crochet and knitting are included in the booklet.

This basket makes a lovely gift. You could choose colors matching the gift recipient’s home decor.

What I Didn’t Like

My frustration with the slip ring. Like anything new, it takes practice. I have to remember to breathe in these moments!

The knot in the cool grey skein

I was disappointed to find knots in the cool grey yarn and marshmallow yarn. One happened as I was doing the handle!

Knot in the white yarn

I redid the knot to make sure it was secure and trimmed it.

Trimmed knot after re-tying

What Could Be Improved

There was no link in the pattern booklet for the Digital Stitch Guide.

I googled “Annie’s Stitch Guide” and found this link.

The handle before the finish

This page has all the stitch guides produced by Annie’s for different crafts. I clicked on the Crochet Stitch Guide at this link.

Is The Annie’s Hook & Needle Kit Club Worth it?

Annie's Hook & Needle Club Crochet color-block basket kit completed by me in greys and white

I highly recommend the Annie Crochet Hook & Needle Kit Club, as it has good quality yarn and fun projects to try you may not have thought.

Think of all the time you’d save not having to scroll through Pinterest and patterns! Or choosing and buying the yarn.

This kit club is affordable at $19.99 per 4 weeks, and you aren’t locked in for a set amount of months.

It’s fun to see the different projects and yarn arrive each month like a gift! If you need help with the stitches, Annie’s comprehensive tutorials are easy to understand. Why not join today?

A kit may have a more expensive price than buying the materials, but that’s not the point. It’s like a form of a gift arriving at the same time on your doorstep every month! Makes a great surprise.

Most customers love it for the variety of types of projects they can try. That’s just one of the reasons why this product is popular!

Kits can be returned to the store and there’s no minimum commitment.

Caring Crochet Kit Club

Caring Crochet Club

What if crocheting helped others? Sure! This monthly kit subscription includes all the instructions and yarn you need to make projects for a good cause.

You can donate your handmade gift to a good cause that’ll give it to someone in need.

Crochet Block Afghan Block-Of-The-Month Crochet Club

Crochet Afghan Block Club

This monthly subscription contains yarn, patterns, and online tutorials for making an afghan. You receive 11 kits. The first kit covers the basic stitches. As they progress, you learn more complicated stitch patterns.

Here are the color variations to choose from.

  • Lake House
  • Meadow Lane
  • Natural Pearl
  • Warm Sand
  • Coastal Gray

Crochet Mandala Afghan Club

Crochet Mandala Afghan Club

Get all the yarn you need to make this gorgeous afghan. This 10-month series is guided by patterns, video tutorials, and instructions.

The first kit includes yarn, patterns, and a free digital stitch guide.

The only downside is the kit only features one color option.

Crochet Striped Afghan Club

Crochet Striped Afghan Club

You’ll get all the yarn you need to crochet an afghan. Videos and instructions make them great for a year-long project.

First kit includes yarn and patterns for 3 stripes plus a free stitch guide. You’ll make 30 stripes total. In the final kit, you’ll learn how to add the border and finish your throw.

These are the pattern versions you choose from.

  • Cozy Cottage
  • Seaside
  • Natural Purl
  • Christmas Candy
  • Seaside

Moroccan Tile Crochet Afghan Club

Moroccan Tile Crochet Afghan Club

Create a beautiful afghan inspired by the beautiful geometric artwork and architecture of Morocco. It makes a stunning home decor piece!

In a similar fashion to their other blanket kits, you make a tile each month. The final kit is for completing the border and putting all the squares together.

These are the color themes you select from.

  • Floating Lanterns
  • Natural Pearl
  • Midnight Mosaic
  • Casablanca

Other Annie’s Kit Clubs

Here’s a rundown of their other clubs, and what they’re great for!

There’s something for anyone, from painting, beading, cardmaking, to an idea for your next handmade home décor piece.

Making something is special, and that’s why a grandmother knit sweater is more treasured than something you bought online.

For Kids (Children May Require Supervision From Adults)

These are a great opportunity to get your child excited about creativity. They’ll have fun completing the activities every month.

Note: None of these are suitable for a kindergartner.

  • Creative Girls Club – Great for crafty kids aged 7-12. The only limit for these kids crafts like making drawings is their imagination!
  • Genius Box Club – STEM-inspired activity boxes for kids 7-12. A new way to get excited about learning science.
  • Young Woodworkers Kit Club – Get your kid excited about woodworking with these boxes for 7-12 year olds.

Annies General Crafting Clubs

  • Christmas Ornament Kit Club – Prepare your tree for Christmas all year by making a lovely decoration each month!
  • Creative Woman Kit Club – Learn new crafting skills like art prints and making a home sign or bracelet, and expand your comfort zone. Might make a fun event or craft kit for Girls Night
  • Farmhouse Style Kit Club – Create a world of lovely accessories, ornaments and décor items for your home for cozy results. Everything from tote bags to baskets and household items!

Note: None of the above include a selection of basics you need to start the project, like glue or scissors. You need to have them.

Something else to keep in mind is there’s something for everyone in these, so only subscribe if you’re not particular about what you make.

Quilting & Sewing

  • Charm Pack Club – Get a monthly pack of fabric swatches (charm packs) for your crafting projects. Perfect for baby blankets!
  • Daydream Quilt Block-Of-The-Month Club – Make a little of a whole quilt every month. At the end of the year, you’ll be finished!
  • Fabric Strip Pack Club – Receive a unique set of color-coordinated strips of fabrics for making. (Usually cotton fabric)
  • Fat Quarter Club – Expand your fabrics collection monthly with these beautiful blocks of textiles. No need to scour fabric stores!
  • Holiday Quilters Club – Get inspired by mini quilting projects for the different seasons. Make them for loved ones or yourself!
  • Holly Jolly Quilt Block-Of-The-Month Club – Make a beautiful quilt in the months coming up to Christmas. Great for sewing machine fun

PapermakingCardmaker Kit Of The Month Club – Make a set of 8-10 cards and paper creations with each box of card stock and papers.

Jewelry MakingSimply Beads Kit Of The Month Club – Create a unique set of jewelry with all the pieces (like beads) included! Perfect things for your craft stash.


Business Information

Annie's Kit Clubs Ethos - AnniesKitClubs

Pick up any of Annie’s craft kits and you’ll see how much time and patience crafting takes. But they do most of the work for you! Annie’s Kit Club supplies quality materials for all crafts.

Makes for a more enjoyable experience.

Three generations of the Muselman family own and operate Annie’s. In 1925, the company started a printing business in Indiana, and launched a craft supply line in 1975.

Review From A Happy Customer - Annies Kit Club


Annie's Kit Clubs Instagram - Annies Kit Clubs



  • Ships only to the US and Canada
  • Ships within a few days of ordering
  • Canadian shipment – 3–4 weeks to arrive
  • American orders – 6–10 business days
  • Subscriptions arrive around the same time every month
  • US delivery – free
  • Canadian delivery – $7

Refund Policy

  • Within 21 days, you can return any kit
  • The original packaging must be intact! 
  • After inspecting and processing your return, Annie’s Kit Club credit your original payment method
  • Mail it with your account number, name, address, and reason

Discounts & Promotions

They offer regular discounts and deals around the holiday season and Black Friday. Subscribe to their emails to stay informed.

Follow their social media, as they sometimes offer a discount or deal to their followers.

Which Is Best For You?

Here’s a quick comparison of their products for crocheters to boost your creativity and decrease your stress!

Fiber Arts

  • Hook & Needle Kit Club – Great if you love knitting and crochet and making something with your hands

Annie’s Crochet Club

  • Caring Crochet Kit Club – Choose this if you love making gifts
  • Crochet Block Afghan Block-Of-The-Month Club – Want a long project to keep you occupied? Try this one!
  • Crochet Mandala Afghan Club – Love mandalas? Try this
  • Crochet Striped Afghan Club – Make a striped blanket
  • Love To Crochet Kit Club – Take the guesswork out of your crocheting with projects chosen for you, from coasters to something for your next holiday
  • Moroccan Tile Crochet Afghan Club – For those who love making colorful blankets

FAQS About Annie’s Kits

Is Annie’s Kit Club for beginners?

Annie’s Kit clubs are perfect for beginners. Instructions are easy to understand. Videos with step by step instructions are included.

How Do I Sign Up?

Visit Annie’s Kit Club’s website and follow these steps.

  • Decide which club you want to join
  • Press “Join Now”
  • Add the item to the Cart
  • Proceed to checkout
  • Enter your shipping information
  • Pay for the order
  • Wait for the shipments to arrive in the mail!

How Do I Cancel?

Cancel by following the instructions in your account. They’ll send you a confirmation email.

Does My Subscription Auto Renew?

Yes, it does, so save the pricing details and make a reminder so you remember to cancel if you only want to do one month.

Anything To Be Aware Of?

  • They don’t combine shipping costs on multiple kits, so it’s more expensive, though your membership cost doesn’t change
  • Your account is created when you order. Use your email address to access your digital materials in the members area
  • Want to change your subscription information? You need a password
  • Although it’s pricey, you also get physical materials and a digital project guide
  • You can’t track your order within their dashboard. Keep your tracking email!
  • Pricing is unclear. Interested in joining a club? Click “Join” to get the details
  • Read the reviews before purchasing, as always!

Getting started with your next project can be challenging, as there’s so much choice! The Annie’s Kit Club is the perfect, affordable solution for learning new techniques.

I’d love to see the projects you create. Get in touch with me. 

Do you use subscription boxes? If so, which are your favorite brands, sites or companies? Or have questions? Tell me in the comments.

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