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Susan Bates Tunisian Crochet Hooks – My Complete Guide To These Tools

Susan Bates sells various types of crocheting hooks, and they sell long hooks for Tunisian crochet, (also known as Afghan crochet.)

They manufacture long crochet hooks with a stopper at the end (crokit hooks), and a long double-ended hook. Both are available individually and in sets, although the latter is slightly harder to find.

Read on for my review.

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Susan Bates Tunisian Hook

Susan Bates Tunisian Hook

The quintessential and most widely available Tunisian crochet hooks available from Susan Bates. They’re part of the larger Susan Bates Silvalume line, made with smooth, colorful aluminum.


  • Sizes Available – Size K (6.5mm)
  • Length – 14″
  • Made From – Anodized Aluminum


  • The alumium its made from is anodized, and the anodizing process removes any surface impurities.
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Long-lasting
  • Good length
  • Smooth and yarn slides along easily


  • Not available in some countries outside the US & North America
  • Some found the head wasn’t sharp enough
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Susan Bates Tunisian Crochet Hook Set

I’ve researched a set containing Tunisian crochet hooks; however, I couldn’t find any. Unforuntaley, it seems Susan Bates doesn’t sell them in sets, only individually.

If you know of anywhere online where you can buy a Susan Bates Tunisian Crochet Hook Set, please let me know down in the comments.

Susan Bates Flexible Tunisian Hooks

Susan Bates Flexible Tunisian Hooks

Flexible Tunisian hooks are a long crochet hook ending in a plastic cord and a stopper at the end of that.

Used for Tunisian crochet or afghan crochet that needs lots of stitches to be worked simultaneously, like if you were crocheting a blanket.


  • Sizes Available – US Size G 6
  • Length – 22″
  • Made From – Anodized Aluminum


  • Good quality
  • Durable
  • Smooth
  • Yarn glides easily


  • Some found the quality wasn’t very good
  • Some found the head and hook weren’t sharp enough
  • A limited selection of sizes
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Susan Bates Double Ended Tunisian Crochet Hook

Made of plastic and part of the Susan Bates Luxite range, this is only available in larger sizes for thicker, bulkier yarns. Perfect for bulky Tunisian and afghan crochet makes, the plastic is smooth and lightweight.


  • Sizes Available –
  • Length – 10″
  • Made From – Smooth Plastic


  • Durable
  • Comfortable to use


  • Probably a bit too grippy for some people
  • Limited sizing available
  • Not available outside the US & Canada

Old Susan Bates Tunisian Crochet Hooks  

Sometimes Vintage Susan Bates Tunisian Crochet Hooks are available. Though hard to find, there are a few options. An excellent choice for collectors, crocheters, and lovers of vintage fiber arts tools alike.

Flexible Afghan Crochet Hooks, 22″

Susan Bates Flexible Afghan Crochet Hooks, 22" at Di Vintage Blessings Etsy Store
Di Vintage Blessings receives 5 star reviews

Several sizes available, vintage stock from the around the 1950s, all in excellent condition.

Vintage Afghan Crochet Hooks

Vintage Afghan Crochet Hooks at Di Vintage Blessing Etsy Store
Di Vintage Blessings has excellent reviews for customer service

A set from the early 1990s, however, it’s a set of only one size in good condition.

Susan Bates Tunisian Crochet Hooks Colors

Here is a list of the Susan bates Tunisian crochet hook colors, and their equivalent US and Metric Sizes.

  • Light Gold – US B-1 – Metric – 2.25mm
  • Light Pink – US C-2 – Metric – 2.75mm
  • Light Blue – US D-3 – Metric – 3.25mm
  • Light Peach – US E-4 – Metric – 3.50mm
  • Grey Pink – US F-5 – Metric – 3.75mm
  • Pink – US G-6 – Metric – 4.00mm
  • Blue – US H-8 – Metric – 5.00mm
  • Red – US I-9 – Metric – 5.50mm
  • Gold – US J-10 – Metric – 6.00mm
  • Green – US K-10.5 – Metric – 6.50mm
  • Silver – US L-11 – Metric – 8.00mm
  • Grey Light Blue – US M-13 – Metric – 9.00mm
  • Pink Bronze – US N-15 – Metric – 10.00mm

Tunisian crochet is an interesting and unique form of crochet, and these affordable crochet hooks from Suan Bates are sure to help you get started with this technique.

Do you do Tunisian crochet? Have you used these crochet hooks? I’m sure other readers would be interested to hear about your experience. Leave your thoughts down below.

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